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 Tuesday October 23, 2018

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Storm Knocks Down Trees, Knocks Out Power

March 2nd, 2018 · 9 Comments · News and Events

tree down Black Rock

Lake Avenue Black Rock, tree downs telephone pole and wires. From Black Rock Community Updates FB page.

An early March storm is creating havoc in city neighborhoods. What’s it like out there?



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  • Frank Gyure

    March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!

  • Grin Ripper

    Now maybe they will quit their belly aching about tree work.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    We have the power north of Fairfield Avenue.

  • Jimfox

    I was walking my daughters new dog this morning on the corner of Lake Ave and Grovers , when a Large gust of wind kick up, just as I bent over to straighten a lawn Sign for the (Vote the Top Line Roachettes) holding on to the dog with one hand and the Sign with the other, as this 200 year old tree came crashing down around me and the puppy.
    I can hear the 13,800 volts Transformers shorting out above our heads and cracking of the telephone pole, the smell of ozone quickly fill the air, while the Mother of all trees showered down around us, as I covered the puppy’s head with my hands while simultaneously dropping the sign to the ground, I heard a voice from above “ LET GO OF THAT FLUCKING LAWN SIGN” Bellowed a Voice! Needless to say I yelled back “I did! “ I did”! And then the Voice said, “DO NOT VOTE FOR THE ROACHETTES” They our just a tiding of magpies perch in the low pines “ said the Voice
    “Who haven’t got caught yet”!!
    With all the confusion, we walked away from a nasty accident without a scratch, unscathed.
    You too can walk away Black Rock, on Tuesday with out a scratch, unscathed by Voting
    Row C !

  • John Marshall Lee

    The Fox knows his electricity facts. And he recommends “power to the people”, the wider group of people embraced by the Challenge Slate, Line C. Thankfully he did not connect with the current yesterday. But he does get a serious charge out of calling Ganim2 on his failures and truth defaults. Tuesday is a day of truth, hopefully. Time will tell.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    Enough of our giving taxpayer money to people that want to run for office. John if you are saying it helps minorities well the last time I checked we had 1 white state office holder and the rest were minorities so we are doing okay. In the mean time we are cutting GBTD almost $2 million dollars, Do you thing that if we used the campaign money for the budget we could keep the buses running.

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