The Metric’s Genial Chef Pierre, Food With A Smile Downtown

We’re kicking off a new occasional feature at OIB, video profiles of city delights, starting with the Metric Bar and Grill, run by chef and owner Pierre-Andre Desruisseaux, at 39 Cannon Street, tucked inside Main Street Downtown next to the Superior Court building This place is the berries and not just for its desserts. Amazing starters and main dishes. Known for its Caribbean and Asian flavors, the dry aged and slow roasted prime rib will add years to your life, and at the very least a flavor to last a lifetime. Francesca Andre, one of a number of amazing young artists living in Downtown Bridgeport, produced the video on behalf of OIB.



  1. I must admit I enjoy that restaurant. Love their French onion soup. Two years ago I talked my mother into going to the restaurant to celebrate her friend’s 81st birthday, I raved so they decided to go. I soon realized ten seniors would have a hard time parking. I called Chef Pierre, he told me to have them park in front of the restaurant and he would have parked their cars. True story. They were able to find parking and not bother the chef. The food is great and the ambiance very nice. I love the exposed brick walls and art work.


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