Sixty Percent Of City Side Workers Vaccinated–Public Safety Employees Lagging

About 60 percent of non-public school workers have been vaccinated against Covid, according to city officials about one month after Mayor Joe Ganim’s deadline or face potential disciplinary action.

More from CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart:

Eric Amado, Bridgeport’s head of labor relations, and Rowena White, Ganim’s communications director, insisted Thursday the 600 or so unvaccinated members of Bridgeport’s non-public schools payroll–Lamont in August required all municipal educators across Connecticut to be vaccinated along with state workers–were not outright refusing the mayor’s directive.

“There has been no resistance,” White said.

Bridgeport Human Resources Manager Sandra Ferreira said some of the lag time has involved communicating and explaining the vaccine/testing requirement and confidential reporting system to personnel who are not necessarily office-bound or checking internal emails. And also, she said, it has taken effort to come up with convenient times to offer that segment of the workforce shots–two of the three available vaccines require two injections–or tests.

“There are departments such as public facilities, police, fire. They’re out and about,” Ferreira said. “We worked with each individual department to accommodate the working hours. They’re now understanding the process of our order and what needs to be done. And the percentage (of vaccinated) keeps increasing.”

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  1. The article by Brian Lockheart points out how Mayor Joe Gamin is still leading from behind only this time it’s about life and death and Ganim still can’t lead.

    The Post states, “Despite being Connecticut’s most populated municipality, Ganim was slower than smaller cities to enact a vaccine/testing mandate. In early August Stamford Mayor David Martin announced one, followed later that month by Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling and New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker.”

  2. One would have to be living under a rock to not understand the importance of being vaccinated.
    Maybe, perhaps, the police expect it to be negotiated through collective bargaining like everything else.

    1. Management Clause,. The General Partner shall conduct, direct and manage all activities of the Partnership. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, all management powers over the business and affairs of the Partnership shall be exclusively vested in the General Partner, and no Limited Partner shall have any management power over the business and affairs of the Partnership. This clause in some form is in union contracts, Ive been elected to three union executive boards, two in the private sector and one in the public sector, the firefighters union and all three had a Management Clause, unions have the right challenge changes in their work conditions

  3. What is Mayor Ganim and his committee doing with the $110 million the next few years? As for those city employees who have not been vaccinated what is the city doing, are they doing COVID-19 testing, some cities have workers getting tested twice a week as a requirement for employment?


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