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 Sunday August 19, 2018

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Polls, The Barack Factor For Himes, Plus: Jepsen Challenges SuBy

January 14th, 2010 · 22 Comments · Analysis and Comment, Education, National Politics, State Politics

Update, new Q polls Ronald Reagan’s polling numbers after two years as president showed he was toast. Then the economy rebounded and he croaked his Democratic opponent Walter Mondale in 1984. Bill Clinton’s polling numbers after two years were dicey as well. Then the economy soared. And he dispatched his Republican opponent Bob Dole in 1996. But […]

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Dodd Done, Blumenthal In, Plus: Jodi’s 30-day Reprieve, And Lauretti’s Guber Mark

January 6th, 2010 · 36 Comments · Development and Zoning, State Politics

Afternoon Update: See ya Chris Dodd. Hello Bloomer. Connecticut’s senior senator, poll numbers sagging and Dem operatives suggesting quietly to step aside, has decided to do just that. This changes the whole political landscape. Attorney General Dick Blumenthal will run. And GOP sentries are pulling out the razor blades. With Dodd in they probably had it, […]

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Happy New Decade!

January 1st, 2010 · 42 Comments · City Budget, City Council, City Politics, News and Events, State Politics

New Year’s resolutions. Predictions, predictions. Time to look into the OIB crystal ball. Tell us what you see. Look into my eyes. Jesus, I sound like a Dracula movie. For political junkies like me 2010 will be an absolute hoot. Former Mayor Joe Ganim, incarcerated for more than six years, is expected to be released […]

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Santa Claws Has Arrived!

December 18th, 2009 · 24 Comments · Analysis and Comment, Development and Zoning, State Politics

Break open the Bombay Sapphire (save some for me), crack a few oysters (lemon and hot sauce too), poise your twisted minds (okay, I’ll speak for myself), time for the annual OIB holiday grab bag because as city pols say … you bag and I’ll grab. (That never happened to me, did it?) My Santa wish […]

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Bidening Time As Knives Sharpen, Plus: New Dodd Poll

December 10th, 2009 · 23 Comments · State Politics

The state’s largest city will have a mighty say in the next governor, the next (or current) U.S. senator and a bunch of other offices in 2010. Vice President Joe Biden parachutes into the state on Friday to raise moolah for U.S. Senator Chris Dodd who’s in the battle royal of his life. Things have become […]

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Gomes Canned, Shays’ Former Campaign Manager Charged, Plus: Me And My Shadow, And The Candidates

December 4th, 2009 · 45 Comments · News and Events, State Politics

John Gomes, the city’s deputy chief administrative officer who was suspended without pay for an altercation with city police, has been terminated. Gomes had been in charge of the city’s highly touted government efficiency CitiStat program. Several weeks ago Gomes was involved in a beef with police that responded to a complaint at a Cape Verdean social […]

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Mayor And Murphy, Plus: Merrick In Pol Pod

November 24th, 2009 · 26 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Politics, Development and Zoning, Interviews, News and Events, State Politics

Mayor Bill Finch has provided additional details in the hiring of former Chief Administrative Officer Dennis Murphy on a consulting basis. Murphy will be paid $24,000 in what is expected to be a roughly six-month assignment to enhance management-labor relations. See Finch news release below: Mayor Finch Continues Efforts to Professionalize City Workforce (November 23, […]

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Shark Attack! Plus: The Best Of The Finest

November 16th, 2009 · 22 Comments · Best of Bridgeport, Development and Zoning, Law Enforcement, News and Events, State Politics

Do you wanna know a secret? That’s what State Rep. Brendan Sharkey, also a seasoned Hamden-based land use attorney, would like know on behalf of the Committee to Ungag the People. The peeps have retained Sharkey to probe the private discussions, if any, involving zoning officials and special interests in the decision-making process regarding zoning regs. What […]

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