Job Creation Party Dumped From Ballot, Finch Ballot Spot In Jeopardy

Mayor Bill Finch’s ballot access is not getting better every day. Av Harris, spokesman for the Connecticut Secretary of State’s Office, told OIB Monday afternoon the Job Creation Party that was created as a backup plan if Finch did not survive the Democratic primary will not have a ballot spot as a result of failing to meet a September 2 filing deadline notifying the office of its designated endorsement. That would have been Black Rock used-car salesman Rich DeParle who was apparently holding the spot for Finch. The decision now limits Finch’s ballot options that could leave only one path for reelection, as a long-shot write-in candidate.

Two other potential options would be Finch persuading Republican Enrique Torres or Charlie Coviello, the “New Movement Party” mayoral candidate, to give up their slots for him. Both told OIB on Monday afternoon they will not do that under any circumstances.

Rather than petition Finch directly onto the ballot as an individual, the Finch political operation rolled the dice on creating a new minor party with DeParle as the straw man. DeParle filed all the correct paperwork, including securing enough petition signatures to qualify for the ballot. He had even submitted his letter of resignation as the minor party’s mayoral designee. The problem came when the party organizers failed to meet the deadline for naming its endorsement. As a result, it has been disqualified for the ballot.

Petitioning candidates cannot give up their ballot spot to another individual. The only way that can happen is if a political party entity such as the Republican Party in the case of Torres or the New Movement Party fronted by Coviello give up their spot. “I’m not giving up my spot to Finch,” Coviello says. “This now makes me more viable.”

Last Wednesday Finch became the first incumbent in city history to lose in a primary, jumpstarting the once unfathomable comeback of former Mayor Joe Ganim who was forced from office following his conviction on federal corruption charges in 2003. Campaigning relentlessly all over the city, Ganim shocked Finch on primary day forcing the mayor to seek out a ballot path in the November general election. The mayor last week announced to supporters he would be the candidate of the Job Creation Party. Now that he has lost that option, barring Coviello or Torres ceding their positions to him, his only option is as a write-in candidate in November. He must file that paperwork with elections officials by Oct. 20.



  1. How fucking insane is this??? Write-in worked for Jarjura, this isn’t Waterbury!!! The bottom line??? Really??? Personally, I’d like to go for someone’s jugular.

    1. BPT REBEL,
      I still believe in Finch.

      I will tell you this. There are four candidates who will never win, Torres, Coviello, Daniels and Barr.

      If there were a way Foster could give her line to Finch, she would be able to share in the saving of this city. Otherwise Joe Ganim will win, hands down.

      BPT REBEL, I do not need to suck up to Ganim. If Finch does not have a viable path, I still have to vote. Torres, Coviello, Barr and Daniels are not an option. With weeks to go, we go from the bottom-line candidate to a write-in candidate to a Foster-endorsed candidate?

      To be honest, this across-the-board garbage is making me ill.

      1. Cannot navigate the CT elections site right now, but common sense (in this most uncommon state) would say rules for a petitioning candidate are not the same as a party line candidate with regard to changing designated candidate. Perhaps Joe will give up his spot on the line in favor of Finch! OK, probably not going to happen. If I were on MJF’s team, I think I would cry for a week.

          1. Because I believe that strongly in my candidate, sorry, only speaking for myself if I were on her team. I have been told by a few choice Democrats I take these things (elections) too personally. I was very sorry to see her leave the race.

      2. As a former write-in candidate in Bridgeport, with the new system it is much more convenient for people to write in a candidate. If Jurjura could do it in Waterbury, it is not impossible.

      3. You are the biggest shill for Finch, you really think Torres is not going to win? This just made that a distinct possibility. You should consider voting for him, Steve. He’s the best choice, and you are still pissed off that Ganim fired you from a no-show job.

      4. Making you ill? Now you know how the rest of us feel. Your candidate, the man who was going to win by a landslide, just screwed the pooch. He’s shitting his pants, having to go out and actually grovel for a real job.

        This is the best possible scenario. Ganim will be defeated.

        1. Bridgeport Kid, the only joy I will have is watching Finch win in a landslide write-in campaign or support Ganim over Torres. I would never support a candidate you liked under any circumstances.

  2. Steve–With all due respect, Mary-Jane is the only one who could beat Ganim in November. And she has become so disenchanted with Finch, as well as with Ganim.

  3. Thank God I learned how to spell “Finch.” Lennie, I have a question. I always thought this tactic was illogical. Finch to run on a newly created party setup by a Republican car salesman done in a so-called furtive attempt to get Finch on the ballot if he didn’t win the primary was beyond my understanding, especially when Finch only won the DTC endorsement by technically one vote. Ganim and Foster petitioned to run in the general election as independents, Finch could have done the same. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, considering Ganim and Foster did. My question is, if a write-in candidate wins the election can they align or join a party if they prevail? If so, then this benefits Finch, because I believe his run still identifies him as a Democrat. So I still see this as a run between Joe and Bill. I never have nor will I ever support certain types of behavior. A leader is supposed raise people out from gutter behavior not participate in it. This is what’s wrong with Bridgeport and why it hasn’t amounted to anything. PS, BAM I’m Back. 🙂

  4. Well Steve,
    There goes the second landslide victory you predicted for Tax Bill. The first didn’t materialize because a larger number of voters disliked him than disliked The Crook. It is hard to believe no one in his campaign noticed the filing deadline was before the primary. Your boy was set up by a pro. Neither Coviello nor Torres is going to give up a place on the ballot for Bill Finch.

    Michael Jarjura ran as a write-in candidate in Waterbury. The big difference between him and Finch is people actually like Michael Jarjura. If it weren’t for you, Bill Finch wouldn’t have no friends at all.

    1. What about Bob? The question is he getting on the ballot, not how. From what I read the primary didn’t mean anything. Some were asking why are they even having one. I still support Finch, he must not be that smart, neither am I. Hell, I’m even going to get off my couch and vote for him this time. I will be at his victory party.

  5. Steve Auerbach is lucky I’m not the type of person who would gloat about this tragic unfortunate turn of events.
    Oh wait a minute, I am that type of person. Wood f’d this thing up totally. And I’m just sitting here LMAO.
    Oh Stevie boy. Better every day.

    1. See Bob, you are exactly what I’m talking about, do not concern yourself about me. I did everything I could for my candidate and I feel great pain for yours. You are going to gloat? Your candidate made a very poor showing. I have no emotional reason to be thrilled for you. This is about Bridgeport. Mary-Jane goes back to her job a day later much like she did four years ago. What will you do, Bob? Will you support Ganim or spend the next four years bitching about Finch again? Honestly, I do not know what’s worse, coming in a far distant third behind a man convicted of 16 felonies or thinking getting 125 signatures made you look weak while some volunteers gave every ounce of their essence to get you elected. Whatever, today and only today it must really feel good to be Joe Ganim!

    2. I can attest to that, Bob; you’re not the type of person to gloat, so let’s see if another word fits better, delight, relish, take great pleasure, revel, rejoice, glory, exult, triumph, crow; boast, brag, be smug, congratulate oneself, preen oneself, pat oneself on the back; rub one’s hands together; informal rub it in!

  6. David Moore,
    Since it is clear Torres doesn’t have a chance to win, even if Bridgeport Kid helped, and Coviello, Barr and Daniels pose not even a slight threat to Ganim. Bill Finch must run as a write-in candidate. It can be done. It won’t be easy but there are thousands of people who will not waste their votes. They will learn there are options and it isn’t over until it is over. I know there are many like me who want to save the jobs of those in city hall 😉 but most importantly we care for the city of Bridgeport.

    I think Joe Ganim has run an amazing campaign. Clearly on every level better than Finch. But this is an opportunity to reinvent, reconnect and get the entire city fired up. Honestly, I think every passionate voter for Joe Ganim voted for Joe Ganim. I think Finch can pull this off. Joe Ganim has already redeemed himself with his stunning victory. But I do not ever give up on my candidate until it’s over.

    When it is over, I believe Finch will prevail. It is so sad, only 20 percent of us will do 80 percent of the work, but that is the norm.

    In the event Ganim wins, I will know I did everything I could to get Finch elected but will support the mayor because because my love for the city transcends politics.

    David Moore, we need to look at Waterbury. We need their game plan. There is a sense of urgency here. Defcon 5, to those who dragged their asses to bring us to this unfortunate situation, step aside. The mayor has suffered enough embarrassment. Take the case to the people. Teach them how to spell Finch in every single community. This is every single community, we have many. Do not discount anyone. Every registered voter is a Finch voter.

    To Joe Ganim–no one man is an army. If Mayor Finch is not able to win with the write-in vote, you will most likely be the mayor. I do not see that happening, but in the event you are, I will support your efforts.

    Today, Monday must have seemed like a sign to your campaign, with Mary-Jane Foster leaving the campaign and Mayor Finch being chopped off the ballot. Your campaign must think some divine intervention occurred, while the Finch people are looking for someone to blame for what seems like incompetence.

    What is happening is strange and I think the best is yet to come. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am just an optimist. I think Mayor Finch will emerge a wiser man. UB would be a great start! The clock is ticking–everyone get ready–here we go. I will unfortunately be unable to attend tomorrow evening’s meeting but I expect exciting information! L’shanah Tovah to everybody.

    BTW–Bridgeport Kid and BPT REBEL–save the anti-Finch rhetoric. I will not be talking about Torres. = I will be supporting Finch until Nov. 3 and would support Ganim before any of the other candidates.

    Run Bill Run and save this city!!!

          1. Porter, based on primary results, Ganim has significant strength with African American voters that will likely increase for the general election. A majority of black voters do not like Finch. What message will Finch have to inspire voters to write in his name? Will he continue to call Ganim a member of the KKK, a mobster and other lovely names that have turned off voters? Finch campaign messaging was hugely flawed.

    1. From AP: A cable television commercial that ran 109 times a day for two weeks showed Jarjura going into the voting booth and demonstrating how to cast a write-in vote. The campaign also rented three voting machines, set them up in headquarters and bused in elderly residents for coffee and voting demonstrations.

  7. Steve Auerbach has been going on for months talking about MJF. She can’t win. The people supporting her don’t know what they are doing. Her candidacy is an embarrassment.
    Now you can change that to Bill Finch. And for someone who has been running and raising money for four years this is a total embarrassment. Unprecedented.

    1. Bob Walsh, Mary-Jane Foster came in a distant third. I have stated that since before she announced.

      Finch’s misfortune has nothing to do with me.

      I blame all of Foster’s misfortune on you and the rest of her advisers.

      I was not a Finch adviser–huge difference. I cannot take any credit for the current FUCK UP, but I can tell you I am pissed.
      Back to Bob Walsh, if you were an adviser to Foster, you just sucked. Foster had more name recognition four years ago than she did today. Friends would have asked her to sit this race out. She was an excellent candidate. She had poor advice.

      1. Steve, you deserve a lot of credit for Mayor Finch’s defeat because you created a climate of dislike and to some hate for Finch with your uncalled-for comments about Joe Ganim being a felon. Voters of Bridgeport know Joe Ganim was in prison for seven years and he couldn’t get his law license back but Joe didn’t allow that to stop him from running for mayor again. The voters saw a man they believe has changed his life and he just wants a second chance. Finch attempted to use the KKK and Joe’s criminal record against Ganim but it didn’t work; but neither was Finch’s record of water pads, free rides to Pleasure Beach and crime is at a 40-year low, none of these things lower the voters’ taxes or increase their paycheck or provided good-paying jobs. Whether those in power like it or not, Joe’s criminal record was not going to stop the voters from supporting him to get elected mayor, that credit goes to Joe Ganim for outworking Finch and for Joe gaining the support of the voters of Bridgeport. President Ronald Reagan said, “trust but verify,” in dealing with Russia, trust but verify is a Russian proverb in which to judge Joe Ganim. Joe Ganim won fair and square.

        1. Mr. Ron,
          I made a point of informing Joe Ganim is a felon and went out my way to detail his crimes. The only difference is, Stevie Auerbach has a gigantic man crush on Finch.

  8. Lennie, did Angel Reyes put a candidate for mayor on PEACE AND PROGRESS? Would the Sept 2, 2015 deadline apply to P AND P PARTY too?

    Besides, all this crap of sign-in candidate is so silly. Why would I sign someone’s full name when I CAN SIMPLY FILL IN A CIRCLE?

  9. The whole Finch campaign was a comedy of errors the likes of which truly define the term “Only In Bridgeport.”

    Press releases that set forth a candidate’s intention to withdraw from a race are a way to let a candidate’s supporters know they are free to choose someone else. There still is the pesky little detail of filing formal withdrawal paperwork with the Town Clerk to take one’s name out of contention to be dealt with, though. 😉

      1. Again you raise a great point. My assumption is, unless a candidate is recognized by the SOTS by the October deadline, one is not an official candidate, so how to inform a voter in supervised AB voting there is an official write-in choice?

        1. Jennifer, election officials can’t proactively offer or even post write-in candidates at the voting location. They can show the list to voters if they are specifically asked for it.

  10. So let me get Ganim’s straight, Steve:

    You wouldn’t vote for Rick Torres simply because I voted for him. If that’s what you said you are one sorry human being. Well over 21 years and you’re just as petty as a teen-aged girl on her period. Not surprising since you’re on the rag ‘most all the time.




      I WILL BE SUPPORTING MAYOR FINCH UNTIL HE SAYS STOP! It is about Bridgeport, not about you Bridgeport Kid, and your relationship with Rick Torres.


      1. So let us get this straight: You can’t have your pinup boy re-elected so you’d rather the city were saddled with a convicted felon. That makes about as much sense as tits on a boar.

  11. Michael Jarjura won as a write-in for one simple reason: the people of the city of Waterbury like him. The September 16th primary in Bridgeport was a referendum on Finch. Blame absentee ballot manipulation, the number of voters paid to vote for The Crook, whatever. The fact of business is Finch lost to a convicted felon. It was a vote of no confidence in the incumbent.

    Give it up, Steven Auerbach. No matter how many times you say “landslide,” Bill Finch is now a member of the “also ran” club.

      1. Steven, and how many elections did our longest-serving mayor lose before he was elected? Watching the back and forth over the years, you are steadfast in your beliefs and support, although we did change your understanding of the importance of the conflict of interest. You give as good as you get, and do not give up. I greatly admire you for that. And Torres is similar to you in that he too does not back down and pushed on promoting that which he believes in. I happen to believe he is a very great example of the success one can achieve from growing up in the projects, as a minority, to becoming a successful business owner and community activist and organizer. I am somewhat disheartened to hear you support Joe over Rick, simply because one of his supporters has, in my opinion, gone overboard in his attacks on you, but on the other hand I cannot blame you. Looking forward to our cookie date once I return to CT. Hey, want to be a guest on Bridgeport Now before the election?

        1. Jennifer, certainly you didn’t think for one second I would support Ganim over Torres based on a conversation with Bridgeport Kid.

          I am supporting Bill Finch.

          If Finch does not win I will support Ganim. I would however, love to see Ganim and Torres head to head. I believe Ganim would win hands down.

          I will continue to support Mayor Finch.

  12. Good Job. That’s what all the volunteers will be doing. Will it count if they just say Finch or does it have to be Bill Finch? You never know with the registrars.

  13. Charlie Coviello has probably got the most to gain if he were to give up his line to Finch.

    He would be the leader of a new party in Bridgeport that could take the top spot in future elections. He would become the Mario Testa of a new party. He would achieve celebrity status with clout in the city. He could be part of a historical political event in Bridgeport or he could just be Charlie. I think COVIELLO has a huge opportunity to become relevant. I guess Finch will move forward regardless.

    1. His party will be on line D of the ballot in future city elections whether he runs and loses, runs and wins, or gives the line to Finch.

      Anyway, he was running against Finch, why would he lend him a hand now?

      1. Because on one path he becomes a star and on the other he remains irrelevant. Charlie has spent much of his political career as a sideline joke. He could make history, or have five minutes of fame staying in the race.

  14. I laugh at the fools who think a Republican will win. Torres has no chance. He unsuccessfully ran for office for decades before he was given the “participation” award of the easiest and least painful spot his area would give him. He could never win again, not in a mayoral race or likely even as a council run. He makes enemies, he’s all focused on himself in front of the news (aka the “arson” of his campaign bus that was a crack den located in a faraway parking lot in Stratford. Ganim will take this city back by a landslide.

  15. “On March 19, 2003, Joseph P. Ganim was convicted of 16 federal counts: one count each of racketeering, extortion, racketeering conspiracy, and bribery; two counts of bribery conspiracy; eight counts of mail fraud, and two counts of filing a false tax return. Ganim was acquitted of six other counts. Ganim surrendered his law license upon conviction. The charges arose from Ganim’s “role in a six-year scheme to shake down city contractors for more than $500,000 in cash, meals, clothing, wine and home renovations.” In April 2003, two weeks after being convicted, Ganim resigned from office. He was replaced by Councilman John M. Fabrizi.

    “Ganim faced a possible sentence of up to 126 years, $500,000 in restitution, and $4 million in fines. Federal prosecutors asked for a sentence of ten years and one month, while the defense asked for a sentence of no more than three years and ten months. Testimonials seeking leniency were filed with the court on Ganim’s behalf, including one from Cardinal Edward M. Egan of New York. On July 1, 2003, U.S. District Judge Janet Bond Arterton sentenced Ganim to nine years in prison and about $300,000 in fines and restitution, in addition to $175,000 that he had previously stipulated that he owed. Judge Arterton said that Ganim’s crimes were “stuff that cynicism is made of” and determined by clear and convincing evidence that Ganim had “lied to the jury when he denied any knowledge of fee-splitting deals and other incriminating evidence.” Ganim appealed, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld Ganim’s convictions in December 2007.”

    Just sayin’.

      1. Ganim is not a criminal. He made “mistakes” and we forgive mistakes.

        So it will be a write-in for Finch and that is the way it will be.

        Take away Ganim’s past and he is certainly a very likable guy. I voted for him twice. I love saying that. Ganim separated me from the city and I voted for him twice. How bad can he be?


      1. You wish, Lisa. Finch’s exclusion changes everything. His people will be voting for Torres, in droves. That’s the end of the line for the gravy train you were riding. Don’t quit your day job. Politics in Bridgeport just took a step towards honesty and transparency.

  16. There’s a twelve-step meeting for self-important assholes like Bill Finch. They meet in church basements. I can hear it now: “Hi, I’m Bill and I’m a self-important asshole.”

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