School Board Member Chris Taylor’s Claimed Bed ‘Not For Sleeping Use’ According To Inspection Report–Illegal Zone

Has Taylor made his bed? Photo: Christian Abraham / Hearst Connecticut Media

Be careful how you Taylor your defense. For the past several years Board of Education member Chris Taylor’s voted in Bridgeport, listing his most recent elector address at the industrial-zoned 155 Davenport Street in the East End, the location of a dormant recycling facility and adjacent office structure controlled by one of his affiliated limited liability companies while listing Fairfield as his residential address in numerous documents filed with the state. Residential is not allowed in this city zone.

In city permits Taylor signed and issued to the city for construction-related matters for 155 Davenport Street he checked off “non-residential” and checked off “industrial.”

Fire marshal’s report based on Taylor’s application NOT FOR SLEEPING USE

In fact, a September 2016 fire marshal’s certificate of occupancy inspection report for 155 Davenport Street states that the address Taylor now claims is his bona fide address is actually a “business office … NOT FOR SLEEPING USE.”

Translation: if he’s living there on the proviso of “bona fide residency” it’s not legal. As a result, the fire marshal’s office may come calling soon. Plus, state agencies.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Fire Marshall Henry Polite confirmed Friday after reviewing his office’s September, 2016 inspection report of Taylor’s property, first obtained by Pereira, that Taylor should not have a second floor bedroom in a building intended for offices.

That report in bold letters stated “not for sleeping use.”

Yet Taylor showed off his second floor sleeping arrangements, a small living area, a full bathroom and a stove-less first floor kitchen to Hearst during a tour Tuesday night intended to dispute Pereira’s claims he is not a Bridgeport resident and, therefore, illegally voting and holding elected office here.

“This is my bona fide residency,” Taylor insisted at that time.

Polite said Friday it did not appear the marshal’s office had inspected Taylor’s property since 2016 and he would schedule a return visit if a complaint was filed about Taylor’s apartment.

… “I’ll do it on Monday,” Pereira said Friday.

Full story here.

It comes down to this: is an elected position on the school board worth all this grief, especially with a dubious attendance record? Board of Education member Maria Pereira, a big pain in the butt to the political establishment, has married a paper trail of evidence that shows 1. Taylor resides in Fairfield and 2. if he claims 155 Davenport Street as his “bona fide” residency he’s doing so illegally, at his own hand.

The other day Taylor put on a show for CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart that he’s a “bona fide” resident of Bridgeport, irrespective of that fact a large body of evidence he signed under penalty of false statement places his residency on Bronson Road in Fairfield. Taylor didn’t take the time to think, (oops) let’s suppose I do actually live in Bridgeport, I’m doing so against zoning regulations.

If you’re gonna stage something, why not flop in a residential area?

Either way, in the coming months, Taylor will be dealing with this agency or that. Dude, if you had to do it all over again?



  1. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    My point has always been Chris Taylor cannot legally reside at 155 Davenport Street because it was not zoned for residential. No residential is allowed in a Light Industrial Zone.

    I thought it was incredulous when he actually allowed a CT Post photographer to take photos showing a bed, living room , and more. He incriminated himself.

    He also stated it was not residential because it does not have a stove, only a microwave which contradicted his own assertion he was a “bonafide resident” residing at 155 Davenport Street. The definition of a residential “dwelling” under the Zoning regulations is that it must have a full bathroom, a kitchen, and a sleeping area. It doesn’t say one thing about a stove.

    Chris Taylor looks so ridiculous.

      1. Well, the Mayor would be 999 Broad Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604. You can also call his office.

        John Weldon is the BOE Chair, a Repulican, and ran with Chris Taylor. He has been completely silent.

        All BOE members contact information is on the Bridgeport Public Schools website under the Board of Education tab.

        All the City Council members contact information is on the City of Bridgeport website under the City Council tab.

        I honestly have no idea how to reach the Republican Town Committee Chair,Mike Garrett.

  2. Chris Taylor has two Nissan Versas with the plates being one digit apart. The cars are not registered in either Bridgeport or Fairfield in his name.

    Turns out they are registered to an LLC with the business address registered at 120 Middle Street in Bridgeport. This is a United States Post Office and it is illegal to register a business address at a post office because clearly the business records are not kept there.

    However, the cars are registered at 270 Bronson Road in Fairfield under the Bridgeport LLC which means he is not paying his car taxes in Bridgeport as he should be.

  3. What I want from each and everyone of you is a hard target search of every, gas station, residence,warehouse,farmhouse,henhouse,
    Outhouse,doghouse in that area.

      Nothing will change until the offenders and their cohorts are jailed. We all know they’re are others. Nothing happened to Guedes. Nothing happens to the people who appoint them. Nothing happens in any of the voter fraud issues. OPED employees who formulate Bridgeport’s future plans like Lynn Haig live in places such as Oxford. Counsel members such as Defilippo use city agencies for their own personal gain and trounce on the average tax paying, law abiding citizens. They use Bridgeport addresses but live elsewhere and don’t contribute to Bridgeport’s economy. And on and on and on.
      Yet their decisions affect the citizenry in a negative way for years to come while they’ve themselves derive some sort of personal gain and are immune from the effects of these decisions.
      People such as Ernie are not so lucky. When he made a mistake and broke a law, the “in crowd” basically abandoned him. Why you ask? Because he is from “the other side of town”. They’ll just use people and then throw them to the dogs. Does anyone even realize the behind the door meetings taking place to formulate a game plan to PROTECT Mario and Joe’s friends regarding all the investigations going on? Did Ernie get that treatment? Come on people, wake up……. more to come.

  4. Rich, very well said, nothing will happen until they start to arrest the people that play loose with residency requirements for admission on Bridgeport’s boards. People also need to hold Mayor Ganim accountable for allowing people to sit on boards when he knows damn well that they aren’t Bridgeport residents. How much longer will you let this Mayor and others to lie to you in your face while playing games with integrity, character and honesty. Bridgeport lock them up and vote him out. You deserve so much better than the bullshit you’re getting from Mayor Ganim, so much more.

    1. Don, it starts with the two elected City Council members in whatever district where people that play loose with residency requirements for admission on Bridgeport’s boards, in this case with Chris Taylor it starts with the council members of the 139th district, they should be pushing for charges and removal of Chris Taylor.

  5. Where is our illustrious mayor calling for Chris Taylor to resign? Where is the Republican Town Chair,Mike Garrett, calling for Chris Taylor to resign?

    When you are silent in the face of overwhelming evidence, you are complicit

    1. Maria,

      Michael Garrett won’t be calling for Taylor’s resignation. T his way of thinking Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell made it okay for Republican office holders to lie, cheat and steal.

      If Taylor received a blowjob from an intern that would be an impeachable offence.

    1. Mayor Ganim asked Chris Taylor to host a fundraiser for his gubenatorial bid. Chris Taylor told me he refused because he had repeatedly bid on the demolition of blighted buildings and Tom Coble would not award him any of the contracts.

      Chris Taylor is more aligned with Mario Testa. Mario Testa asked him to run for the school board because his job was to take me on. Danny Roach was standing infront of Black Rock School telling Democrats not to vote for Democratic BOE members because they were safe. Danny Roach was telling his Democratic base to vote for Republicans Chris Taylor and John Weldon while cutting Joe Sokolovic.

      How did Republican John Weldon become Chair? He cut a deal with Ganim and Mario, orchestrated by Danny Roach, that if they supported his election and gave him the Chairnamship he would do their bidding. And that is exactly what he had done.

      Mayor Ganim’s Chief of Staff, Dan Shamus, will tell anyone who listens how much they like John Weldon because he does whatever they direct him to do.

      Remember, John Weldon ran for the City Council in 2009, The Board of Ed in 2013 and 2015 and lost every single election.

      1. You are correct about Dan Shamus who I believe moved out of Bridgeport several years ago?He was given that job because he collected money for JG’s last run for mayor. Even I donated to that campaign through Shamus.
        (As much of a hard ass I am I do believe in second chances!!)
        Shamus would often engage me in conversations about what was going on with the fight against the Defilippo/liquor store issue when he knew full well what was going on and ,yes Dan, I knew full well that you have always been up Mario’s ass.
        He’s a worm just like all the rest of them. He’s part of the morning espresso crew outside the rear of Brooklawn and Suburban, the location that the FBI had done surveillance on before the investigation was made public. (I’m just guessing…..maybe…ha).
        Remember where the bugs were placed in Mario’s place the first time which led to Ganims and all the others convictions.
        Mario didn’t know?
        More to come…

  6. If Joe says anything about Mr Taylor not living in Bpt, he opens the door for proof of residency for his police chief,himself, Mario, and a host of others that may be doing the same thing as Mr Taylor.Doubt Joe will say a thing,this is how it’s done in Bpt.

  7. There are a LOT of details here. Maria Pereira realized that Chris Taylor is a fake and a phony and Maria used tools that are available to EVERY concerned member/citizen/whatever in our community. Others could have done this. But they did not. I am a part of the lazy citizens/community members that did not investigate this Buffoon,Chris Taylor. Maria Pereira deserves credit for the time and effort and the ingenuity to expose this fake and phone. Chris Taylor is a waste of time. Chris Taylor is an embarrassement to anyone and everyone who hopes fot good governance in Bridgeport. The “good governance” City Council People who we elected two years ago are silent but send out waste of time messages. JOHN WELDON is a COMPLETE waste of time. So are the other Testa Puppets on the BOE(Martinez,Illingsworth,Allen and Lombard(i). The problem here is that people of the City of Bridgeport are not listening to the BS that is happening in City Hall,the Annex,Mario’s Pizza,Testo’s. Wew have a citizenry that is disconnected from what is going on the the management of where they live. There may be various reasons for that.

  8. Ron, it’s Sad but True, “that’s how it’s done in Bridgeport! The sad part isn’t, that’s how it’s done, the Sad part about it is the people that were elected with the mandate to work in the best interest of those that voted for them turns a blind eye to these practices when they know it’s being done.
    The Sad part is that the masses that read about or hear about these foul practices and not demand accountability of the people they elected.
    The Sad part about this is that no one has ever had to face our judicial system for willfully violating the city charter.
    I guess, “That’s How It’s Done In Bridgeport.”

  9. I’m not sure if any on the council have said”that’s how it’s done in Bpt”,but the phrase should be used when talking about the Ganim admins.Meanwhile not a peep from any councilpersons about this,seems they are waiting for instructions from Joe&Mario before they comment.And speaking of no comments,is Marilyn Moore ever going to assert herself in her campaign to be Mayor?She should be using every chance like this to hammer Joe.From what I’ve seen so far,she doesn’t seem engaged,disappointing so far imo.

        1. Ernie must have gone on vacation. I thought for sure he would respond to my comment mentioning him above.
          Ernie, where are you on this particular blog about this particulate topic , specifically about what I said? Comments?
          No? I know why.
          More to come.


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