Sorry, Charlie–Barr Takes Bite Out Of Stallworth For Not Supporting Moore

Charlie Stallworth and Tony Barr preen prior to Stallworth’s mayoral announcement in March.

When Charlie Stallworth announced his campaign for mayor in March, mercurial Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr was front and center supporting the state representative and city minister’s “Let’s Save Our City” message.

Stallworth never made clear how he’d save the city. Money- and message-challenged with few boots on the ground and no rationale for running, Stallworth beached his leaky campaign ship in July having raised only $18,000 in four months.

The confrontational Barr, who had announced his own dubious campaign for mayor, has apparently found safe harbor supporting State Senator Marilyn Moore for mayor. Now, he’s turned on Stallworth (don’t ya love city politics) because he won’t support Moore for mayor. Stallworth declares he’s staying out of the mayor’s race after backing Joe Ganim’s return to office four years ago. He received a city job then experienced a political divorce from Ganim.

Stallworth is up for reelection in 2020 representing the 126th State House District. The past two state campaign cycles he survived close primaries.

From CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart:

East Side activist and Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr, who, after Stallworth ended his campaign in late July became a vocal advocate for Moore on the East Side and East End, was furious over the former candidate’s response. Barr called Stallworth “a disgrace.”

“He’s in the (Democratic) machine’s pocket,” Barr said Wednesday, alleging Stallworth has gone from criticizing the mayor to self-preservation mode should Team Ganim beat Moore.

“He’s staying out to focus on what? What is he focusing on? Where he can land?” Barr said.

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  1. This story is totally UNBELIEVEABLE and it’s another reason why Joe Ganim should not be mayor and it’s long past time for AJ Perez to retire.

    Chief’s helper, occasional Ganim driver fired

    Brian Lockhart | August 28, 2019

    “He was a good, good, good, good guy,” Perez had told Hearst in 2017 when Rinaldo was involved in another controversy. “This is why this kid is loved.”

    Rinaldo has worked in city parking enforcement and, in the last couple of years, as an aide to Perez. As such, he sometimes filled in for the police officers assigned to drive Ganim around.
    In 2017, Rinaldo was involved in another police-related controversy. Hearst at the time reported that Rinaldo was provided an unmarked police car for personal use.
    Perez had told Hearst that an unnamed detective wrongfully, but with good intentions, assigned Rinaldo the unmarked police car after the young man’s personal vehicle was repossessed.

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  2. Has Stallworth had his heart in the Mayoral run? Seems that he did not convince enough folks, or even himself in quiet hours of reflection to embrace a campaign? I am happy he is at peace now.

    But by exiting the remaining campaign between the other Democrat competitors, where he has already harshly criticized one by whom he was employed and compensated, how does he sit on a fence? He has never said anything negative about the alternative candidate Marilyn Moore, a lifelong member and contributor to City causes and events.

    As for Tony Barr, he is running for a slot in November and is currently on the DTC. He certainly can stir things up where and when others don’t care to tread.

    When you’re used to dealing with clients,
    then the announced Barr “alliance”
    may not be natural science…….but
    No promises or pledges!
    Just beating all the hedges;
    to assure that each Democrat
    gets off their posterior fat
    and VOTES out a “second chance” plutocrat?
    Time will tell.

  3. Tony Barr, has a chance to win because he helped to get Dennis Bradley elected to the State Senate and I’m sure that Senator Bradley will do everything he can help his most loyal supporter, Tony Barr to defeat Maria Pereira who Bradley doesn’t like at all. It really won’t matter if Maria wins or if Tony wins because neither one of them will be able to get anything done as a City Council member.

    1. Hey Ron,

      Given the present makeup of the City Council it is impossible for anyone to accomplish much that isn’t sanctioned by Little Joe Ganim and/or Mario Testa.


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