Say Hello To Mr. Shtick: Trump’s Presidential Advisor

Donald Trump
Yes you idiot, it's my hair!

A friend called on Monday: “Lennie, who’s advising Donald Trump on this presidential stuff?”

Not me! The guy who’s advising Donald is a guy named Shtick. Who’s Shtick? Donald, of course.

For about four years I was a Connecticut media consultant to Trump when he was interested in owning (or ambushing) a casino in Connecticut. Donald is all about shtick–a Yiddish word in origin–a gimmick, something contrived; he’s almost always in character, a charter member of the P.T. Barnum School of Publicity: I don’t care what they say about me as long as they say something.

To Trump’s way of thinking the public relations landslide he’s receiving for this so-called presidential tease is a hoot. I can hear Donald saying, “Can you believe those assholes in the media believing this shit?”

Trump’s all about the bullshit. Yes, he’s serious about making money. He’s also serious about what publicity can bring to his money-making machine be it television or casinos. Trump for president is as about as likely as P.T. Barnum lurching off his statue in Seaside Park and becoming mayor of Bridgeport again. 

Can you imagine Trump running in the GOP presidential primaries? Here’s an exchange he’d have with Mitt Romney.

“Look asshole, you’re a moron.”

“Actually, I’m a Mormon.”

“Oh, you’re that too!”

Trump would be filleted in GOP presidential primaries, even if he tried running as a leap of publicity faith. Remember Rudy Giuliani in 2008? Pro choice. Pro gay rights. Pro gun control. This does not play in GOP presidential primaries.

The fact that Trump is even registering in national public-opinion polls says more about the pathetic state of GOP national candidates than Donald. Right now Barack will defeat any of the GOP opponents. And Trump loves it. Why? It feeds right into his cash register shtick. Ca-ching!!!



  1. Lennie, schtick usually refers to Jewish comedy. Schtick is a method of delivery that often mocks by use of malaprops. The line you used, above, in the confrontation between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump IS schtick.

    1. According to Wikipedia, “In common usage, the word shtick has … come to mean any talent, style, habit, or other eccentricity for which a person is particularly well-known, even if not intended for comedic purposes …

      “Among Orthodox Jews, ‘shtick’ can also refer to wedding shtick, in which wedding guests entertain the bride and groom through dancing, costumes, juggling, and silliness.”

      So Donald Trump’s hairstyle is intended for entertainment purposes.

      1. “Because of its roots in comedy and show business, the word shtick has a connotation of a contrived and often-used act–something done deliberately, but perhaps not sincerely. For this reason, journalists and commentators often apply the word disparagingly to politicians and their positions …”

  2. “Registering?” He’s tied for 2nd! His claim to electoral fame: Questioning Obama’s place of birth.

    It’s incredible that our political discourse has shrunk so low.

  3. No comic relief. I don’t think he thinks of himself as a viable or electable candidate. I doubt seriously he would consider spending $750,000,000 of his personal fortune just to get his message out there. I agree the publicity he is getting keeps his paper palace in “shekels.” Maybe he thinks of himself as a closet Democrat. If he were to run in a primary or as an independent in the general election he would most certainly drain votes from the Republican.

  4. The Donald attracts voters who need drains in their skulls, not just Republicans.
    C’mon yahooy, you know better.
    The Donald wave has been annoying normal people for about a week. People answering polls are responding to a TV show, not reality.
    Trump is catching publicity at a time when political candidates don’t have much to say, aren’t sure what to say, and the general public doesn’t care.
    These polls should be marked with a disclaimer: “For entertainment purposes only. Like American Idol.”
    This is all nonsense ginned up by New York City media to replace the lamented capture of the snake at The Bronx Zoo.
    As an aside, does anyone think the hair on The Donald qualifies as an exhibit at P.T.’s American Museum? With or without skull?

  5. Bob,
    Always good to hear from you. And this time compliments of Callahan’s wittiness (and perhaps a heavy hand on the SUBMIT button)?

    Good to see you at the Budget & Appropriations HEARINGS. Why does B & A only review some of the City Department budgets and not all? Has it been like that for a long time? For instance they do not look at their own budget where one might questions why the $9,000 stipend times 20 Council elect stays at $180,000 per year when it seems that only half of it gets spent on average? I certainly think our Council elect need all the help they can summon to provide a genuine check or balance to the energy, expertise and direction from the Mayor’s office. The Legislative services budget does not provide much support. The inability of a few members to use 21st Century info technology is another limitation to group success. When you as a Council person get a complaint, do you use your own methods of finding what is going on, go to your legislative staff and hold him accountable, go to CitiStat and monitor what happens to your input request? Curious.

    Good to see you listening and connecting the dots for later.


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