BOE Gives Coviello The Boot

Democratic mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello was booted from Monday’s Board of Education meeting. Charlie apparently showed off his new set of fangs. From Linda Conner Lambeck of CT Post:

Mayoral hopeful Charles Coviello was told to leave and not come back Monday after he overstayed his 2-minute welcome at the Board of Education microphone, making what some considered personal attacks against school district administration and members of the board. Entire story here.



    1. You’re right, Angel DePara would’ve jumped over the podium to rough him up. The freshman councilman would’ve hung back until the real men had taken care of business.

  1. All those City Councilmen beating up on Cecil Young was a proud moment in Bridgeport’s storied political history. Thank God for YouTube!

    He gave OIB some additional publicity but Coviello might have blown what little political capital he had left.

  2. Lots of folks have comments about the educational system in Bridgeport. Charlie is one of them.

    Lots of folks are employed in and by that system also, in the range of 2365 including nutrition workers according to the Mayor’s budget data. And at this moment they are waiting for the BOE and the Superintendent to present real budget numbers to the public for 2011-12.

    At last night’s Budget & Appropriations Committee meeting, Thomas Sherwood announced he had not yet received the BOE budget. That means that neither has B & A. So, no homework for B & A or Council members in general to review.

    Additionally surprising was the rumored request by Superintendent Ramos to meet with OPM Thomas Sherwood, one on one. Does this story take on ‘mano a mano’ meaning or is more like, “let’s do it in private and get it over with, so we can all brag about getting to a conclusion”?

    But where would that leave the City process where the B & A HEARING and COUNCIL APPROVAL are part of the check and balance for the public? If that is a reasonable question, what’s the answer?

    Whatever the size of the BOE budget, it would seem that three years flatline will call for some increase because of contractual factors including healthcare expenses for retirees. What is the ECS support level from Governor Malloy? Will a school closing become a reality? What is the liability number for retired educators (and their dependents?) for healthcare expenses? There seems to be no alternative to pay-as-you-go funding, but it might be helpful to know the amount of the current liability and the trend for the next five years of that same liability? You probably have other questions in search of informed answers.

    How many taxpayers enjoy surprises? Negative and expensive surprises about tax payments? Well one way to avoid these is to know something specific about expense trends, especially for those accounts that have been increasing faster than the overall rate of inflation. And healthcare expenses fit that definition.

    In the meantime I am happy to note that Charlie Coviello had a cell phone and lined up a ride home. Got to make sure our Bridgeport prophetic voices get home to fight for the public another day.

  3. Coviello isn’t saying anything we don’t know, but Finch and his peeps turn a blind eye. Ramos has no clue so he hires others with no clue who have his back. Henry can’t have a job after what he did, anybody else would be out on the streets but he’s Ramos’ friend. Nobody is watching the $200 million the BOE gets and they just spend it on their friends who have their backs. I’ve seen Gomes and now Coviello go after the BOE but maybe the state needs to jump in and fire all the people in charge.

  4. Everyone deserves a fresh start. Just ask Ernie “Moses” Newton. He knows the people of his little corner of heaven on earth will forgive him for stealing campaign funds, soliciting a bribe and feeling sorry for hisself.

  5. Sexual harassment is a badge of honor with this administration. Just look at the way the offenders have been treated with little more than a slap on the wrist. Then look at the competent, albeit outspoken, women who have been let go or forced out. Speaks for itself don’t cha think?

  6. The headline made me laugh, “BOE Gives Coviello The Boot.” It conjured a picture of all the board members physically kicking him out of the meeting, boot-clad feet kicking him in the ass …


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