Development Underway For Vacant Building In The Rock

Black Rock bank building
Work underway at corner of Fairfield Avenue and Brewster Street. CT Post photo Cathy Zuraw.

From Keila Torres Ocasio, CT Post

Just before the holidays, Black Rock residents began to see activity on a corner lot that has been conspicuously vacant for years.

Work crews began replacing windows on the former Black Rock Bank & Trust  structure at the corner of Fairfield Avenue and Brewster Street, and laying a foundation for an addition.

Ultimately, it will be converted into 15 market-rate apartments, divided into the existing structure and an addition to be constructed on the empty lot next door, according to Joe Fromato, a longtime Black Rock property owner and local real estate agent, who spoke on behalf of the development team T&N Properties, which purchased the city-owned lot in 2013.

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  1. About time. That building has been vacant ever since the city kicked Joseph Celli out on his ass. Good riddance to that carpetbagging charlatan.

  2. The location had a small parking lot on Fairfield Av and the much larger lot off Brewster in back of the property, perhaps over 40 spaces in total. If the new construction is on Fairfield Av I suspect (without looking at the plans) parking considerations are not a problem. I don’t remember any special Zoning requests on the matter.

    BK, back in the day when you were observing the goings-on in the neighborhood through different lenses, and the story you suggest about Joe Celli was being peddled by those who were conflicted at the time and remain so today, the City had purchased the building for about $650,000 from a non-profit agency, and other than the Arts Center to whom a genuine long term lease was denied (while the City claimed a tenant required capital improvements to be made before issuing a long-term lease).

    So the site remained essentially empty (subject to further deterioration) and owned by the City until it was sold for the above announced $300,000. You cannot fight markets, it is true. But when you buy something you also need to have a plan and the funds to execute. Not true of a City that has failed to be fully OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT and HONEST in its finances for years.

    Last night at Budget and Appropriations the City provided spreadsheets showing Grants awarded the City, some as early as 2005, that are still alive by being extended beyond their original deadlines. Open grants totaling $33 Million shown still contain $11 Million for City use, if this can be appropriately done. Did you know that? Is it useful to understand how it works to employ personnel doing City business? Why is this only covered by the CAFR, which may be expected, according to Ken Flatto, in another week or two? The other spreadsheet listed grant-funded capital projects including RR stations, Sikorsky Airport and other projects in design and/or development with similar detail.

    I salute the effort that has gone into the investigation of these fiscal matters during the past year. The Council will know more than they have been exposed to in the past. However, there continue to be financial matters that remain deep in darkness with no financial reporting for over eight years, unlawful transfers of funds in the waning days of the Finch administration, and no accounting or consequences. Amazing. Or just status quo? Time will tell.

  3. The addition will take up the parking lot on Fairfield Avenue, next to Angel’s Flowers. The back parking lot between Brewster and Wilson Streets has at least 40 spaces.


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