Should Connecticut Grant Driver’s Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants?

José Sanchez, illegal immigrant
Photo by Melissa Bailey, courtesy New Haven Independent.

OIB has joined our friends from the New Haven Independent to participate in the Independent’s “True Vote” experiment in citizen issues elections, the first asking the question, “Should Connecticut Grant Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants?” Many Connecticut mayors including Bill Finch say yes. Cast your ballot.

José Sanchez and other undocumented immigrants showed up at the Capitol Monday to pose a late-session question for legislators: While the state awaits federal action on immigration reform, what to do now about all the immigrants driving without licenses?

(You don’t have to wait for lawmakers to make up their minds–you can cast your electronic ballot right here in the ballot box, part of the Independent’s “True Vote” experiment in citizen issues elections.)

Sanchez (pictured) was one of dozens of undocumented immigrants and advocates who trekked to the Capitol Monday morning to call on Connecticut to start issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. Mayors from throughout the state joined them.

A native of Mexico, Sanchez said he needs a license to drive to work at a landscaping company and to shop at the grocery store. He also needs it to drive his family around.

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  1. What do you think the possibility is this Sanchez pays income tax on his “landscaper’s” pay? No income tax … no driver’s license. What next? The right to vote?

  2. Too much political pandering to the Hispanic community because of the perceived high impact of the Hispanic vote. That’s extortion. An illegal who makes no contribution to the social cost of the community in which he or she lives should not be afforded the services we who regularly pay taxes are legally entitled. I’m in favor of “guest” worker registration so an illegal employee will pay all applicable income taxes. Income taxes are the main funding source for these social programs. More intense scrutiny must be applied to all employers who pay illegals under the table.

    1. yahooy, you are a loathsome individual. Introduce yourself to me this evening at the Planning meeting at 6. I really have to meet you you face to face. I will bet 99 percent of you who say no without conditions most likely go to Church on Sunday and believe there is a place for you in one of G-d’s many rooms. Probably not as the meek will inherit the earth and scum will just pass away. Most likely the rooms will be full of immigrants who came here to find a better life for themselves and their families.

  3. When did I give you the impression I give a damn about anything you have to say? Read the pie chart. It’s 2-1 against. I’m the product of immigration; illegal immigration for that matter. My grandparents were WOPs. They entered With Out Papers. WOPs. The difference here is they built their life working hard and paying taxes. I’m all in favor of legitimizing certain illegals under specific circumstances so these illegals can work, pay taxes and build a life. I am totally against an illegal working for cash and I especially loath the people who hire the illegals with absolutely no intent of withholding statutory taxes. All our lives improve when more people work and pay taxes. The only silver lining to this drivers license thing is the illegals will have to take the same training we all took and pass the same test hopefully which will be given in English. This will ensure the illegals will drive safely.
    So Auerbach, bite me. You are the personification of the campaign door holder who bounces from one candidate to another with high hopes and changing viewpoint to accommodate the flavor of the day. There are a million out there just like you. Finch has been hiring one shithead after another since taking office. With all your ass-hickey endeavors even the calamarians don’t think you’re worthy to join their nefarious ranks. Have a nice time tonight sucking up to whomever.

    1. yahooy, I was there this evening and was hoping to meet you. I am confused by your rhetoric. You made the comment I go from one politician to another … I should read the pie chart and I am asking Finch for a job. I do not get involved in politics unless I am interested in a candidate. I am a loyalist when I believe in a candidate. I have never attended a Democratic town meeting. I have never been asked to attend a Democratic town meeting. When I was a Republican, I never attended a Republican town meeting. I had been a marginal member of the NRV, NEW REPUBLICAN VOICE. I am not controlled by any party and nobody owes me a favor nor do I owe anyone a favor. I have never in my entire life ever worked on any campaign with the desire of gaining employment. I have only been involved in three local campaigns in 25 years, Mary MORAN 1989, Bill Finch, his first time around and Mary-Jane FOSTER. I had never had a conversation with any as to what’s in it for me. As for the pie on immigration. I am not a follower. What makes you believe your family was any better than any current immigrant? I do not need to see impressive numbers to follow the crowd. Your personal assaults on me are a riot. I have no idea who or what you are. I do know most people who know me know exactly what I am about. I am certain you do not know me, yahooy, I am also glad I do not know you. You must be the guy who does work on campaigns expecting a job. You probably worked on the Caruso campaign. In fact, I am wondering if in fact you are Caruso. OMG. Are you? Lol

  4. *** If it helps get better ID documentation on immigrants and their vehicles and also a forward push towards obtaining M/V insurance, then I’m 99% in favor at this time, no? *** LET’S SEE SOME REAL IDs ***


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