1. Thank you for posting this. First time since I’ve been on the board we are going through the proper process to fill the position for permanent superintendent. A transparent, open, honest search, carried out with integrity.

  2. How many times did you go through the process, Pencil Box? 🙂

    Jesus, we get it. Put that pencil back in your box. The white man Weldon is gone. You are the last white man standing, I think, Good Job. 🤣

  3. What makes anyone think that this won’t be just like the search or “test” for police chief that “found” A. J . To be the best for the job??
    Cheers! 😂

    1. BTW Rich put that AJ gun back in your holster. 🙂

      AJ has been fired/resigned, prosecuted, gone to jail, got released, and is now fighting for his life’s work/pension. Not to mention your boy Porter went through his own LOGICAL process and came out victorious, 🤣

      Me and John have been having a discussion on coded words/language and fraternal secret societies. Does the Fraternal Order of Police have any such things?

      I only ask because mental health has been a hot topic of debate with regard to policing. I have even been seeing organizations of psychiatry advertising commercials like Nike.


      I came across this, people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBNNKoX8GoA

      So I was wondering if perhaps days of the week can serve as coded language and the Order of Psychiatry favors certain days of the week over other days based on their scheduling. 🙂

      I only bring this up because I don’t want Tuesdays and Thursdays to seem like a bunch of crap left behind in a building. So if any of Y’all IDENTIFY as the people of Tuesdays and Thursdays your mental health/happiness matters No day of the week should be left behind the happiness of mental health.

      Though, we do have to define mental health, people. 😂


  4. The majority of us who remain (read not resigning over the open process) serving on the board after rejecting a process that attempted to limit public participation and transparency.

    I don’t know who we will choose until all candidates have been vetted interviewed, but it will be a more open, honest, transparent and if the public ultimately disagrees with our pick accountable (in November) process.

    Feel free to come to the event on March 30. While Lennies platform is great for spreading information and getting the message out, respectfully, I believe that most on the board, and others that govern give more weight to the opinions of those that take the time to come out or write us directly.

  5. Joe in your first post on the matter you when off the reservation to attack the white guy who resigned and is no longer relevant to this process/discussion with his leadership to hold a closed-door process.

    Part of his though complaint for resigning was the claim about the last process for the interim Supt. being marred in racism where black and brown member Quality and Traits in looking for a Supt. dominated on someone who looked like “them” black or brown, preferably black, I believe. Weldon posted some personal member quotes regarding it.

    I get the need for the inherent nature of people wanting a person that represents the makeup of the student body. Or nonwhite to be more precise. But to Rich’s point. just because that is achieved or the process is being billed as an open, honest, and transparent process doesn’t mean by extension is going to result in the best and must qualify for the job.

    I’m glad you stood up to say the BBOE dropped the Ball on a bunch of crap being left in Harding’s old building but perhaps a little more vocal process for Wilber Cross students who got left behind without teachers for half a year only to spread that quality or lack of education to Thomas Hooker student body. You know that segregation is without intergrading/busing/disruption. Didn’t Bush sign the No Child Left Behind Act? JS


    To be fair Pencil Box I guess time will tell at the next Supt evaluation. but until then save the lip service and put that pencil back in your box. 👍

    John look at that a thumbs up 😂



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