State Legislative Committee Assignments Set

Committee assignments have been set for Bridgeport’s eight-member legislative delegation for the General Assembly session that began on Wednesday. State Senator Marilyn Moore co-chairs the Children Committee and Human Services Committee while her Senate colleague Ed Gomes co-chairs Labor and Public Employees. State Rep. Jack Hennessy co-chairs Veterans Affairs. CT Mirror has the full list of committee co-chairs here.

Committee assignments are generally based on areas of interest and professional background. As a result of an evenly divided Senate each committee features Democratic and Republican co-chairs.

New Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz announced leadership and committee assignments on Thursday.

Rep. Andre Baker – Assistant Majority Leader, Member of Education, Banks and Appropriations Committees

Rep. Charlie Stallworth – Deputy Majority Leader, Vice-Chair of Banks, Member of Higher Education and Employment Advancement and Human Services Committees

Rep. Jack Hennessy – Chair of Veterans Affairs, Member of Transportation and Finance Committees
Rep. Christopher Rosario – Chief Majority Whip, Appropriations (Chair Elementary Education Sub-Committee) Member of Education and Transportation Committees

Rep. Steve Stafstrom – Assistant Majority Leader, Vice-Chair of Judiciary, Member of Planning and Development and Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committees

Rep. Ezequiel Santiago – Assistant Majority Whip, Vice-Chair of Appropriations, Chair Conservation and Development Sub-Committee, Member of Environment and Planning and Development Committees



  1. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. What I would like to know is the level of communication and “interfacing” the BPT GA members have with the people of Bridgeport. I live in the area represented by State Rep Steve Stafstrom and State Senator Marilyn Moore. Stafstrom has been proactive, but frankly, I have been disappointed with Marilyn Moore’s communications with her constituents. I did vote for her this past primary/General Election, but upon next opportunity with Moore and staff/etc., I will communicate there needs to be greater communication with constituents.

    1. Frank, you said, “I did vote for her this past primary/General Election, but upon next opportunity with Moore and staff/etc.,” the next opportunity is right now.

      Capitol Office
      Legislative Office Building
      Room 2000
      Hartford, CT 06106-1591
      Form to mail Senator Moore
      Legislative Aide
      Dorothy Lewis
      860-240-0425, or
      Toll-free: 1-800-842-1420


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