Sanity Prevails–Police Commission Reverses Controversial One-Way Street Decision

Bridgeport Family Health at Reservoir and Yaremich.

For residents, business owners and patients of a medical facility in the North End, sanity has prevailed. The police commission has reversed a ruling that created lotsa agita. For OIB background see here.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Residents and business owners in a North End neighborhood have gotten their way and convinced a city board to reverse its controversial decision designating Yaremich Drive a one-way street.

The months long battle over the road’s direction and the police commission’s change-of-heart Tuesday is a civics lesson of sorts, showing that community leader–in this case a councilwoman and a prominent Democratic leader who lobbied for the one-way designation–do not always speak for the community.

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    1. Exactly correct Ron. Just as I said about the liquor issue coming up AGAIN at the next zoning meeting. Just like this political move to help someones personal agenda of a street direction that hurt the many. It would have never happened if it was “joe schmo”.
      Zoning and OPED with Willingers assistance will again propose to change the rules to get an elected official-Defilippo, his permission for a liquor store. “Joe Schmo” would be denied in a New York minute even if Dershowitz was his lawyer. More to come.

  1. This was a terrible idea and was initiated without any input of the community. I saw a myriad of cars continuing to use it like a two way street. Another slap in the face of the Black community. Good job Steve Nelson.

    1. Ha. The only “community” they care about is anyone affiliated with the “breakfast club” at Brooklawn & Suburban. Like the bartender there! He really cares about the community. Really wanted to make a difference for Bridgeport! It’s all about what they can do for themselves and everyone else be damned. Right Mike? We need more liquor stores and that’s why you and your cohorts have been doing whatever you can and by any means to get your liquor store open- for THREE YEARS now. Councilman, tell us it’s all for the good of the many. Dirty corrupt politics as usual. Next zoning meeting everyone. We’ll see…. more to come.

      1. Doug Evans, a white state prosecutor in Mississippi, has worked hard to keep black people off the juries that have heard his case against Curtis Flowers, who has been tried six times — yes, six times — for the 1996 murders of four people inside a furniture store in Winona, Miss.

        Next month, the Supreme Court will consider whether Mr. Evans’s use of dozens of peremptory challenges — ones that do not require giving a reason — to exclude black prospective jurors violated the Constitution.

        Read more:

        1. “Peremptory challenges” is there legally to exclude black prospective jurors from serving on juries. The Jury Selection and Service Act outlines the process for selecting jurors and the outlines the qualifications.


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