The Power Of Flowers And Votes In An Election Year

Mayor Joe Ganim reports “Bridgeport is in bloom! With 200,000 daffodils and tulips in the Park City, there are more flowers than people.”

Ah, the power of flowers. Not a bad time to kick up a campaign with spring in full bloom and reelection on the horizon. If you like Ganim, or just a casual observer of the city, you love this stuff; if you’re the political antithesis it’s irritating to shower the people with so much love. Yes, show them the way you feel.

It’s all part of Park City Pickin’ it Up, a citywide beautification campaign featuring street cleaners, demolition crews, pothole fillers, street pavers, trash receptacles, tree planting. And mountain ranges of flowers, which you can also learn here:, the proper way of taking good care of them.

On Saturday the campaign heads to North Avenue, Maplewood Avenue, Park Avenue and Wood Avenue.

The Public Facilities Department’s Bridgeport booster extraordinaire  Steve Auerbach is promoting the campaign on Facebook. The other day he wrote:

Bridgeport, Ct. The Park City is in bloom in every neighborhood. Kudos to our Public Facilities and Mayor Ganim. The entire city is in bloom and our very exclusive suburbs have to tip their hat. Very proud. So much energy throughout the city. People feeling good unless just naturally negative and miserable. Slow down and open your eyes. Appreciate nature and stop by Beardsley Park. The only zoo in the State or Seaside Park the most spectacular beach in Fairfield County!

When it comes to promoting Bridgeport’s beautification, Steve is like a one-man nursery flowering support across all neighborhoods. He receives some pushback from the anti-Ganim crowd, but Steve always holds his ground with pointed rejoinders.

Wake up and smell the roses!

Steve Auerbach loves his city and flowers.


  1. I’m a flower lover too, Steve. Plant bulbs in the fall. Add perennials and annuals in the spring and have almost no lawn to mow. Tiring but very satisfying.
    That photo of you in front of all the tulips, shows that you don’t care about aromas when Lennie writes “about smelling the roses”. Tulips generally have very little aroma. Nor do common daffodils. But as spring harbingers in mass displays all around the community they are “stars of the show” for a couple weeks and then the flower petals dry and drop, leaving only the green leaves to continue receiving energy from the sun and sending it to the bulb, below ground, so a repeat performance can happen next year. That is the cycle, unless it is cut short.
    Three weeks ago when I noticed the numerous plantings I did not know about 200,000 bulbs or the man-hours spent in preparing beds where there were none previously and planting the bulbs. Nor did I know about the thoughtful planning that went into this including the total expense that came from the taxpayers, I assume?
    Snarky comments about those “exclusive suburbs” and their residents (most of whom do not read OIB) have loved flowers regularly through the years, so that going from perhaps hundreds on average in past years, 2019 gets a huge bloom because it is an election year? The folks from those suburbs do not regularly visit the City because they have the retail, foodstuff and other shopping in their own community and see no regular attraction?
    Finally I must look to the Ganim playbook, page 13, where regular attention to basic expected services like public education is termed “expensive” relative to showcasing street cleaning and floral displays-less expensive distractions for voters to remember. However, when some of those youngsters entering school with all of the challenges of a poor urban family they did not choose to be born into, are not nourished (as the bulbs likely were with bone meal) and tended with well trained and compensated “gardeners” in the classrooms of the City, professionally trained, diverse and experienced staff, they will not demonstrate when it is time to blossom, 12-13 years (after quality Pre-K planting) and results turn out spotty. Failure to graduate with your original class has such different implications for stories in the “exclusive suburbs”. Why isn’t Ganim2 leading with education, similar to that which he and his children experienced, instead of ignoring the subject? Will City parents care enough in November to vote their primary interest? Or will they remember the daffodils? Time will tell.

  2. JML, that was very good an educational and right on point about Steve’s Snarky comments about those “exclusive suburbs.” John, then Steve said, “People feeling good unless just naturally negative and miserable. Slow down and open your eyes.” Then Steve ruins the picture by having his head in the picture.

    1. Steven Auerbach doesn’t just smell the roses, he plants them, too.
      You can’t take a selfie without putting your head in the middle of the photo.
      Ron Mackey takes a perfectly good gesture and worsens it by injecting his unique brand of unwanted negativity. If he were in my rowboat, I’d throw him overboard to see if he could swim!

        1. Steve’s omnipresence enables him to appear on the blog without actually posting. Awesome!
          Auerbach can take that photo but he can’t place it here-only Lennie can do that.

  3. Where has been Steve planting roses? I would have guessed he would avoid dealing with “prickly” subjects and roses, unlike daffodil and tulip bulbs, require some care before they come to beautiful blossom.
    What about the blossoming of the youth of our community by applying suitable dollars? That is a full story that Ganim2 has ignored, Steve A. has left behind when he stopped substituting for a day (how many days out of 180 do youths have a substitute teacher in front of the classroom without a class plan?), and the City Council has failed to STUDY SERIOUSLY (other than in budget review month)? Time will tell.

    1. It’s never a slow news day on OIB.
      Anytime Grin Ripper, JML, Jimfox and Steve Auerbach appear on the same page, the heayweights of OIB are in full battle array. The news here is fast, crisp and colorful. Turning water into wine is part of the magic of blogging.
      Our leader wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. Steve, that was a bad picture and bad move on your part. Instead of claiming all the beautiful parts of Bridgeport that Joey is claiming,it puts you front and center of the “blooms.” Maybe,during this mayoral election season, you might want to work with OIB about the other pleasures of Bridgeport but you might want to consider taking yourself out of the pictures. But,then again,you may be taking PR lessons from Joey.


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