Recount Holds Up For Herron And DeFilippo In City Council District

A recount for the City Council’s 133rd District Democratic primary held up for the endorsed candidates incumbent Jeanette Herron and Michael DeFilippo over Bob Keeley and Anne Pappas Phllips. The Republican candidates in the district are Michele Minutolo and Neville De la Rosa. The general election for the council district will take place Dec. 12.

Tuesday’s results including absentee ballots: DeFilippo 240, Herron 230, Keeley 212, Phillips 168. Recount numbers did not change.

Machine totals: DeFilippo 187, Herron 189, Keeley 180, Pappas Phillips 138.

Absentee votes: DeFilippo 53, Herron 41, Keeley 32, Pappas Phillips 30

Keeley and DeFilippo were back in court today (Friday) challenging the validity of some of the absentee ballots submitted by Sacred Heart University students. Another hearing will take place on Friday 10 a.m.

Following the September 12 primary Herron and Keeley were knotted at 170 votes. The recount produced a one-vote lead for Herron via a previously uncounted absentee ballot. Keeley filed a court challenge and a new election was ordered by Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis.



  1. It’s time for Keeley to GO AWAY!!! If it weren’t for his wonderful Mother, Ginny, he never would have been the burden that he has been to Bridgeport.
    He’s a perfect example of how to “game the system”.

  2. Keeley was up against the machine. That’s where City workers are getting calls to get out there and vote the party line or have their jobs in jeopardy and that is something lost in the discourse on this particular media presentation. That puts it in context doesn’t it? and it is not right
    The AB operation is questionable at best and outright corrupt at worse. It is something needing to be challenged and Keeley and Phillips are the only ones having the guts to do it.
    I worked for Keeley. There are so many good people so disgusted with the machine and Mario that they stay home as protest-don’t vote. Not right? This is my first hand account from talking to neighborhood voters. Sad….

  3. Where were all the “reformers” in this critical special primary?

    There was a real opportunity to serve Mario Testa a critical defeat in his own district, yet Generation Now, Young Democrats, GBLN, I Luv Bridgeport, etc. did not coalesce around Keeley and Philips. They should have been on the ground working to defeat Mario’s candidates in his own backyard.

    1. The soon after the elections, the “reformers” realized that Keeley and Philips were useless to their overall plan. The reformers were betting/gambling on the hope of having control over enough council seats and then picking the would be City Council President. It became clear that even if Keeley and Philips won, they would not be sitting on the council to cast a vote, let alone run for City Council President. That’s why Keeley has shut his Phi(lips).

    1. “Raise your glass to the hard working people 
      Let’s drink to the uncounted heads 
      Let’s think of the wavering millions 
      Who need leaders but get gamblers instead…

      “Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter 
      His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows 
      And a parade of the gray suited grafters 
      A choice of cancer or polio…”

    1. Bob, so true, this lost hopefully will show those who want change that they MUST get out and vote and to bring their family and friends for the Democratic Town Committee election in March 2018.

  4. TBob and Anne are still in the fight.

    There is an evidentiary hearing on Friday at 10:00 am in courtroom 6A. They are challenging a variety of AB votes and their legitimacy.

    Please attend if you can.

  5. Off topic but always on topic, an article in the NYT today said that it is getting harder and harder to prosecute government officials for taking money under the table.
    That should be good news a for Joey G.


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