The Allure Of Strip Clubs

OIB reader Helen Olga Losak shares this about the adult entertainment Club Allure on the East Side.

New Developments with Club Allure. They installed new Banners on the York Street side stating: “All Nude. Bikini or less Bartenders Open for Business 4 – Close Thurs., Fri, Sat. B.Y.O.B.”

The other Banner reads: “We want to RELOCATE but the Mayor won’t let us. Call the Mayor’s Office (203) 576-7201.”

Please come to the Zoning Meeting on Wednesday May 11, 2011 at 6 P.M. in Common Council Chambers. All the residents are upset because Club Allure ruins our quality of life here in this neighborhood. Our property values are lowered because of Club Allure’s presence yet East Siders here pay the highest Bpt. taxes.

There was a homicide in February across from Allure’s.

The Zoning Commission wants to pass regulations that restrict Adult Entertainment Clubs to Industrial zones away from residential zones. We are for this 100%.

Please tell Bridgeporters to come to this meeting. It affects their neighborhoods and quality of life.



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