Remington Shot Tower Rehab Work Progresses

Mayor Joe Ganim and city development officials say rehabilitation work of the historic Remington Shot Tower on Barnum Avenue is nearing completion.

A news release states the stabilization project includes:
— installation of safety netting over the tower
— installation of structural stabilizing steel around the window frames
— removal of loose asbestos and debris from inside the tower
— installation of over four-hundred linear feet of perimeter fencing to secure the site
— removal of over twenty truckloads of debris and dumping from the base of the tower
— sealing up of over two-hundred windows with black polycarbonate covering.

“This has been a multi-step process to eliminate deterioration of the historic tower while improving its security and appearance,” says Ganim. “We look forward to the future renovation of the site and the contributions it will soon make to the economic vitality of our city’s East Side.”

After completion of the rehab work the city will seek bids from contractors to demolish four large vacant industrial buildings that comprise the former Remington Arms complex to poise new development.



  1. This is from Hugh Bailey Nov. 23, 2015.
    “In 2011, per judicial order, Remgrit gave to the city the Remington parcel at 812 Barnum Ave., which is to be used for the Bridgeport’s second train station.” A Bridgeport’s second train station, really?

    1. That 2nd train station idea was Finch’s & Malloy’s “Majestic Theater.”Just an election year far fetched development idea to give the illusion Bpt was moving forward.I remember the CT St Dept of Transportaion authorities being totally surprised by the announcement as well,wondering where the idea came from,and more importantly,where the money is coming from..LOL..8 years later and we are still working on the central piece…

  2. The list of activities above undertaken to stabilize the site (until what future date?) can be understood, but what has been the anticipated and then actual expense for each item on the chart? Who were the contractors selected and when will the necessary work, if beyond the current scope be listed and acted upon?
    If the Remington Tower is owned by the City what is the value shown on the Grand List? In posting such values are remediation figures for the ultimate targeted use(s) of the property provided on such card in the Assessor’s Office?
    Is there an actual plan in mind by this administration to use the property? Currently?
    Where do the individual property values of land and buildings owned by the City reside and how are they available routinely?
    Is Tom Gill and his department responsible for all such development, and adiministration of such remedial activity while owned by City? When will City become more open on activities to gain outside interest and MONEY to develop properties? Time will tell.

    1. All good questions John but as Aidee Nieves said recently “People continually say they don’t have access to the mayor’s office.” With everything Ganim has to keep covered up, it’s understandable.


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