Sal DePiano, Lawyer, State Senator, Musician, Historic Political Figure, Dies At 96



  1. Lennie,
    Thank you for using the informality of a podcast obituary for letting many of us add to our knowledge of the people who formed the current Bridgeport scene, and particularly how this happened.
    Since I was invited to join the Greater Bridgeport NAACP as a volunteer a few years ago, I knew that my awareness of American history on race, slavery, Reconstruction, civil rights, white supremacy, and social justice, was inadequate to a task of rightfully working as a Communications Committee Chair and I have buried myself in regular non-fiction reading since.
    In Bridgeport, we are fortunate to have a new independent bookshop called Kindred Thoughts located in the Arcade on Main Street. I just completed a work by Clint Smith, published in 2021 HOW THE WORD IS PASSED – a reckoning with the history of slavery across America. Each chapter visits a different site and presents a commentary and observations of a visit by the author starting with Monticello in Charlottesville, VA, includes New York City history in a later chapter and concludes with a visit to Goree Island, a departure point for some 33,000 humans travelling across the Atlantic. A must read to open eyes and minds. What are you reading to augment the inadequate public school education most of us received? Time will tell.

  2. John, perhaps we are fortunate to have a new independent bookshop, Kindred Thoughts located in the Arcade, but on the LEVEL of augmentation in opening the eyes and minds of people to the world, particularly those in underserved communities I would have to say the internet/computers is in its own echelon, thesaurus 🤣

    Not dismissing Kindred Thoughts’ unique business or its business model. They should have/invite the authors like Clint Smith and others for book signings. I got that from John Grisham Camino Series, though I wouldn’t get into rare stolen books, though profitable. 🙂

    To pass my time constructively I am delving into Durant’s The Story of Civilization, and finished the first two, Our Oriental Heritage and The Life of Greece. just starting Ceasar and Christ in the series. I am determined to read/”audiobooks” 🙂 his entire body or work.

    Though I would probably veer off for a deep look at the Etruscans. (youtube). Durant states the earlier inhabitants of Italy were people from central Europe and Etruscan history, as an irritation obscurity of history.

    Perhaps because while Etruscans were culturally Mediterranean-influenced through trade and commerce they were also people of color who invaded, conquered, subjugated, and ruled them. Give birth to the people of the Romans/Republic/Empire.

    At any rate, while you and I like many others may prefer history don’t dismiss Paul Sheldon (aka) Steve King Misery. fan base. 🙂


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