OIB Poll: Fixing The DMV

The Department of Motor Vehicles is a talking point of candidates for governor, Ned Lamont who proposes government reforms and Bob Stefanowski who wants to privatize it. What say you?

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  1. Republican candidate for governor Bob Stefanowski answer to the Department of Motor Vehicles is to privatize but as usual he gives no details or example, nothing new for Stefanowski.

  2. Did you guys see Bob’s post in his Facebook using the Kaepernick picture with lamont about taxes? Totally disgusting to use that I will not vote for any Republicans come November after that smh disgraceful! I’m a registered Republican and any chance of me voting for him as gov is over. Go ned shame on bob as a African American I’m really offended by that.

    1. donj, remember that Bob Stefanowski gives President 45 “A” rating and he’s following the President’s steps in the the race game of separation, by race, ethnicity and even sex. Bob Stefanowski’s “Let’s Make Connecticut Great Again,” hopefully President 45 will be invited to campaign for Stefanowski in Connecticut.

    2. You’re a registered Republican and that made you angry? Wake up man, the coffee’s burning. Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem to protest police violence against African-
      Americans. It was Donald Trump and the GOP that made it about patriotism and the flag. That’s how racism works.

    3. donj, I apologize. My comment to The Bridgeport Kid was not intended to be in any way a reflection about what I ever intended to say to you. Everyone has a right to choose whichever party they want to. I do make a distinction between the leadership of the Republican Party and private individuals who chose Republican as their party of choice. I’m a Democrat, I don’t agree with the leadership of the Democratic Party very often but I make the distinction of leadership and values. I agree with the values of the Democratic Party but I think the leadership is terrible. I don’t understand why the average person chooses to the Republican Party and I just wanted to have a productive, thoughtful discussion with you about it. Doesn’t matter now. Take care.

        1. Why would any decent person come on to this site and subject themselves to the morass of moronic individuals who peruse these pages. Obviously, I’m not talking about everyone here but my God what a joke of an attempt to disguise civil discourse with such disgusting characters of useless value. You know who you are.

  3. The DMV is NOT a binary (either/or) choice.
    The Best option is to be the leader and ROBOTIZE the entire DMV. Here’s the best part: robots can be programmed for efficiency and kindness. Are you with me so far?
    Everyone of those DMV employees producing your 2-hour wait is scheduled for a lifelong pension while robots only need an oil change every six months.
    It gets better: it only takes one robot to replace three employees and that’s just one state agency.
    The numbers prove it, until Connecticut shows a massive surplus (gulp), the Land of steady habits needs a new normal.

  4. I’m at a loss Jon A, what does donj being repulsed by Bob’s picture using Kaepernick and Ned together have to do with him being Republican? I think America would be on the path to being great again if more Republican’s singled out the vile nature of 45 and other repulsive actions by fellow Republicans. I think that every republican should be ashamed of the party of Lincoln and how low it has sunk under its new standard bearer.

    1. Being repulsed by Bob’s use of the picture was not what I was referring to. I asked him why he was a Republican just as I would ask anybody who was a Republican, why they made that choice. I was trying to initiate a serious and thoughtful conversation about the Republican Party vs the Democratic Party because it’s a favorite subject of mine. Did I not ask donj “with all due respect”. Didn’t I say that I wasn’t trying to start and argument?” I’ll tell ya, nobody’s gona mistake you guys for thoughtful, reasonable thinkers anytime soon.

      1. Knuckleheads? You must be on glue. The GOP is cowed by the narcissistic pinhead in the White House. Bob Stefanowski gave Trump an A+. For what, vulgarity? Robert Mueller’s investigation, Bob Woodward’s newest tome (“FEAR”: Trump in the White House”) and the anonymous editorial published by the New York Times paint a picture of a man obsessed by his own media image and not much else.

        The GOP in Bridgeport is a clown show, a bunch of old white men yearning for the good old days.

        1. With all the ridiculous nonsense you just hurled at me, now you’re going to try to say something that you think is important and true. You must be mistaking me for someone who cares about anything you say.

  5. Off topic. I just talked to Councilman Newton and he informed me that David Dunn informed him that Bridgeport will not be using the expired fire department exam to hire new recruits. The long journey to righteousness begins with the first step.

    1. Don, if David Dunn had gone forward with his plan to extend that expired hiring list then he would deliberately have violated the City Charter especially since the spotlight made it public of his intentions.

  6. donj, I want to say congratulation to you because I’ve seen how you have changed and educated yourself on your own since the presidential election. Myself and others over the years have questioned you about some of your position but you hung in there and seeing that you are a young black man who is concern about issue concerning this city, state and the federal government just keep it up.

  7. I don’t believe in privatization of government services. For 200 plus years we have seen government “do the job.”. Privatization means getting “capitalists” involved who want to make a profit. Should we make the DMV a profit making entity for someone or some financial entity. Something is wrong here. Sounds like J.R Romano and liberatarians saying talking points.

    1. Of course America believes privatization of government services, it was called slavery. Slavery had been practiced in British America from early colonial days, and was legal in all Thirteen Colonies at the time of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It lasted in about half the states until 1865, when it was prohibited nationally by the Thirteenth Amendment.

  8. Why would any decent person come on to this site and subject themselves to the morass of moronic individuals who peruse these pages. Obviously, I’m not talking about everyone here but my God what a joke of an attempt to disguise civil discourse with such disgusting characters of useless value. You know who you are.

      1. Ralphie, you captured the essence of what many knowledgeable bloggers have been thinking about this new guest on OIB. Kudos friend, you did it in three sentences. “why would any decent person come on to this site,” duh, does that include Jon A. Pulverenti.

          1. Jon, I really love Bridgeport, warts and all. I must admit that since I became involved politically, younger and many years ago, I can count on one hand the number of individuals who accepted City jobs, held public office, and other favors who after the party was over “got out of Dodge.” I stayed, will probably be here until they carry me out or I’m in a facility because I can’t remember who I am. I have a feeling some of the mean ones can’t wait for that to happen.

          2. Lisa, I know you served this city as counsel person for 20 years or so. We met once, you seemed very nice and I have no problem with you. I’m sorry all this had to transpire here but when I’m attacked, I fight back. Now I must admit that I probably over reacted and I should have calmed down before I began to respond but hay, what the hell. Be well.

          1. Jon, next time you run into me, please introduce yourself.
            . My instincts tell me you’re a decent guy, and hey, don’t worry about going overboard sometimes, I still cringe when I think of the times I have done that.

      2. mojo, your intellect is truly dizzying. Of course you know who I am you idiot, I use my real name. I’m not a coward like you. Try reading a book once in a while.

        1. Mojo, sorry I didn’t put you together with the lengthy post below. As a US vet. you’re not a coward but still you should know better. If you read my posts above it should be clear who’s right and wrong here.

          1. I originally asked a simple question to donj, who is an African American man why he was a Republican. There is nothing in that question that should illicit the kind of repugnant response from others that it did. That’s it. Maybe my response was a little overdone but the initial sin was not mine. This is the first time I’ve posted on this site except for one time long ago. Now that I know what this site is like, I can avoid it for it serves no purpose for me. Ya’ll should be glad to hear that. Good day ladies and gentlemen and good luck.

          2. Jon,,,,hang in there. There are a few of us who know you. We need your voice here and throughout BPT. Please don’t give up.

  9. *** As a U.S Army Vet; I can’t believe when people who are against what Kaepernick is protesting & the way he chose to bring lite to this platform, claim its disrespectful to vets. in general! That’s a-lot of B/S; whats disrespectful is seeing white american’s fly rebel or nazi-flags in general after so many american & ally soldiers fought & died to preserve the union & democratic freedoms throughout the free world. Most T.V stations & football fans watching at the game or @ home really payed very little attention to who was sitting or had there hats on during the singing or playing of the national anthem before the game. Not till “Numm-nuts” president Trump began ranting on twitter & then on the news, did people started to tweet about it! Thats what vets. fought & died for throughout american history & its wars & conflicts. The freedom of speech & expression and the rest of american’s constitutional rights & amendments. So now Nike recognizing that the “majority” of its “buying customers” really have no problem with Kaepernick & his agenda, that so many other athletes agree with & have also gotten on board with, no? Or is it better for white nationalist to march through an american college’s grounds without permission with tiki-torches, candles & clubs, carrying rebel & nazi-flags yelling “blood & soil”, etc… trying to insight violence? Once again instead of wearing blinders to things that have happen & still happen today & throughout american history when it comes to race relations. Americans need to recognize & admit to the issues on all sides, past & present, then work together towards making improvements without comparing who’s getting more or less & then using politics,tax-money,race or religion as a tool to attack the overall direction of whatever process has been made or not made!*** What’s it going to take, to bring American’s together, a “WAR”! ***

  10. As a Air Force “Vietnam-era veteran” station in North Carolina until 1969, I found it troubling in coming from Connecticut to witness not being serve at different bars with other Air Force firefighters who were white and I was the only black in our group, also seeing that the public schools were all black. During my time in the service in North Carolina the civil rights movement was in full in force in trying to get the same rights that I had in Connecticut plus the protest against the Vietnam War and with “Vietnam War veterans returning home to find no parades, no welcome back home for serving their country and putting their life on the line for those in America who were protesting in the streets for their rights as American. I respect those who protest for the rights of other Americans.

    As for Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem do you know the Star-Spangled Banner’s 3rd Verse?


  11. Ron, that was my generation also, I still carry sadness for all who served in Vietnam and the way they were treated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service and sacrifices you and all the Patriots gave and made. That part of your life contributes to the man you were, are, and always will be.

  12. Jon P.,
    Think of Only in Bridgeport as a big picnic table with appetizers and entrees served up every day by our host, and those he allows to post their own writing. No price to come to the table. But a few offer comments on the “dishes of the day” and they are a pretty regular crew that may draw in other comments depending on the breadth of the subject.

    Some people come to the table with a mask on. Sometimes the faces behind the masks have become known as in Bridgeport Kid, Local Eyes, Mojo (a thin disguise). But others remain in the dark theoretically protected because if they were revealed their employment position may be threatened. (How does that work for SteveL who has moved from CT unless he is still on the payroll?)

    The topic has been about parties and leaders and membership. I have come to understand the values I stand for and attempt at each Election Day to know enough about each candidate to select the ones I believe share similar values. In our city perhaps the best place to be registered is as UNAFFILIATED. Neither party Town Committee solicits input or participation between elections anyway. However if before Election there is a party Primary for either party, you can switch from UNAFFILIATED to the party with the interesting candidate competition and vote. The day after the Election you can return to the Registrar’s office and mark a new card requesting a return to UNAFFILIATED. Easy to do. Spend time on info development and discussion. Amazing how much you can learn with your eyes and ears open. Time will tell.

    1. Thanks JML, I hear ya. I do you remember when you and I met for lunch at White’s Diner and you laughed when I told you that I was a philosopher? I’m still a philosopher but unfortunately, one with thin skin and unable to change. The issue’s and problems we face both in Bridgeport and in the country are hard enough to solve with out bickering and fighting with one another. I know this site can be a place for civil discourse, I’ve seen it, it just wasn’t yesterday. JML, keep up the good work, Bridgeport needs you. Maybe some day we could talk more about it. Take care my friend.

  13. I’ve met Jon A Pulverenti. He is a good guy who has been involved in changing BPT in the area that he lives and he has reached out in the past to find ways that he can make Governance in Bridgeport work for the better for the people of Bridgeport. Jon has rejoined us here about fighting for Bridgeport-now and the future.Jon P startted a discussion with donl and he prefaced his remarks by saying”with all due respect” and just started a discussion because he was curious about donl being a “republican.” of course, the resident resident smart ass..Bridgeport Kid…Derek.. Dee.. had to jump in and insult people thinking he was oh soooo witty. Derek/Bridgeport Kid,IMHO,has crossed the line several times in his insults to other OIB members. JON PULVERENTI,PLEASE KEEP ON COMMENTING HERE. WE NEED YOU.

    1. Frank, I like you a lot and I think you’re a pretty smart guy. BUT, leave the “Kid” alone, while I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I’d trust him with my back anytime. 🙂

  14. I have talked to some other people. Like our good buddy in Indiana and a state can make a Department of Motor Vehicles consumer friendly. It really is possible. How it get’s done in CT is beyond my pay scale.

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