Survey: Majority Of Public Sector Retirees Prefer Voting By Mail

All eligible Connecticut electors may vote by absentee ballot in the August 11 primary due to the public health emergency. A push is on to persuade Governor Ned Lamont and the state legislature to do the same for the November election, something that is expected to be addressed in a July special session.

News release from union:

On Monday, June 22, CSEA SEIU Local 2001 announced the results of a survey pertaining to balloting options for the upcoming 2020 elections.  This survey of retired Connecticut public sector workers was conducted from Wednesday, June 10th to Saturday, June 13th, and focused on various options for voting being proposed locally.

Results from over 900 retired state workers indicated that over 78% were likely to vote by absentee ballot in November if such an option were made available to them, and just 8.8% indicated that they would be unlikely to vote by absentee ballot.

The majority of participants from all political parties indicated they would be very likely to vote by absentee if given the opportunity, with no clear correlation between party registration and absentee balloting response.

Council 400 President Ed Daly commented, “Our membership wants to participate in our democracy, but we want to be able to do so safely. With the COVID-19 crisis affecting our age group more severely than any other, mail-in absentee ballots are the only safe and logical solution.”

In a recent letter to the legislature, Governor Lamont announced his plans to call for a special legislative session, in part, to address expanding absentee ballot access for the November election for those concerned about COVID-19.

CSEA’s Council 400 is the oldest and largest public-sector retiree organization in the State of Connecticut representing almost 12,000 Connecticut retirees in 26 chapters over 4 states.



  1. My parent’s will not vote at the polls and they always do will be the first time they vote by mail. One can only hope bridgeport count these ab fairly. There will be alot of new ab voter come August.

  2. Very worried about the integrity of this election.I mean with the local election,it will be the same old thing,Mario manipulating the AB’s,that’s a given…But the presidential election is the real concern.

  3. Mario’s whole slate wins this year,that’s the way it is in Bpt.Everyone knows about his manipulating,and no one does a dam thing about it,fearing it will affect their own future plans.

  4. But ab voting is needed hate to say it people should have the right to vote ab with whats going on. People don’t feel comfortable going to the polls and thats just a fact.


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