Readying For Rev. Al’s Peace March

City ministers Mary McBride-Lee, a city council member and Herron Gaston, assistant chief administrative officer, have invited Rev. Al Sharpton for a peace march “Taking Back Our Village.” It begins Saturday 10 a.m. at the Baker-Isaac Funeral Home, 985 Stratford Avenue, ending at the Margaret Morton Government Center, 999 Broad Street.



  1. I have a question, “Taking Back Our Village,” taking back from who? The protesters in Hartford, New Haven and from around the America are fighting against Institutional racism (also known as systemic racism) is a form of racism which is embedded as normal practice within society or an organization. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power and education, among other issues. So again I ask, “Taking Back Our Village” from who?

  2. Why would these two clowns need to bring Al Sharpton to call attention to the obvious? You have Mary Lee who had the temerity, the unmitigated gaul to say a Black woman (Senator Marilyn Moore) who grew up in Bridgeport, who was educated in the Bridgeport school system, who rose to be State Senator against all odds, Wasn’t Black Enough To Be Mayor of Bridgeport! Yet the white Mayor from the suburbs was Black enough! You have Herron Gaston allying himself with this imbecile who everyone knows is in the pocket of Mayor Ganim, Mario and the DTC. Yet this CLOWN has the temerity to threaten me with a lawsuit when he is straight out of the handbook, “The White Mayor’s Guide To Objectifying and Making Acquiescent and Subservient Black People. There’s a chapter in this handbook dealing with pastors which starts with offering them city grants and moving to assignments on city boards, to chairmanships on boards and finally a city job to bring them into the fold. While I’m not saying that happened in the case of either of these two, what I am saying is, “Things that make you go hummm.”

    People want to earn their Stripes in the culture, in the community and by the people, but they don’t want to do the work by hitting the streets, getting into the community and talking to the people while getting first hand knowledge of their problems and concerns. Nah, they want to get a celebrity cosigner to get their community stripes the easy way.

    Does Al Sharpton know that councilwoman Lee said the Senator isn’t Black enough to be Mayor or that the councilwoman voted to make the current chief of Police even though he was the least qualified over a more qualified Black man, just because Mayor Ganim wanted him? Does Al Sharpton know that the election for Mayor was stolen from the Black woman by Mayor Ganim and his Black minions using Absentee Ballots? Does Al Sharpton know that the chief test is in court, and a black Captain is being marginalized by the current administration? Al Sharpton can’t fix these glaring issues and those in the position of authority lack the wherewithal or the integrity to fix the things in the city that will make it a better place for not only Black’s, but everyone that calls it home!

    1. Don, City Council woman Rev. Mary Lee and City employee and Civil Service Acting Chairman, Dr, Rev. Herron Gaston are both apart of the same hypocrisy, how can they call the king a fool when they sit at the same table eating the king’s food. They are apart of the City power and oppression that they want to change.

      1. Remember before you retired you worked for the white man too! You sat at his table for decades so that you could eat. Other people deserve to eat what they want. This is a free country, people can work where they want, vote for who they want, and do what TF they want. Black people can’t just sit home they have to work. So you saying anybody who work for the city who is black is eating from the kings table? You sound stupid. If you are going to criticze everybody working for the city then nobody will have damn job. How about you run for office. How about you become the Mayor. Oh. I forgot. you would only get 3-4 votes from people on this blog. Your ass would be toast like Marilyn. Be the change you wish to see. Get up. Jog around your house. Lose some weight. Get moving again. Because your brain is a reflection of the shit you eat.

    2. Don you are a rouge! How can you talk about the DTC when you were kissing Joe’s ass in 2015. I saw your fat ass out there. You didn’t get what you wanted so you turned on him just like the snake you are. How can you talk about other people and you yourself have done the same thing. People have a right to take a job they are qualified for. WTF Mary Lee is not to run for office. Dr. Gaston is not supposed to take a job? How can you be anti-establishment and still run for office? Aren’t you joining an establishment? WTF Marylian belong to some kind of third party? Tell me. I don’t understand all this talk about Anti-establishment. Her ass is just as a part of the establishment as anyone else. She talk shit about holding people in power accountable? shouldn’t it start with her! Tell me now! I don’t get all these politicians talking about holding people accountable when they are in the position. A non elected position is just a job so how can you be coming at Dr. Gaston he just work for the city. Dr. Gaston please take your talents elsewhere these dumb ass, uneducated, miseable old men is the reason our city can’t move forward. Nobody will be good enough in this city. I was born here. This shit been going on since the 80s. They keep us divided and we are so stupid we can’t see that. I have to clap back at these fools because I am tired of it! STOP F******* over other black people! Do you see the hispanics doing this? Do you see the asians doing this? Do you see the whites doing this? No! It is always people like you! Lennie, Ban these old bastards from your blog. They use this to assault other people nothing good comes from this blog. You need to change this thing up it contributes to the stupidity of this city! People want to hear something positive sometimes!

  3. The ad style is disturbing: It uses graphics to depict the “Peace March” event in terms of mystical, larger-than-life personalities… The ad doesn’t effectively highlight any particular issue. It is just presented as a “Peace March.” It doesn’t speak to BLM or justice issues — only, as DD pointed out, that the “village” needs to “taken back.”( From whom? By whom? For what reason?…) And the outsized picture of Rev. Al framed by a mystical “smoke ring” — like a Las Vegas magician about to flick-out an assistant holding a tiger on a leash — doesn’t seem to speak to any issue in any serious, dignified manner. And then the Rev’s Gaston and Lee mystically perched on Rev. Al’s mystical shoulder — like a couple of Santa’s elves…

    A Las Vegas -strip ad or a Barnum and Baily Circus poster (an apropos promotional for a “Bridgeport” event!)…

    Obviously, in these times, this should be a serious march to address the plight of unjust treatment of Bridgeport minorities at the hand of Bridgeport authorities, and the underlying issues of systemic racism and the extreme income inequality/racial segregation in Fairfield Count/Connecticut. It would appear –per the ad/promotion — that it is actually intended to raise the profiles of personalities for (probable) political promotion. The ad would suggest issues are secondary to personalities here…

    Well, Senator Moore. Your answer? Plans for a redemptive, rectifying ACTION?! It is certainly called-for — and within your purview?

    (Notice how Mayor Ganim has had a very low profile during the recent protests/street activity? And the CC hasn’t much more than perfunctory/cliche input? This is not a city poised for progress, It is a city poised for collapse… HIGHEST COVID-19 numbers/rate of increase in the state!!!)

  4. Ron Mackey says:
    Herron Gaston says:

    March 11, 2019 at 2:30 pm
    Ms. Thompson,

    I do not need you to defend me. I do not want to wage this into an argument, but rather civil a dialogue. Moreover, I will not respond to any further comments in this fashion— but to say that I do not apologize or shrink from the tasks set before me.
    Rev. Gaston


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