1. Without OIB, most people in our neck of the woods not directly involved in urban- or state-level politics would be in the dark about the political trends–and shenanigans–in our cities and the rest of the state. Especially in regard to those of us in Bridgeport, we should say Thank God for OIB and Lennie Grimaldi. He not only provides political information, he teaches us how to interpret, analyze, and project political trends and outcomes. He is our Professor of Political Science at the OIB on-line School of Political Science.

  2. Amen, brothers and sisters. And Amen again.
    OIB returns oversight, monitoring, and public discussion to the Bridgeport scene. I call it governance, others call it politics. It’s all on a spectrum that has descended in recent years due to the exercise of power by elected leadership to silence all public comment and replace it with photo ops, as if the public exists on pictures of the Mayor with non-taxable development. If you miss out on a detail to place you on the ballot, what surprises of administrative or fiscal incompetence await the public yet? Time will tell.


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