Shaban: Himes Needs Bridge Work

Republican Congressional candidate John Shaban is on a mission to abridge Democratic incumbent Jim Himes as we hit the homestretch for the November 8 general election. As a challenger to Republican Chris Shays in 2008, Himes made his bones in Bridgeport barbecuing the incumbent on his failure to deliver the moolah for a replacement bridge over the Pequonnock River to connect the East Side with Downtown that also features the headquarters for the city’s Fire Department. It was a surreal moment that cycle when Shays actually crashed the bridge press conference of Himes, which only served to turn an okay story into a front-page event. Himes prevailed in the Barack Obama presidential tsunami led by a massive urban turnout.

Himes did secure funding to remove the antiquated stuck-open bridge but the millions more required for a new bridge is, well, stuck.

Shaban, a member of Connecticut’s State House, has his headquarters in Bridgeport (as does Himes) where he has appeared often at various events as a Republican reaching out to urban voters. He is money-challenged, in part as a result of traditional Fairfield County-based givers running from the toxic presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. But that has not snipped the campaign’s sense of humor per the video above.



  1. Vote for the challenger. Corporate-owned Jim Himes has done enough of nothing for the people. He has screwed the people enough. Millionaires and billionaires have purchased Washington and Jim Himes was and continues to be one of the sales clerks.

  2. As a Democrat, Himes has a chance to get things done for the 4th CD and money for Bridgeport plus he starting to build some seniority in the House of Representatives. Shaban as a Northeast Republican is the bottom of the barrel for Congressional Republicans. No one will listen or talk to him.

    1. Frank, wait a minute, you said Himes has a chance to get things done for the 4th CD and money for Bridgeport. Frank, where is the money for the 4th CD and Bridgeport since he has been in office?

    2. Jim Himes is a Republican, too. He is a Wall Street guy residing in Greenwich who supports the trade agreement that is going to ship millions of jobs overseas. This doesn’t help the middle class or the poor, it helps Wall Street, billionaires and millionaires.

      I refuse to vote for Blumenthal, Himes, Stallworth, etc. I am casting my vote for Ed Gomes and encouraging all my AB voters to do the same.

  3. According to, Bridgeport voted 87% Democrat in last presidential election. No reason to expect any change for the entire ticket this election.

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