Ganim, Moore Intensify Voter Outreach For Primary

Political campaigns are like a controlled frenzy. Yes, that sounds like the ultimate oxymoron, but within the insanity of campaigns handlers do their best to control the message via direct mail, videos, social media, lit drops and door-to-door jabbering.

The mayoral campaigns of incumbent Joe Ganim and opponent State Senator Marilyn Moore have now reached their apex for voter outreach less than two weeks from the September 10 primary. Between now and then campaign operations will maximize visibility to target a universe among 47,000 registered Democrats in the city.

(See Moore video above and Ganim/Moore mail pieces below)

The campaigns will target mostly serial Democratic primary voters while cherry picking a universe that can relate to the specific messaging. For instance, four years ago Ganim inspired voters to the polls via a second-chance message, some of them electors who had not participated in a primary. The last mayoral cycle was an outlier as Ganim returned to the mayoralty in historic fashion riding the largest primary turnout in three decades.

Ganim mail piece

Back in office Ganim has now reverted to the incumbent’s role defending his record against an insurgent seeking history as the city’s first black mayor.

Operatives for both campaigns agree that Moore will perform strongest in her state senate district–Black Rock, West Side and North End–while Ganim is poised for a stronger showing in the areas of the city she does not represent, particularly heavy Hispanic precincts such as Marin, Barnum, Batalla and Harding.

Depending on the turnout efficiency of both campaigns, absentee ballots could play a deciding role. Ganim will win that count backed by party regulars who know their serial absentee voters. The larger question is–by how much?

If Ganim prevails in the primary, it’s not over, depending on the size of the victory. Moore has secured a ballot line in the general election.



  1. Little Joe will be depending on Mario Testa’s proven ability to raise the dead to vote via absentee ballot. That’s quite a talent he has. Ought to go on TV.

  2. Did anyone read the CT Post about a ride along passenger who was fired by the BPD?
    I’m not to sure what he was fired for but he apparently took pictures of the police officer who smacked a citizen with the butt of his gun.
    Will somebody please fire Perez and put him out of his misery???

    1. EXCUSE ME!!!! But that story takes the fucking cake. How ridiculous is that article describing what????!!!!!!!!
      Some kid was taken under who’s wing?!! Given a city police car??!!! Again, excuse me, but you’ve got to be fucking kidding me right?!!!!!!
      This warrants some SERIOUS action.
      The liabilities involved etc etc.
      Only in Bridgeport.

    1. And the kid also got a take home, unmarked police cruiser. Wondering what this kid’s salary was..How many assistants does Armando need.Joe just paid the ex police chief from Philly to come here and assist Armando also.

  3. When Moore wins in November, what job will she give Tony Barr? It’s a scary thought isn’t it? She would have to give a low level position without much authority I guess. Maybe she gives him Stevie’s job with the parking authority??

        1. I hope that if Marilyn Moore wins she will see the spate of ridiculous activities of Tony Barr in the last 30/60/90 days and prior years and Moore needs to dump Barr.

    1. The thought of FOUR MORE YEARS of Ganim makes me puke. But,like I’ve said, If a Democrat wins the White House in 2020.Joe Ganim will be angling for a Federal Position. Joe Ganim wants to get out of Bridgeport.

      1. That’s a great point and you are probably right. The only ‘IF’ would be if the economy tanks and the lame stream media is trying like hell to make the masses believe that we are in big trouble, economically speaking.
        We’ll see.

  4. Pardon me fellas, but Tony Barr is supporting Marilyn Moore because he is running on her ticket as the council member from the 138th. There is NO promise of a job associated with his support. NONE!

    1. Mr. Donald Day…… Most respectfully… Marilyn Moore and the Moore Campaign made a “ deal with the devil” and that devil is Tony Barr. Give us a break, ….this guy is crazy. There is a previous post with Marilyn Moore with Tony Barr. HUGE mistake. The Moore campaign needs to dump Tony Barr. Like right NOW.

      1. And who is quoted in the new CT Post article about Stallworrh not publicly endorsing Marilyn Moore? None other than Tony Barr

        Stallworth is quietly supporting Ganim. They cut a deal that the City is going to give him an adjacent lot next to his East End Baptist church and in turn Srallworth publicly stays neutral while privately supporting Ganim.

        It’s called a quid pro quo.

        1. Damn It. How you be having all the facts, lol. You are correct about the land. The funny part is a different group has plans for that same land and they have an impressive team put together for it’s use.

  5. Eric, you’re right I stand corrected. Frank, what deal is it that Marilyn made with Tony that you’re privy to? The fact that he’s trying to help her get elected has more to do with Mayor Ganim and little to nothing to do with Marilyn Moore. Tony isn’t in a principle role in the Moore campaign and there was NO promise of employment to him or anyone else.

    Frank, if you believe on Marilyn Moore and the ideals and principles that she espouses then you would/should know that she would never put anyone into a position that they aren’t qualified to do nor would she compromise her integrity by playing the same political games that we admonish Mayor Ganim for doing. C’mon Man.

    1. I am not alluding to any possible job in a possible Moore mayoral administration. Tony Barry is NOTHING but trouble. Marilyn Moore and the Moore campaign should immediately cut all ties with him. BTW,I am sure that many of you may have assumed that I am supporting Marilyn Moore and I will be voting in the primary/mayoral election. I support Moore regardless and in spite of a big mistake and that mistake is getting involved with Barr. Barr is already embarrassing the Moore campaign with his crazy unhinged FB videos. What else is he going to do?

  6. I have had some issues with Charlie Stallworth in the past but in the article below Stallworth states the reason why Joe Ganim SHOULD NOT BE REELECTED.

    Stallworth “staying out of” Ganim, Moore primary fight Published 6:58 pm EDT, Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    Last December, Stallworth told Hearst that Ganim’s comeback was supposed to begin a more inclusive era for the regular, non-politically-connected residents — particularly those living in lower-income areas like the East End — whom the fallen, ex-convict mayor appealed to with talk of personal mistakes, second chances and redemption.
    “I believe the community was invited in to make the campaign happen, but not invited in to decide what would be best for Bridgeport — to help create the vision and plan for the city,” Stallworth said at the time, adding voters “have been used in a way that would better some, not everybody.”

  7. Yesterday, we had a great meet and greet on the East Side of Bridgeport for Marilyn Moore and the entire Row B Slate at a new restaurant called Coyote Flaco on East Main Street. It was well attended and a lot of people got an opportunity to connect with the campaign. What I was most impressed with as how many people stuck around till late like 10pm, just talking about Bridgeport and how they want to make a difference by pushing the campaign. Just want to mention Chris Caruso and Alma Maya really charged up the crowd.

    We know who goes to Ganim’s events. 1/3 are staffers that can’t even vote in Bridgeport. Yes there are hair raising speeches, etc but there’s only so many times you can speak to the same faces. Our biggest challenge in this campaign is people so fed up with Bridgeport and Ganim that they do not wan to vote at all.

  8. Ron, I don’t see the optimism or the caring of Bridgeport that you see from Reverend Stallworth’s statement’s. The fact is if you know what the problems are with Mayor Ganim and his administration and you choose not to do anything to change this condition then you are complicit in the continued degradation of the city that you profess to love.

    You can’t say on one hand that he did nothing for the Black community and then say who ever gets elected, gets elected. You can’t say I helped him get elected and be broke his promises to my community and now say I’m not going to do anything to get the Frankenstein monster out that I helped create! STAND UP FOR SOMETHING OR FALL FOR ANYTHING! SETTING THIS OUT SHOULDN’T BE AN OPTION IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE CITY OR ITS RESIDENTS.

    General Colin Powell said, “Being responsible means pissing people off. Good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the group, which means someone will get angry at your actions or decisions. It’s inevitable if you are honorable. Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.

    1. Don, I’m in full agreement with you, Stallworth has taken the cowardly position which is no position, when you walk on the yellow line you can get hit from both sides. Stallworth gave a piss poor excuse. Stallworth knows that Joe Ganim pimped Stallworth and threw him a few dollars by giving him a city position then Ganim got rid of him. Stallworth gave Ganim life by allowing Ganim to give his coming to Jesus speech that helped get Ganim elected. The main point that I was making was what Stallworth said, “I believe the community was invited in to make the campaign happen, but not invited in to decide what would be best for Bridgeport.” That in it self is enough for Stallworth and the voters to do everything to get Ganim out of office. Ganim gets into office with Stallworth’s help and what does Ganim do after in office as mayor he decides he’s going to run for governor. Joe Ganim doesn’t give a damn about Bridgeport but the best that Stallworth can do is to stand I’m the middle of the road and stand on the yellow line.

  9. Derek, I don’t know if you’ve talked at length to Senator Moore, but she is a high character and integrity individual and she hasn’t nor would make a deal with Tony or anyone else about a position in her administration. Because of that high character and integrity that I alluded to, she would not put Tony or anyone else into a position that they aren’t uniquely capable and qualified to do and she sure as hell wouldn’t put Tony or anyone else in a position as a quid pro quo for work done on her campaign. She’s not built like that my man and she doesn’t ride that, IT’S THE WAY IT’S DONE Train.
    Why do you think so many Black and Latino political leaders don’t support her run because she’s about to kill the golden goose that laid the WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME Egg!
    It’s no longer business as usual with respect to Bridgeport City Government and a lot of pablum eating people are very concerned and they should be! Respect, Integrity and Transparency haven’t been in Bridgeport City Hall in decades, but it’s on its way!

  10. Frank, for real, for real! There may be people that don’t like her, but NO ONE can or will question her integrity and character on how she’s lived her life and how she’s conducted herself, publicly or privately. For Real, For Real!

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