The Budget Cramps, Plus: Fireworks!

Doesn’t look like we’ll have a state budget ratified by July 1, the day the new fiscal year begins for cities and towns across Connecticut.

When the state doesn’t have a budget, bean counters on the local level get the cramps. Local budgets are based in part on state revenues and just how much communities will receive is unknown until a state budget is passed and signed by the governor.

Hartford Dems voted a budget through on Friday but it looks like it will be vetoed by GOP Governor Jodi Rell.

If you’re a legislator from Bridgeport you can crow that the budget passed by the Dems does not raise taxes on 99 percent of your constituents–tax increases under the Dem plan will soak the wealthy–and there’s money there to help tourist destinations such as the zoo and Discovery Museum, and social programs that would get croaked under Rell’s proposed budget.

But if you’re Senate Minority Leader John McKinney who’s looking to knock off Congressman Jim Himes next year you’re screaming on behalf of towns such as Greenwich, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Darien and his home town Fairfield that the Dems have declared war on taxpayers who already pay enough.

All of this is a nice prelude to the gubernatorial election in 2010. The ballot lineup could look something like this:

Rell v. Susan Bysiewicz or Dan Malloy

Rob Simmons or Tom Foley or Sam Caligiuri v. Chris Dodd (if Dodd survives a primary challenge by Merrick Alpert).

McKinney versus Himes.

Former Republican State Senator Rob Russo in a rematch against Democratic State Senator Anthony Musto.

But before that there could be an August primary for governor, U.S. senate and state legislative races.

Will Bob Keeley try for a comeback against State Rep. Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock?

Let me know what you hear!


Did ya catch the fireworks show in Bridgeport Friday night? Well, if not (or if you want to see it again) check this out, courtesy of OIB friend Tom Kelly.



  1. No news on Mr. Riccio? I spend all of this week sharpening my sickle for the alleged beheading and nothing happens???
    This is pretty lame I tell you, pretty lame.

    1. I hear the PA board had contracted you for the beheading Grin. I’m sorry your services weren’t needed. Maybe the Bridgeport Town Committee will contract you in the near future; I hear there will be some beheadings there.

  2. Maybe they are negotiating the buy-out. The PA Board “Joe, we will give you everything that you are entitled to through October of next year NOW. In return you need to promise that you won’t say anything embarrassing to us. DEAL???”

  3. “If you’re a legislator from Bridgeport you can crow that the budget passed by the Dems does not raise taxes on 99 percent of your constituents.”

    Lennie, are you assuming that 99% of Bridgeport constituents don’t smoke as an example? The Democrat proposal includes a 75 cents tax increase per pack of smokes–not to mention all the fee increases that even the rich must pay. The
    Bridgeport Kid quit smoking at a good time.

    Lennie, why don’t we start a moving company business catering to the rich? I hear that the phones at Allied Moving Company are ringing off the hook.

  4. *** Amazing blog writing styles lately, ask & answer your own questions is really becoming quite popular! *** Maybe due to the M/J passing no doubt? ***

  5. Bringing up yesterdays rumors … if the news is true about Danny Martinez … I for one am hoping he takes the time to take care of himself before making another run for elected office, as he is a good person and will make out good in politics … if he stays on this earth long enough … also if the rumors are true, will there be free drinks on the house at Uncle Tito’s???

    1. I agree with you about Danny. He is smart and young and has a bright future ahead of him. BUT if he doesn’t have diabetes and cardio problems now, he will soon unless he drops that weight. Those close to him should get him to a doctor or clinic before it’s too late.

      As far as Tito’s daughter, who the hell is she and what are her qualifications to sit on the council? I don’t know what’s wrong with the people of Bridgeport. Qualifications seems to be the last thing on the priority list. Their main concern is putting in someone who they can control. Is she also Santa’s daughter?

      What’s happening in Curwen’s district? Has Rich Paoletto changed his mind and decided to run? Will Kevin bow out now? What does that do to TC’s chances?

      1. CHS … same could be said about Danny … what were his qualifications when he started out at 19 y.o.??? I’m sure if Tito’s daughter is running she will be well schooled and do a great job … if not … she won’t be re-elected, right?

        1. Danny now has 2 years on-the-job experience. As I was told, Danny was always interested in politics and he approached Andres Ayala who was once his teacher about running for City Council. Danny was not recruited and is a very smart young man. He has a good reading comprehension level and above all a strong desire to represent his constituents.

      2. TC and Barney have a chance, those who don’t try have no chance. Money and a well-organized group of volunteers with a platform based on facts can bring TC’s team over the top. Just ask Bob Keeley.

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  7. CHS: I think Rich is waiting for a ruling from the Feds. I think that if they dump Kevin that is a shame as he did step forward when there were no other viable candidates.
    Having Rich enter the race is fine as he has a track record to look at.
    We are moving forward with our campaign and are conducting it on issues. If Rich enters the race it will not alter the game plan that Ann and I have put together.

    1. According to Lennie, he spoke with Rich and he stated that he is awaiting some clarification from HUD. Kevin would yield to Rich if necessary. What do you mean by there were no other viable candidates? You were offered the endorsement and turned it down. Are you unviable?

  8. Joel: You have an awful lot of interest in the 138th. I am glad you care so much for our end of town. Let me set the record straight. We are well organized and have a very large volunteer base. We are financing our own campaign and we are not taking contributions or money from anyone. BTW I chose to run on a different theme than was offered up. Ann & I are hoping to show others that it can be done with hard work and available resources. That you don’t need a ton of money to win an election. Time will tell.

    1. The reason why I have an interest in not just the 138th district is because from experience I know that decisions made by Councilpersons from other districts will most likely impact me; my family and friends; voters and non-voters alike. I do acknowledge that you have been involved for a very long time and have the capability to serve well. I’m sure we agree on a lot of things and share common goals. I like to pick on people’s brains and tease them once in a while. If Richard (Dick) Blumenthal enters the race for U.S. Senate, I will tease him here too. I can see it now–
      OIB bloggers calling me “Dick Teaser.”

    2. *** T/C you’re right, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money running for city council because it’s a race that’s not really followed by most voters or media in general. You simply have to put your walking shoes on & go to the registered voters in your district and meet, greet, and talk a little politics, but above all “listen”. *** Also, after talking to a few members of the 138th D.T.C., they stated you were not offered the endorsement & that you already had plans on running a different type of race with A. Barney regardless of what the outcome was to be! *** Start early & keep it simple without hopeful promises that may not work out, do your homework on city issues & know your challengers and their legislative records. Most of all, you’ll never know unless you try! ***


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