State Investigating Accusations Of Hate Crimes Against Retired Captain

Recently retired Police Captain Mark Straubel is under investigation for hate crimes following a series of texts about another captain that were turned over by a former city police officer who now works for the Stratford Police Department.

From CT Post:

Bridgeport State’s Attorney John Smriga has launched an investigation into allegations that recently retired Police Captain Mark Straubel is guilty of hate crimes.

But Police Chief Armando Perez has so far not turned over key evidence requested two weeks ago, Smriga said Tuesday. That includes an Internal Affairs report and allegedly racist text messages that Straubel, who is white, is accused of writing on his mobile phone that he hoped for a race war and calling African-Americans “a cancer.”

“He should have had it by now,” Perez said Tuesday when reached for comment. “That frustrates me a little bit.

… “And if there’s something there that implicates other members of the department, I’ll proceed immediately,” Perez said. “I will not tolerate any racially insensitive conduct in the Bridgeport Police Department.”

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  1. Is this the quality of leadership that Bridgeport needs or expects? His indulgence of his friends indiscretions and I’m being kind, should be intolerable for a department head. It defies credulity that there are among Bridgeport’s political community that thinks he still should be considered a viable option as the chief of police.

  2. Why should AJ be persecuted for someone else’s actions? He’s not Jesus. That being said, why should’ve Jesus been persecuted for our own actions. If it’s about leadership and not accountability. Then God’s at fault. If so then you are not asking God for forgiveness of your actions or sin but asking God to forgive God’s action in creating them. Doesn’t anybody think AJ’s a Racist? Do people feel crimes are being solved? JS

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