Will Foster Change Her Mind?

Mary-Jane Foster, sandwich by Joe Ganim and Bill Finch, urges "the boys" to stop bickering at Thursday debate.
Mary-Jane Foster has had enough of “the boys.”

In a letter to supporters on Monday, Mary-Jane Foster decided against placing her name on the ballot as a petitioning mayoral candidate in November. Foster finished a distant third in last week’s Democratic primary won by Joe Ganim. Foster issued the letter prior to the news that Mayor Bill Finch may not have a November ballot spot. Foster, however, has not submitted her official withdrawal from the race to elections officials. She is still technically a candidate.

Letter from Foster:

We are blessed to live in in this great city of Bridgeport and to love it the way we do. It is the reason I chose to run for mayor. I love this city. I know you do, too. This city has given me opportunity after opportunity. It has taught me how to truly love and serve. That is another reason why I ran for mayor.

I am extremely proud of the run I made. I ran because I believe in truth, integrity and real choice for an honest change in the city. I lost. I couldn’t be sorrier because I believe Bridgeport deserves better. I will not be in the race in November. I am officially withdrawing from the race and I will not endorse another candidate.

Bridgeport is 16 square miles of pure heart. Those who malign this city do not know it. We’re gritty, we’re fierce and we’re resilient. I don’t know who the next mayor of Bridgeport will be but I can tell you, we’ve survived plenty and we will again if need be. Over the next four years I will not have the opportunity to serve Bridgeport as its Mayor. However, I know from my years serving Bridgeport as a protector of abused women and families, as a businesswoman creating jobs and opportunities for others and as an education advocate that there are many ways for one to serve the city she loves. Hard-working Bridgeport families do it every day, too often with too little help from City Hall. I will continue to look for ways to stand with and champion Bridgeport’s families because they deserve better. I will do what I have done for 25 years. I will continue in my community service, I will do whatever I can to advance the cause of Bridgeport and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to do it.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for loving Bridgeport as I do. Thank you for standing for integrity and competence. Bridgeport deserves an honest choice. Bridgeport deserves better. Let’s make sure, that together, that happens.

Statement from Finch:

“I want to thank Mary-Jane Foster for her contributions to the community, and to the dialogue in this campaign regarding our city and its future. She’s a strong advocate and leader, having spent decades in different high-profile leadership positions, all focused on making our city a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

“I look forward to working with Mary-Jane Foster, and Bridgeporters in every neighborhood, as we continue investing in the future. By creating jobs, growing our tax base, cracking down on gun violence, and giving more kids access to pre-k, we’re truly building a city that works for everyone.”

Statement from Joe Ganim:

“I wish Mary-Jane the best of luck, and look forward to working with her in the future. Issues wise, Mary-Jane and I were on the same page in many ways. We worked hard. We ran a clean campaign, and we listened. Mary-Jane ran a very issues-oriented campaign and I hope her supporters look at my platform, which also focuses strongly on good, open, transparent government.”



  1. A classy lady.
    Probably too much class for the office of Mayor of the city of Bridgeport.
    Bridgeport does deserve better. Maybe someday we will figure it all out.
    Good luck Mary-Jane, wherever life might take you.

  2. This was my email to Mary-Jane Foster today:

    Mary-Jane, thank you, thank you, thank you for putting yourself out there to serve all of us. I’m so proud of you. You are a role model to so many but especially to women no matter their age, you got out there and we saw honesty, vision and the willingness to go head to head in those debates and hold your own. I’m so proud of you but your voice is still needed. I wish you and your husband nothing but the best. Love, Ron Mackey.

  3. Dignity, Style and Grace personifies Mary-Jane Foster in her decision not to carry on.

    The Finch campaign statement is an insult to her and the voters of Bridgeport!!!

    I’m technically retired from politics but I will sign my name to this post.

    Tom Kelly

  4. MJF is a class act. As far as Finch’s statement, he’s trying to make it sound like he’s aligning with her when SHE’S CLEARLY not endorsing him.

    I really can’t stand that man!

  5. Finch is in complete denial. The people spoke volumes last Wednesday and it’s going to cause a psychotic break when he gets destroyed worse in November if he and his fake political party are allowed on the ballot.

  6. Well, considering Foster called Finch incompetent in light of every economic development proposal all over the city, I thought the Finch response was more than necessary. Much more than necessary and I think the world of Foster.

    I wish her well. I am sorry she decided to not take sides. Just as well. I truly believed Mary-Jane could have made herself extremely relevant supporting Finch and protecting the city from the malignancy of a Ganim mayoralty. It should be interesting.

    Tom Kelly,
    Technically retired from Bridgeport politics? Never!

  7. Mary-Jane: You have been an elixir for my Alma Mater, UB–an institution that nurtured me, and which I love. You led the community back to a true appreciation for a university that has given so much to the region, and beyond, and which played a key role in saving our city during its darkest days. Thank you for that.

    Please return to UB and continue to promote its storied engineering program and its newer, innovative, ground-breaking, first-of-a-kind programs. And perhaps continue to work on restoring the physical science and mathematics majors/graduate programs that helped make its engineering program among the best in the country.

    Good luck to you! I’ll look forward to attending your excellent International Business seminars again.

  8. Dave, in the Republicans’ case they did not have much choice and in Ganim’s case Finch drove the people towards him. Ganim did not do that much for the city. Sure he built the ball park and the arena but I think the arena got him in trouble along with other things.
    Ganim and his police chief hemmed in the people of the East Side like they were cattle with those f’n jersey barriers. There drug numbers were inflated by all the small-time users they arrested. Now the big one many fell for; Ganim did not raise taxes for 10 years. The reason for that is we had a state-appointed financial review board. Personally I am sitting this one out.

  9. David Moore, Tucson’s gain is Bridgeport’s loss. We need you back here fighting the good fight for us. I know you’re a “second chance believer.” I would truly like to know some of the things you would hope to see by way of Joe Ganim’s redemption and return to office. Your desires for Bridgeport and the efforts of its leadership on behalf of the people are still relevant and carry weight from my perspective. You worked hard for this city and have a right to an opinion in this regard. Speak up! We have our ears tilted toward Tucson!

    1. I don’t see anything good in Ganim being Mayor again. He wasn’t just the mayor, he was an officer of the court. I don’t wish him ill but I don’t think he can be trusted and as for Torres, he is a horse’s you know what who has reinvented himself more times than Carter has pills.
      Right now my advice to everyone back home in Bridgeport (it will always be my home even though I live somewhere else) is to encourage Mary-Jane to reenter the race.


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