Say Hello To The 90 Most Popular People In Bridgeport

Seriously dude, how ya voting?

I love you, I need you, I want you. They’re being schmoozed and boozed, urged, cajoled, worked, and some promised this and that. They’re popular today, perhaps not so Tuesday night depending on how the 90 members of the Democratic Town Committee cast their endorsement vote for mayor, Bill Finch or Joe Ganim, at Testo’s Restaurant. Politicians will endorse on Tuesday, but it’s the people that will nominate in an expected September 16 party primary.

The endorsed candidate receives an automatic position on the ballot while challengers must hustle petition signatures to qualify for a primary. Mary-Jane Foster, Howard Gardner and Charlie Coviello are also in the race but either Finch or Ganim will be endorsed.

Tuesday night’s roll call is shaping up as a close vote between Finch and Ganim. Operatives from both campaign camps maintain they have enough votes for the endorsement. That means a handful of DTC members are lying. Hey, this process requires a serious Pinocchio meter. There may even be a situation or two of two proxy votes submitted on behalf of Finch and Ganim by the same town committee member. How does that happen? Presumably that scenario will be sorted out by Town Chair Mario Testa. Both sides will be lawyered up with parliamentarians.

If all 90 votes are cast, 46 is the winning number, but Testa, as town chair, can break a tie, for instance if the vote is deadlocked at 45.

If you’re going Tuesday, strap in, this night could be noisy. Who are these people on the town committee? They are elected to serve two-year terms: party insiders, government workers, patronage recipients, elected officials. Some names you will recognize while others new to the process who want a say in how candidates for office are selected and endorsed.

Bridgeport has 10 Democratic town committee districts with nine per. Finch’s primary DTC support appears to be districts 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 and 136. Ganim’s support in the 135, 137, 138 and 139. A few votes either way could swing the endorsement. Town committee districts are not required to vote as a bloc, but some often do based on political alliance and influence of the district leader. The 130th District covering Black Rock, for example, will be split with Finch likely to have majority support but a few votes for Ganim as well including District Leader Danny Roach, Ganim’s campaign manager.

Danny Roach, Joann Manzo, Michael Meehan, Tom Mulligan, Eric Amado, Joy Cline, Melissa Henton, John McCarthy, Anne Larcheveque.

Mitch Robles, Nereyda Robles, Americo Santiago, Jose Negron, Jack Banta, Denese Taylor-Moye, Mary Bruce, Glen Pettway, Paul Bouchard.

Mike Freddino, Tony Lancia, Carol Cocco, John Olson, Lisa Parziale, Joan Thornton, Elaine Pivirotto, Reggie Walker, Evette Brantley.

Tom McCarthy, Vincent DiPalma, Abel Chaparro, Howard Austin, Joseph Hatrick, Albertina Baptista, Joseph Moura, Jeanette Herron, Peretz Robinson.

Dennis Scinto, Matty Cuminotto, Johann Dorgan, John Fabrizi, Peter Minaya, Patricia Nolan, Tom Lyons, Gene O’Neill, Marilyn Santacroce.

Charlie Stallworth, Warren Blunt, Carmen Hatton, Crag Jones, Waith Mitchell, Mary Lee, Darrett Moss, Steve Nelson, Doris Roman Nelson.

Chris Rosario, Wanda Geter Pataky, Cruz Cotto, Mark Trojanowski, Larry Osborne, Antonio Felipe, Dennis Bradley, Jose Casco, Fabio Mazo.

Lydia Martinez, Maria Rivera, Gil Hernandez, Aidee Nieves, Banjed Labrador, Guillermo Marin, Joel Rosario, Maria Valle, Juan Hernandez.

Scott Hughes, Melanie Jackson, Twana Johnson, Jame Morton, Nadia Pearce, Pearlye Sams-Allen, Martha Santiago, Anthony Paoletto, Michael Marella.

Ralph Ford, Charlie Coviello, Cynthia Maignan, James Holloway, Ernie Newton, Deborah Sims, Willeen Gibson, Keith Williams, Eneida Martinez-Walker.



  1. Lennie, as of right now Ganim has 51 votes. That could change Tuesday night but right now that’s the number. Don’t forget MJF is going to snag a few TC votes. This could be a landslide against Finch.

      1. I look forward to attending my first DTC Nominating Convention. I am hearing this will be the most interesting convention in 20 years. Should be interesting.

    1. Andy, they reported to you? This could be very exciting. Ganim gets the nomination, Finch wins the election and Foster, Gardner and Coviello barely make a dent. And I win three bets. Works for me. Andy you are so popular the 51 was reported to you? That number will make your candidate completely invisible.

      Sad. Those 51 DTC, have fun trying to sell a convicted felon to the voters.

  2. Rumors are flying all over town! No matter what happens, and whom our Mayor ends up to be, our delegation needs to continue to do the job we, THE CONSTITUENCY elected them to do.

    This election is the proverbial baptism by fire for many in the delegation. WE are the reason they are there. WE are. We did not elect them to attend a garden party in Hartford. We elected them to represent the biggest City in the State and this marriage is for better or worse.

    1. Wicca, this is the first time, in too long, the DTC is actually exercising its right to choose. I don’t know what it means in the endgame, but it’s something I haven’t seen in a couple of decades. Just maybe in the next TC cycle we will see slates change to ensure DTC members are voting for the right reasons. Whatever that means!

    1. Good Luck to all the candidates. I still say it will be a sleeper and the end result will be Mayor Finch. Ganim is definitely in position to take second and after that it doesn’t matter. The future of the city is at stake and the cards will fall where they may.

        1. Dull and uneventful. Ganim will continue his amazing ability to make news, Finch will continue making positive announcements maybe even shocking us with a UB embrace.

          True story, so I returned home at 8pm. My neighbors on both sides of the street were out and I was called into the conversation. Truth, the Ganim bashing made me look lame. They were African American and all I said was I am supporting Finch. They agreed. Now if there is a question–Ganim and Foster–walk Glendale. I am certain my neighbors will be gracious but they are all Finch supporters.

          Btw–Trainwreck and Antman–both worth seeing. Amy Schumer is a riot … of course.

          1. Fyi–Trainwreck is sexually explicit and you will laugh out loud-. All-star SNL cast!

    2. Most people in this city are sitting on a house they can’t sell, with a mortgage they can’t afford. Bill Finch gave everyone in this city a tax burden that in most cases is higher than any mortgage payment, at the same time Finch is spending like a drunken sailor, putting our kids and seniors’ futures at risk. Joe Ganim has one thing to his credit, he knows how to hold the line on spending and taxes!
      I’m sure when it comes down to it this time, the DTC members will vote their wallets.
      Not once in eight years have I heard Mayor Finch say that he will hold the line on taxes! Not once!!!

      1. JimFox,
        You point to real issues for almost every person I speak to in our 130th district and across our city these days.

        In my humble opinion, it’s going to be the dollars-and-sense details and pragmatic, no-BS approach that wins the day. And that’s not going to end well for the Finch follies.

        That is why the time is right for John Marshall Lee and Tyisha Toms to be running for City Council in the 130th. And God help anyone who, thanks to coaxing by a “friend” or political operative, casually enters that race thinking it might be fun to debate John Marshall Lee on the major, minor, and all-of-the-above budget issues and lacunae.

        We can’t afford more politics as usual.

        We need financially experienced, competent, impartial, analytical professionals handling the books and big decisions for our city.

        No more funny stuff where, as I heard an outgoing City Council member say at a budget committee meeting, we have to learn “how to talk Sherwood.”

        No! How about instead we talk representative democracy … and put people in office who are both competent and truly committed to representation of, by, and for the people–thank you very much.

        1. BTW, in all his time addressing serious issues for our city to the City Council, has there been even one instance of any City Council member or any member of the current administration challenging Mr. Lee’s evidence?

          This is the closest to it I’ve seen. Anyone else?

          From 2013 CT Post “Finch: Bridgeport has problems not of its own making”
          Brian Lockhart
          Updated 11:19 pm, Wednesday, March 27, 2013

          From that article:
          Torres suggested city budgets be put to a vote. Finch said voters can throw him out instead.

          One Black Rock resident–self-styled budget reformer John Marshal Lee, a regular at city council meetings–was not invited. He stood outside handing out four pages of detailed criticisms, including concerns about a lack of transparency in city finances.

          One audience member said Lee’s research is taken seriously and wondered if Finch has addressed them.

          “There’s a wide disparity of opinion on this stuff,” the mayor said. “We have serious disagreements with John.”

          What serious disagreements? Any counter evidence? Any facts?

  3. I think Mayor Bucci most eloquently presented his interpretation of the convention, just short of calling it bullshit and a waste of time. These 90 people are powerless and serve no purpose. It’s like a club. Something to do and make new friends. These people do not reflect the voters. They reflect their own personal agenda.

    In a bizarro world, Ganim would get the endorsement. It does not change the narrative. The city will end up with the largest voter turnout in history, Finch will be re-elected and the headlines across the country “Corruption ends in Bridgeport,” the DTC loses power, and the city continues moving forward.

    How many thousands of voters in this city were between the ages of 6 and 17 when Ganim fell from grace? Thousands of voters who were not paying attention. Thousands of voters who may support green initiatives, young voters hanging out downtown, excited about Steelpointe. True, thousands have passed away since the dark days but the youth will control the future.

    Ralph Ford is a perfect example. He serves on the DTC, is a Ganim supporter and just recently was exposed and charged. I have met his beautiful daughter, she absolutely loves Bill Finch. She represents the future. How do I know she loves Bill Finch? Ask her. We have spoken at length and she is a charming young lady. Hey Cassie!

    Ganim supporters see this as proof of momentum. Foster sees this as a waste of time and energy, and rightfully so. Finch people will see this as a call to arms! I believe the people of this city will change a sleeper election cycle to a huge historical turnout.

    Just my opinion.

  4. At 8:44 Steve A was calling the election a sleeper. At 11:26 it’s a huge historical election.
    What was Stevie A drinking in that short period of time? It was Finch Kool-Aid for sure.

    1. Jim Fox, Bob Walsh, as with all texting, sometimes while resting there is no emotion and therefore, misinterpretation of conversation. So here we go. I do not kiss asses of convicted felons. Whatever the outcome on Tuesday, I am comfortably a Finch supporter for many reasons. I do believe this election will be a sleeper. In the event some people choose to support Ganim, it will not be a momentous tide for Ganim. It will wake up thousands of youthful voters and encourage them to vote as well as those of us who remember Ganim’s long drawn-out corruption trial that damaged the reputation of our city, that Fabrizi and Finch have spent years repairing and Mayor Finch has started the ball rolling on the biggest development in decades. If the DTC feel Mayor Finch has not done an outstanding job putting Bridgeport on the map for the right reasons, then I imagine the voters will make it an historic election and that was my point. People in the city are not gushing like Maria Pereira. Nobody is excited about reelecting a Mayor who has been in office for 10 years and betrayed the city. We the people of this great city do believe in second chances and we will give a second chance. The second chance for Bridgeport to become the number-one city in Connecticut the way it was in the ’40s. We are not interested in Ganim’s life story or the Lifetime movie presents. The only person who will benefit from that is Joseph Ganim. We are not extras in the life of Joe Ganim and we have paid the price long enough.

  5. I’m not seeing Finch prevailing on Tuesday. Mario Testa has been careful to not show any favoritism but his actions do show a preference for Ganim over Finch.

  6. The biggest problem facing the people of the city of Bridgeport is a lack of jobs that pay a decent living wage. Crime and violence will continue to be issues unless and until City Hall is able to attract the investment that will create several hundred jobs that pay more than the Department of Social Services doles out every month in cash assistance and SNAP benefits to the average family living in the projects.

    It’s not a matter of race or ethnicity. It has everything to do with economic oppression. The state of politics in Bridgeport is the story of a bunch of people involved for their own purposes. The mayor and the 20 members of the city council are elected to represent ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF BRIDGEPORT, not just the 90 members of the Democratic Town Committee and their relatives and friends who are employed by the city.

    Bill Finch’s campaign ought to be sued for false advertising. His posters claim “Together, we’re making Bridgeport a city that works for everyone.” That is simply not true. If Bridgeport is a city that works for everyone it is because of the efforts of the people of the city of Bridgeport. The current administration has nothing to do with it.

  7. If my numbers are correct this would be the perfect opportunity to form a black and Puerto Rican Caucus amongst the DTC, there are 54 members who would be a part of this caucus. They would have to elect a chair who by current practice would not have to be a member of the DTC. Then they could pick and choose among candidates for any office without having to look to their district leaders for direction. I’ve been advocating for this for quite awhile.

    1. Hector, it won’t work because of mistrust between both groups. They have common issues and common problems, there is a problem of leadership if the two groups got together.

      1. Pete, I am not feeling excluded, I don’t want to be included. Under Diaz’ proposal, the black and PR caucus would select candidates and the whites on the TC can hold their collective hand on their collective ass to have any input.

  8. Hector, I have been saying this for years, blacks and Puerto Ricans should control our own destinies. How does 72% of the people let 27% of the people dictate their futures, their direction and their destinies?

    Andy, that isn’t racism, that’s common sense.

  9. The blacks and Puerto Ricans are too busy fighting with each other over mine is bigger than yours. There is also the inherent jealousy when one race gets something and the other doesn’t. The average person, black, PR or white, does not give a shit about elections.

  10. Andy, your response is the answer to my question, “How does 72% of the people let 27% of the people dictate their futures, their direction and their destinies?” Right on the money, Andy.

  11. Donald Day, Hector Diaz and Andy,
    There is certainly nothing wrong with a black and Puerto Rican caucus. The problem is you believe the response from this caucus would be pro-Ganim and anti-Finch. That is the problem. The upside is together both communities could sit down with the Mayor and discuss issues and solutions. I think Mayor Finch has been visible and supportive in both communities. I believe Mayor Finch has backed numerous Hispanic and black candidates and jobs. I think his focus on Steelpointe, stratford Avenue, Pleasure Beach and East Main as well as the Seaview Avenue corridor shows an enormous commitment to the East End not to mention the train station and Newfield Park. I think if we all look at what’s going on in this city then it should be clear Mayor Finch should have the support of the Town Committee as well as the voters.

    1. No Steven, what Hector and I are saying is blacks and Puerto Ricans should come together and decide which black or Puerto Rican will be the new mayor of Bridgeport.

      1. Donald Day is not speaking for the rest of humanity. You sir are lost is a time warp. You really are a racist and I really do not get you at all. As long as they are black or Puerto Rican? Well Donald Day you sir, have missed the boat.

        The Hispanic community in Bridgeport has become very involved and powerful and Mayor Finch again has been incredibly supportive. We have so many young and talented, educated and involved Hispanics in all parts of the city. They vote and support their candidates. We will most likely have a Hispanic Mayor way before an African American. Why not? The Hispanic community is the fastest growing community in the country. The many different cultures that are interwoven into the fabric of the city makes Bridgeport a better place. I can definitely see a Hispanic rising on the political ladder. I can just as easily see an African American. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to alienate an ethnic group to find one of my own to put in office. It is racist! You are excluding people based on race. You are sad.

        1. And you Steven are a bigot, a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. Or maybe you are just ignorant as hell, either way I could care less about what you think, feel or believe. I know all your black friends love you and all the black children in the Bridgeport school system love you too. Write a song about, wanna hear, here it goes, Don’t Believe The Hype.

          1. Donald Day, are you okay? I am not tolerant of any individual or group that alienates anyone. Your black ideology is not conducive to harmony and inclusion. But if you prefer only supporting, endorsing and mingling with your own race, then what can I say? I do not put my friends, business associates and personal involvements into compartments and I see them all the same. I know their religions and cultures and act accordingly and respect them. I do not believe you feel the same. But I do know whenever you choose to dismiss me, you always say you do not care what I think, care or believe.
            That is where we differ, I do care what you feel, think and believe and I just do not tolerate anyone who excludes any group. That does not make me a bigot. That makes me an empathetic individual and you a racist.

          1. Hector, speak English. 🙂 I have no idea what you are saying. But I am tired of creating a racist narrative. It is ignorant at best. I must have imagined the huge support of the black and Hispanic community at Finch gatherings. I will also say Ganim is always surrounded by the same group of people for all his photo opportunities. Hector, I do not tolerate any form of prejudice and I would never support a candidate who was. Hector, you should look at the big picture. The future Bridgeport your daughter will be proud of, or a future with regrets of what could have been because of a personal misunderstanding. What are you willing to sacrifice for a vibrant future with the possibility of new business and development generating taxes or just getting an old friend elected? We are all in this together and you will not he affected any differently than myself. We will all pay the price for the leadership we choose. I’d choose moving forward and embracing a bright future. What about you? What are you willing to sacrifice?

      2. Donald Day–I agree with you, it’s tragic Bridgeport is the only major city in Connecticut that hasn’t elected a black or Hispanic mayor, but the blame lies with the city’s black and Hispanic leaders. What have they done to put together a realistic plan to elect a minority? Nothing. There is a lot of racial tension between blacks and Hispanics in Bridgeport and these groups rarely collaborate on anything. Hence, the situation we are now in where a city where the majority of the population is made up of racial minorities has a sad choice of choosing from among three white people for mayor.

    2. The fact you believe Finch or any of the other candidates would be the cause for an association is disturbing. This would be on such a much higher plane.

  12. Channel 12 News–Joe Ganim gives a TV to Boxing group that was vandalized. Great Photo opportunity. Two days in a row same place. Great job getting Channel 12 News out there and very nice gesture. It was a grand gesture. Totally political of course but hey, every 30 minutes all day long–nice!

    Congrats to Mayor Finch for increasing the summer jobs program for youth to 700. I am certain the students and families are most grateful. Also, I would add the Splash pads throughout the city are a blessing in many of the neighborhoods. The kids were having a great time at Washington Park. I expect that neighborhood to be booming in a few years. The largest housing stock of Victorian homes will hopefully be restored to their former grandeur and eventually become a beautiful historic district by Washington Park. You just cannot duplicate the grandeur of those homes.

  13. I have been thinking. If a black person were to have the criminal record Joe has, they would not be hired anywhere, not even Burger King but this guy comes out of jail, moves to Easton and when fit gets a apartment in Bpt to get a $100k a year job. Big reason why I am undecided.

    1. donj, I 100% agree. Ganim’s decision to run reeks of white privilege. Change his skin color and no one takes him seriously. Look at Ernie Newton. If you’re undecided, write yourself in on primary day. All three candidates have their negatives, Ganim more so than others.

  14. Steve, many of those homes were restored 10 – 15 years ago. Unfortunately, some of those have again fallen into disrepair. It takes a strong economy and reasonable taxes for the upkeep of large homes as those. As Jimfox mentions; many residents’ taxes are larger than their mortgage payments. Many home improvements are put on hold to pay taxes.

    1. Yes, and that is the reality until development happens here. Quentin, there is absolutely no other option. Development all over the city as well as parks and new schools. These are necessary to attract families and business.End of story and yes that includes projects with reasonable abatements.

  15. Just a word or two. Everybody seems to have an opinion as to who gets the DTC endorsement tomorrow night. My guess is the situation is fluid as various delegates try to cut the best deal they can (for the city or for themselves, who knows). I certainly have no idea who’s going to win.

    However, let me share a few numbers I am sure of from a recent poll of likely voters conducted by an independent pollster.
    When asked if there was a candidate they would NEVER vote fo,r both Mary-Jane Foster and Bill Finch’s percentages were in single digits. On the other hand, Joe Ganim’s negative numbers were somewhere north of 25%.

    Translated, this means Joe Ganim’s universe of likely voters from which to draw is considerably smaller than either Mary-Jane’s or Bill Finch’s. So regardless of what happens tomorrow night, Joe Ganim has a very tough lift if he is to win in September.

    Now I fully expect Ganim’s OIB supporters to refute these numbers and that’s fine. But know this, Joe Ganim’s internal poll numbers are probably very similar to the numbers I have just provided. So for all his bluster and bravado Joe knows he’s in trouble.

    1. John from Black Rock, your numbers are on the money and that should not be a surprise to anyone in the Ganim camp. He is not in trouble, the few people in Bridgeport who have put their money, sweat and tears to focus on a candidate they are trying to resurrect is just outrageous. Bill Finch is transforming the city, Mary-Jane Foster is a fine candidate. Timing is everything though and Joe Ganim, well he had 10 years and now has so much baggage. He has tremendous energy but his past will dictate his future in public service.

      donj, to your point, you are correct. Joe Ganim hasn’t the ability to work as an attorney. He did pay his debt to society like countless convicted convicts. He deserves a second chance at a new career. I think Ernie Newton attempted to create such a program in a parcel on Fairfield Avenue if I am not mistaken. The problem is, there are consequences. Home Depot, Lowes, McDonalds etc. would not be able to hire him. Why should the largest city in the state of Connecticut hire him? How many promises can you possibly make? How sad it is anyone could believe they would cash in on that promise?

      He is not a Bridgeporter any more. He will not be able to erase history and all Ganim is doing is reminding the voters and developers the damage he cost the city. I do not believe the momentum is on his side.

    2. John,
      You are a credible guy, in my estimations.

      Can you please provide a link to the “recent poll of likely voters conducted by an independent pollster” you’re pointing to?


  16. Sorry guys, I obtained my information from a source I trust but do not wish to name. If that hurts the credibility of the numbers I posted, so be it. The Ganim people know they are correct.

    1. John, I can only speak about my personal experience speaking with voters in Thomas Hooker. I have only had one voter say they cannot vote for Ganim, and they were considering MJF. Not one voter has told me they are voting for Finch. Eight out of ten voters have committed to vote for Joe with the other two undecided.

        1. The silent majority will prevail on primary day and every pro-Ganim person on this blog will be cursing themselves for wasting their time on such a ridiculous folly.

    1. Quentin, we will continue to be the overburdened taxpayer until the developments in the works come to fruition. You are a Republican and your man has no plan for development, no vision and no hope. We are 10-plus years behind in economic development. You will not live to see a Republican Mayor, so make your choice. I’ll support the man who is bringing life to downtown and the cranes to Steelpointe. I do wish you good luck with your choice for Mayor. I like my Mayor’s vision and want him to stay the course.

  17. A neighbor knocks on your door, says “hey, how are you, can I come in?” You let him in, and realize after he’s gone he’s stolen things from you. He goes to jail. When out, he knocks on your door, says “hey, can I come in?”

    You say “Yes, come in?” I think NOT! Even though a criminal has paid his debt to society, doesn’t change the fact he’s a thief.

  18. The Bar Association pegged Ganim for what he really is when he went before them attempting to reinstate his license to practice law–unrepentant and unremorseful. The arrogance just continues to seethe out of him every time I see him on TV.


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