Dodd Done, Blumenthal In, Plus: Jodi’s 30-day Reprieve, And Lauretti’s Guber Mark

Afternoon Update

: See ya Chris Dodd. Hello Bloomer.

Connecticut’s senior senator, poll numbers sagging and Dem operatives suggesting quietly to step aside, has decided to do just that. This changes the whole political landscape. Attorney General Dick Blumenthal will run. And GOP sentries are pulling out the razor blades. With Dodd in they probably had it, with Bloomer ain’t so. Blumenthal is the most popular pol in the state and the GOP will need some magic to run a competitive race against him. Money helps, but only goes so far with Bloomer’s electoral history. The GOP candidate will need serendipity.

Meanwhile, this opens up Bloomer’s AG seat with a whole bunch of pols that may want it. Does Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz reverse course and run for AG instead of governor? Former State Dem Chair George Jepsen has always wanted it.

Statement from Mayor Finch re: Sen. Dodd’s decision not to seek re-election

“I first met Senator Dodd during my tenure as student government president at UConn in 1977. The Senator, who was then in his second term in the U.S House of Representatives, told me then that the ‘best social program is a good job.'” Those words still carry weight today, and I know the Senator believes deeply in that social contract.

“It saddens me that Senator Dodd will not be running again in the 2010 election. He has served the state and the City well during his tenure in Washington, and his voice on Capitol Hill will be missed.

“He has been a close friend, a mentor and an ally to me throughout my career. I expect we will be hearing more from him, even as he enjoys his retirement time with his family and friends. Both Connecticut, and the country, have lost a great leader and someone who has devoted his career to public service at the highest levels.”

Is the mayor really sad that Dodd’s not running? Why do I get the feeling hizzoner is saying privately good, great, now we’ll keep the seat! Bill is a big Blumenthal guy.

Ned Lamont statement:


“For three decades, Chris has been Connecticut’s best friend, a powerful defender of the constitution and a tireless advocate for families and children. Chris, Jackie and their family deserve a short break, but I’m sure that there are many more chapters in Chris’ life of public service.

“This announcement does not change my own plans. I will continue to explore a run for Governor because I believe the stakes for Connecticut are too high and that we need innovative, entrepreneurial leadership to kickstart our economy, create new jobs, and honestly balance our budget.”

Dan Malloy statement:

Malloy Responds to Dodd Announcement

Potential candidate for Governor Dan Malloy, the former Mayor of Stamford, today released the following statement:

“In his long and distinguished career, Sen. Chris Dodd has been a leader and a champion on issues that affect so many Connecticut residents: health care, the environment, jobs, and much more. It’s my belief that any public servant should be judged by the impact their work will have not just on the lives of their constituents now, but also on the lives of future generations. In that regard, Sen. Dodd is without equal.

“I’m thankful for all that Chris Dodd has done for the state, and for the country.”

Letter from Merrick Alpert, Dem candidate for U.S. Senate to Blumenthal:


Mr. Richard Blumenthal
Office of the Attorney General
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106

January 6, 2010

Dear Dick,

Congratulations, and welcome to the race. I am delighted that the contest to succeed Chris Dodd has opened up so that Connecticut Democrats can decide who they want to represent them in the U.S. Senate. You have been a remarkably active Attorney General, setting a new standard for the operation of that office. As we each campaign over the next seven months to the August primary, we need to keep focused on the important task before us: of making certain that Connecticut elects a Democrat as Senator come November.

As you know, I have been campaigning for the past eight months, focusing on private sector job creation for the citizens of our State, removing U.S. forces from Afghanistan, and promoting honest and transparent government. I expect that these will continue to be the central issues of our campaign, and I am interested to learn your position on them.

It is undeniable that if Linda McMahon is able to buy the Republican nomination, as she appears intent on doing, her stances on job creation, Afghanistan, and clean government will be unacceptable to the vast majority of Connecticut residents. Our mutual responsibility through the primary season is to make certain the Democratic Party runs the strongest possible candidate to defeat an anti-government, fear-based Republican platform.

I look forward to appearing with you, debating you, and spending time with you on the campaign trail.

With Best Wishes,

Merrick Alpert

Rell’s 30 Days

Whoa! One thing you cannot say about Jodi Rell, as opposed to so many pig-headed pols, she’s reasonable.

Led by State Rep. Chris Caruso and Mayor Bill Finch, mayoral primary opponents in 2007 and possibly again in 2011, the governor pulled the Friday agenda item on the state Bond Commission earmarked to officially fund a juvenile detention center for girls in a residential section of the Upper East Side. Okay boys and girls, Jodi said you have one month to find a fitting alternate site in Bridgeport.

You know what? It would be easy for Rell, a Republican, to try to drive this down the city’s throat. She’s not running again. One year from now we’ll have a new governor. But she said okay, we’re going to do this in Bridgeport but you have 30 days to help me find another location so we can move on. Kudos to Rell. Maybe she felt she didn’t have all five Dems that sit on the Bond Commission to go along with her. Or maybe she’s actually showing compassion for a neighborhood that doesn’t want it. Either way, city and state officials have the opportunity to place it somewhere else, be it incorporation into the existing boys detention center on waterfront property downtown or something fitting in another area of the city.

Kudos also to Caruso and Finch, two guys who don’t exactly say prayers each night wishing each other electoral nirvana. The Big Wave and Birdie did what they had to do to buy time, one screaming publicly, the other working it politically, and both will come out of this thing in the high life with voters if a reasonable new site can be identified. But the burden of satisfying a new site is with Finch.

I love the comment made by Democratic State Senator Eileen Daily, a member of the Bond Commission, to my bud at the CT Post Ken Dixon:

“The simple fact is the state has a responsibility to these girls,” Senator Daily said. “They have been getting the short end of the stick for too long. They need a place where we can give them the help they need to turn their young lives around.”

Really? Gee senator, if you’re so worried about the girls getting the short end of the stick, stick the detention center in your district in eastern Connecticut.

Lauretti Ready?

Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti has a mighty fine story to share with Connecticut voters, leading an unassuming Naugatuck Valley town over the course of 20 years, building a grand list of taxable property that would make most mayors offer bribe money (did I say that?) to keep down the mil rate. This was Lauretti’s year to elevate his stature, be it Congress or governor, and he had been working the political system and building a public profile such as serving as Barnum Festival ringmaster a few years ago. But a federal investigation into his mayoralty, nipping at his heels like a chihuahua, has led to the federal tax conviction of James Botti, who federal authorities say greased prominent pols to win development approval.

Botti has denied the charges and faces another trial next month directly related to municipal corruption allegations. Lauretti has not been charged in the case. Botti has made the government’s case tougher by not folding. Meanwhile, Lauretti’s trying to figure out just what the feds have on him. These have been stressful times for the accomplished public official. It appears the feds are still trying to build a case against the mayor that they feel will stick, otherwise Lauretti’s lawyer would have notified his guy that he can sleep easier.

Lauretti has said screw it, this is my shot and I must go for it. So he’s talking about forming a campaign committee and giving it a crack even with this federal cloud poised possibly for a lightning storm. If, for some reason, the clouds clear, Lauretti would have a formidable gubernatorial story to share … attracting business, building a potent grand list, providing services while keeping taxes down with little state support. In fact, Lauretti has the most powerful message among the GOP guber hopefuls. But will he have a chance to share it?

Speaking of the federal probe, news release from CT U.S. Attorney


Nora R. Dannehy, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that ELLIOTT WILSON, 66, of Shelton, Connecticut, pleaded guilty today before Senior United States District Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr. in New Haven to one count of making a false declaration to a federal grand jury during a probe of public corruption concerning officials and developers in Shelton.

According to court documents and statements made in court, from approximately 1999 to 2009, WILSON was employed by the City of Shelton as the head building official, with responsibilities that included inspecting development projects and issuing certificates of occupancy. During that time period, WILSON received items of value from developers in Shelton who sought to influence him in connection with his official duties. These items included, but were not limited to, cash payments, building supplies, gift certificates and the opportunity to purchase a vehicle through a dealership at a price below the market value of the vehicle.

On February 23, 2009, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents interviewed WILSON. During that interview, WILSON falsely told agents that he had not received any items of value or cash from a specific Shelton developer (described in court filings as “Developer A”) other than the receipt of small cash payments at Christmas time. After being confronted with the fact that WILSON had received building supplies from Developer A, WILSON admitted that he did receive building supplies from the developer. However, WILSON maintained that, other than the building supplies and the small cash payments at Christmas time, he had not received any other benefit from Developer A. This statement was false, in that WILSON, while inspecting a location built by Developer A, had requested and thereafter received approximately $2,500 in cash from the developer.

On February 26, 2009, WILSON appeared before a federal grand jury in New Haven that was investigating allegations that public officials, developers and others engaged in acts of public corruption. After taking an oath to testify truthfully, WILSON knowingly provided materially false testimony to the grand jury regarding benefits he had received from developers. In particular, WILSON falsely testified that in approximately December 2008, he provided Developer A with $1,000 in cash to repay part of the $2,500 in cash provided to WILSON by the developer when, in fact, WILSON had not made any payment to the developer. WILSON also falsely testified that he had purchased a vehicle from a dealership that had previously been owned by a developer (described in court filings as “Developer B”) because WILSON wanted the dealership to provide him with a dealership warranty. However, the dealership did not provide WILSON with such a warranty, and the Government alleges that Developer B had arranged for WILSON to purchase a vehicle from the dealership at a price below the market value of the vehicle, and that Developer B was using the third-party dealership to conceal the benefit this developer was providing to WILSON.

“A public official who knowingly perjures himself before a federal grand jury about benefits he received while purportedly serving the public violates his duty of public trust and offends the administration of justice,” U.S. Attorney Dannehy stated.

A friend, a conservative Dem, sent me this:

My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day. She has her food prepared for her. She can eat whenever she wants, 24/7/365. Her meals are provided at no cost to her. She visits the Dr. once a year for her checkup, and again during the year if any medical needs arise. For this she pays nothing, and nothing is required of her. She lives in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than she needs, but she is not required to do any upkeep. If she makes a mess, someone else cleans it up. She has her choice of luxurious places to sleep. She receives these accommodations absolutely free. She is living like a queen, and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever. All of her costs are picked up by others who go out and earn a living every day. I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick in the head, Holy SHIT, my dog is a Democrat!



  1. I want to clear up a slight misconception in today’s posting. To imply that Caruso was only “screaming publicly” while Finch was “working it politically” in reference to the “Derail the Jail” fight is incorrect. Although the contrast paints a neat dichotomy between the two elected officials, it doesn’t take into account everything Caruso brings to the table in serving the people of Bridgeport. On many occasions, I have witnessed first hand, The Big Wave work it politically (many times in private off-the-record conversations) with elected officials to get things done for Bridgeport–most recently in delaying (and quite possibly eliminating) the bond vote to fund the jail in Nob Hill. Caruso is therefore effective on ALL fronts. He is not only willing to scream publicly and passionately on behalf of the people he represents, but also to deftly and effectively work the political levers while doing so. For my money, I’d rather have the “complete package” representing me–someone who not only stands up for the people publicly, but who can also be trusted to stand with and do work of the people out of the camera’s eye privately.

    1. Ungagged, lots of strong points. My primary point is I don’t think Rell delays this thing without Caruso’s effective public effort. He kept up the heat and it could lead to a better-suited location. I also think the Big Wave forced the mayor to take a more active role as well.

    2. Ungagged, if the State selects another Bridgeport location out of Caruso’s district, will Caruso stand and fight for the people living near the new site selected?
      Is this a N.I.M.B.Y. or N.I.M.C. thing? I hope Caruso and Finch aren’t going to stick the jail where there is the least resistance or public outcry, like an area with lower voter turnout; rental properties; and poor folks or should we call them “Burdens” like Council President McCarthy sees them. I’d rather see the jail in Finch’s or Caruso’s back yard than mine.

  2. Got it and I can personally attest that you are right on ALL counts–as right as you can imagine. Also BTW–there’s going to be a candlelight vigil at the proposed site at 115 Virginia Ave this evening at 6:30. Those who want to “stand up” for Bridgeport with fellow citizens, residents and business owners are encouraged to attend. Candles and hot chocolate and/or coffee will be provided by our friends at the Local Carpenters Union.

  3. Keep Your Eyes on The Prize–Bridgeport won a brief skirmish in a still-undecided war.

    While State Representative Caruso’s efforts have been impressive, he is acting in concert with other elected officials and determined supporters.

    Either way, Ungagged is correct–the whole process took a step in the right direction. It was organized opposition, the best kind. But …

    Who better than The Mayor of Bridgeport to take advantage of this 30-day grace period and make a new suggestion to the Bond Commission?

    Answer: all parties will work together to bring about a pro-Bridgeport solution.


  4. I also think the Big Wave forced the mayor to take a more active role as well. <–Lennie

    Blogging 101: "The Mayor" is always capitalised even if he no longer wants you on the payroll.

    Rarely has our leader’s anger been so apparent.

    That’s not opinion; that’s fact. Ask the webmaster.

  5. “Local Eyes,” you said, “While State Representative Caruso’s efforts have been impressive, he is acting in concert with other elected officials and determined supporters.” Would you please provide some names? Why would those in the Bridgeport delegation not want to be on the front line and let the taxpayers know their position?

  6. Ron Mackey:

    I understand not all Bridgeport pols attended the protests. Some accepted politics as usual and considered it hopeless. Caruso and Finch remained steadfast. None of them consulted with me. No, I cannot provide names (pictures exist) but I did not misspeak.

    I’m not here to answer your questions, but didn’t I do a good job?

  7. I want to repeat what I said a few days ago. We don’t need to be spending $15 million on a center that has about a dozen beds. Not only is it a stupid place to put the “jail,” detention center but it is an ill-conceived solution, and waste of taxpayers’ money in the first place. Rell says she wants to put it in the place where there are the most likely inmates, yet she has never given us any money to address those reasons that may be so. We get nothing for education let alone good programs to help these kids before a detention center stage. Take that money and fix up other facilities, put it into rehab, prevention, treatment, education. Research shows that locking up drug users instead of rehabbing them and training them to make a living, is useless and much more expensive then preventing it in the first place. At the price the taxpayers are paying it is over one million per “room.” There has to be a pre-existing building that can be utilized or other facilities that can be renovated. Talk about a waste of the taxpayers’ money. Locking up juvenile offenders with problems that are mostly drug related is a puritanical and a horrible solution. The state should put full-time counselors, and specialists at schools for a start. $15 million can pay for a lot of prevention and treatment and alterations to old facilities.

    This is just another example of Rell sticking it to Bridgeport. Caruso did a great job, and I never thought I would say that. I am not so sure about Finch as TC is right he knew about this a year ago and didn’t say boo. I actually think he thought it was a good idea. And just a thought, would this have gotten on the Bond Agenda at all if Keeley were still there? Probably not. Grogins is for Grogins and cut from the same political cloth as Finch.

    1. “Grogins is for Grogins and cut from the same political cloth as Finch” pretty much sums up my opinion of the both of them. Caruso is his own man, not trying to be all things to all people, not trying to fool all of the people some of the time. It is possible to do that, fool all of the people some of the time; the leadership of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee has proven that. Those that were told to vote for Bill Finch voted for him; those that voted for Auden Grogins voted for her based more on appearance than a public service career of any consequence; her request “Vote for me!” was heeded. (She was voted off the BOE island, remember.)

      Both Grogins and Keeley ran on a slogan of tax relief, which is nonsensical. For Bridgeport property owners to receive any relief, the issue of taxation in the city must be addressed by the municipal government. The city is so starved for cash that the Bootfinder program was instituted to locate motor vehicles with outstanding tax liens. All the while Mayor Finch is padding the city’s payroll with friends and political appointees. No wonder the city is poverty stricken.

  8. It is official, Dodd is not going to seek reelection. Thank God and Dodd don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Well donj, who are you going to vote for now?

    Without Chris Caruso this jail would be a reality. He and he alone stood up for the neighborhood. Then Finch who knew about this for a year jumped on board. I will give Finch credit as once he got involved he did do some good things. The rest of the Bridgeport delegation has publicly done squat. The council has also stayed quiet. I realize this area is covered by Paoletto and Curwen who have shown up but this jail affects the entire city and as such all 20 should have been involved.
    Thanks to Caruso & Finch.

  9. “town committee,” we had almost the exact problem at Seaside Village in the 1990s with the attempt to build an asphalt right in my backyard. Mayor Ganim, the two council members Auden Grogins and Pat Crossin (at that time we were in the 130th district) and the rest of the Bridgeport delegation had publicly done squat. The council had also stayed quiet. The ONLY ELECTED official to reach out to help the residents of Seaside Village was Chris Caruso and he was NOT our State Rep. The battle was won but the credit had to go to Chris Caruso who influenced Governor Rowland to put a moratorium on the protect so that new laws could be put in place.

    I had issues with Chris when he was a councilman and I had written letters to the Post speaking against Chris but one day he saw me and said let’s talk. In Chris’ run for mayor I supported and worked in his campaign to get him elected as mayor. One thing I do know is when the residents of Seaside Village needed help Chris Caruso was there.

  10. Ron: It’s amazing to me that he seems to be the only one in our state delegation that gives a damn. The rest of the people we send to Hartford don’t do squat. This is not a new problem it’s one that has gone on for years.
    Years ago when we had Ed Caldwell, Tony Milano, Gabe Biafore and a few others were in Hartford Bpt was a powerhouse in Hartford and thus did well with monies coming from Hartford to Bridgeport.
    I have not always been a fan of Caruso but I have changed my thinking as I watch him come to the forefront on many issues that affect the entire city.
    The rest of our delegation to Hartford just takes up space and expense money.

  11. johnb, Looking at the present list of potential candidates who have expressed an interest. I for one am leaning towards Caruso. There is one thing he needs to do and that is define his platform. If I hear corruption, corruption again I will not even look at Chris as a candidate.
    I need to hear how he plans to move the city forward and how he plans on dealing with a 68% dropout rate. I would also like to hear about who he would be bringing on board to help him although on this one if he doesn’t that I can understand.
    We have had enough of the machine candidates with their same old bullshit platforms and lies. Chris needs to be innovative in his approach to city problems. He has shown that he can get the people involved and he has done that in a good way.
    I for one am hoping that he tweaks his campaign platform.

  12. “town committee,” John from Black Rock, Tom Kelly, myself and many others attempted and suggested to move away from the “corruption” slogan but we all truly wanted Chris to win so we all still worked together and moved forward.

  13. Ron that’s fine, hindsight is 20/20. People today are looking for a leader that is telling the truth and has a viable plan they can believe in. Chris needs to surround himself with forward-looking advisers and not the same people with the same tired message.
    The people with children dropping out of school want something done to keep their kids in school and get them ready for the work world. While a science high school is nice we will still have a 68% dropout rate after it’s built.
    Seniors want to know that they are not going to lose their homes because of outrageous taxes that seem to only benefit the inner circle.
    We need a mayor that will have an economic developer that actually lives here and gives a shit like Nancy Hadley.
    We need a mayor that will tell the people the truth.
    I for one am tired of these politicians peeing on my shoes and telling me it’s raining.

  14. From Mayor Bill:

    “I first met Senator Dodd during my tenure as student government president at UConn in 1977. The Senator, who was then in his second term in the U.S House of Representatives, told me then that the ‘best social program is a good job.'” Those words still carry weight today, and I know the Senator believes deeply in that social contract.”
    So does this mean there’s a job awaiting at City Hall for Dodd?

  15. Well with the shithead Dodd leaving and Blumie running for the senate seat it only makes my prediction stronger. Susan B will run for Attorney General and you guessed it Finch will seek the Secretary of State position. Any bets?

  16. City lawyer: Council could expel Walsh
    By Keila Torres, STAFF WRITER
    Published: 11:25 p.m., Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    BRIDGEPORT — The City Council has the power, under the city charter, to expel council member Bob Walsh for allegedly racist remarks he left on the voicemail of council partner M. Evette Brantley when it meets in special session next week to determine if any discipline is warranted, according to the City Attorney’s Office.

    The meeting of the full council, officially convened as a special “committee of the whole” session, is set for 6 p.m. Monday in City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace.

    The body’s authority to dump Walsh, according to an opinion written by Associate City Attorney John R. Mitola, is established in Chapter 5 Section 5b of the charter, which states that the council can “punish members for disorderly behavior, and, after notice and hearing, may, by a two-thirds vote of all council members, expel a member for due cause.”

    Mitola also cites Section 2.04.140 of the city’s Municipal Code, which states the committee of the whole “shall conduct a public hearing to determine whether cause exists for removal and shall prepare and submit a recommendation to the full council for its action thereon.”

    Walsh, who is white, is under fire for a message he left on Brantley’s cellphone voicemail last Oct. 15 in which he appears to mimic a Southern slave’s accent and repeatedly uses the word “masta” to mock his council district partner, who is black. In an Oct. 22 voicemail, in which Walsh offers one of several private apologies to Brantley, he said the initial message reflected his anger at Brantley for thanking Robert Christoph, the city’s designated Steel Point developer, for allowing several council members to tour several of his Miami properties. Both Democrats represent the council’s 132nd District.

    Council President Tom McCarthy, D-133, on Tuesday said the council could decide next week whether to take action against Walsh, including removing him from office, or postpone a decision if further discussion is needed. But, he added, whether or not a decision is made, Monday’s meeting would finally allow the council to address the issue. “A lot of people on the council haven’t even heard the tape yet,” he said.

    McCarthy said both Brantley and Walsh will be allowed to speak at the meeting, if they choose to, and then the entire council will discuss the issue. Although Monday’s meeting will be open to the public, no comments from the public will be allowed.

    President Pro Temp Carlos Silva said he expects the discussion to be rowdy — “…with people yelling at each other, which I think you might see” — and that having the discussion in open session might only add “fuel to the fire.”

    “Everybody’s feeling like what they want to say is eating them up right now,” Silva said. “I never in my life thought we would see that type of racist remarks used in council chambers or just from council member to council member.”

    Still, Silva said he doesn’t think Walsh should be removed from office. “I’ve always known him to be very respectful and honest,” he said. “He’s always been off the wall with the comments, but he’s one of the best council members we have because of the research he does.”

    Silva also noted that in 2005, Councilman James Holloway, D-139, was only asked to apologize, not expelled, when he got into a physical altercation with then-Councilman Keith Rodgerson, D-133, during a committee meeting that left the latter councilman’s arm sore and tore the right sleeve of his shirt.

  17. TC Like I told you before I was no fan of Dodd but I sure as hell was not a fan of the others running. I will be voting for Richard Blumenthal and I am very happy about that decision. This will be Good for CT that Sue B and Blumenthal will be the next Gov and Sen from CT. What about you TC who are you leaning to?

  18. It makes me glad to know that Silva remembers the 2005 Holloway-Rodgerson altercation and can see the double standard here, like I had mentioned in a prior post.
    I don’t see two-thirds–two turds maybe–voting to expel Walsh; I can see a good number of absent council members on the day of the vote. I’d say that Brantley and Blunt will vote to expel; Brantley must abstain from voting. Paging Councilmen Silva: Did Holloway pay for Rodgerson’s shirt with stipend money?

  19. *** Dodd’s gone fishing & maybe Joe L. will follow as well. Time for “new” back to basics change, like R.B. will bring to the U.S. Senate; a quiet man who speaks softly but has a mean “big stick” mentality when provoked. Good Luck! *** Big Ups for Gov. Rell for not flexing her political muscle & sticking it to Bpt. with the original site plans for the girls’ detention center. And attaboy high-fives to Rep. Caruso, etc. & everyone else that worked behind the scenes in convincing the Gov. to take a temp. chill pill & wait for another site to be considered. *** Last but not least, someone please refresh my memory on what exactly Rep. Grogins ever accomplished for B/R or the city in general while on the city council or B.O.E. & lately as a State Rep.? Not jump on the political bandwagon as a supporter mind you, but actually author a bill, ordinance, resolution, etc. She may be getting a bad political performance rap without reason? *** VOTE Independantly for the right persons & not because they’re being endorsed by a particular political party! ***

  20. Mojo, I’ve never stopped fishing. I fish for the “Juicy Stuff” and then come here to “Pry them Open wide to share with my OIB friends. This brings me to today’s main topic, which is kind of old news to me:

    Joel Gonzalez // Jun 26, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    “… Dick Blumenthal is going to run for U.S. Senate. I was informed that he was shaking hands–No word whether it was on his Mojo before the handshakes–and telling the folks that he was in for the long haul. Perhaps Mojo didn’t get too drunk–he was there–and can share some of the “juicy stuff” with us.”

    Another OIB first–6 months before the breaking news.

  21. Lennie, let’s look into the “Crystal Finger” and see how the “Blumenthal factor” can play in National Politics. The well-informed OIB readers know what little effect President Obama had in the Virginia and New Jersey guber races. We all saw how Obie quickly jumped from Senator-elect to Presidential candidate.

    Could Richard Blumenthal become a U.S. Senator and jump into the Presidential race later? Assuming that Dick wins Dodd’s seat, the Crystal Finger seems to be pointing at the White House, not U.S. Congress. Blumenthal doesn’t need Obama’s support at all to grab Dodd’s seat; a few new suits will go a longer way for Dick. Far-fetched you say? If Obama can go from ACORN organizer to President of the U.S.A., anything is possible. But first, Dick would have to beat Linda McMahon. I’ll stand by my McMahon.

  22. When OIB readers remember the mid ’60s, Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead is among the first of memories that comes to their minds.
    After reading news articles and blogs regarding Dick Blumenthal’s entrance into the U.S. Senate for Dodd’s seat, I’m beginning to see a parallel.
    The Grateful Dead followers went on to be known as Deadheads. It is obvious to me that the Dick Blumenthal followers will go into the political history books as Dickheads. I can see them now, Dickheads going all over the State of Connecticut spreading the news about what a great leader their Political Idol will be. Lennie, are you a Dickhead? I know donj is.

  23. Joel Joel Joel ummm you’re funny. Number one if you Republicans had a good candidate that at least stood up for something then I would give them a shot. After all I did vote Republican in 2009 when I voted for John Slater. Slater was real clear about his answers probably your fellow non-Bpt Republicans should take some advice from him. Richard B is a well-liked guy and to me he has no flaws at all. I’m voting for him in 2010 no doubt about that and so is the rest of CT.


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