In New Haven, A Physical Clash Erupts Over Columbus Statue–Could This Be Bridgeport?

Columbus statues have generated imbroglios across the country. What Christopher Columbus represents to one group is anathema to another. A racial fight erupted at New Haven’s Wooster Square Park. In Bridgeport, some initial discussions have begun about the future of the Columbus statue in Seaside Park.

New Haven Independent coverage:

A screaming match turned into a brief racial fight in Wooster Square Park Wednesday morning as a crowd waited for a late crane to arrive to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus.

Watch the altercation above. (The first punch occurs at 4:10.)

The altercation occurred around 9 a.m., where the late arrival of a crane added to simmering tensions.

Two supporters of removing the statue, Nate Blair of New Haven and “Los Fidel” of Hamden, arrived with a shirt reading, “White Lives Matter Too Much” and a sign reading, “Y’all left New Haven ’cause of blacks … Funny this is when you come back.”

Forty mostly Italian-American protesters had been on scene since dawn to await the arrival of a city-hired crew to remove the statue. Some surrounded them and started screaming at them to leave, calling them “fucking assholes.”

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  1. OIB friends……we are the Park City…..parks are for relaxing and recreation…and for improving the environment and more. They also have fiscal value to a City financial statement. Look at what happened within the past 20 years with Beardsley, the Zoo and the State.
    Statues, monuments and placques cost money initially. And they have fiscal value long term, if people know and understand the facts of their origin, context, and reason for celebration.
    Let me offer a simple idea for Bridgeport, and it may make sense to other cities, as well. When a community feels that the object in question no longer has support within the community perhaps they can remove it to a piece of land that they have identified and created as an “historic park”. Famous people sometimes become infamous with the tides of history. Bridgeport claims no perfect people, does it? Technology could make these parks open to broader providers of information about the history of the time, and the contexts into which the once celebrated were born, raised, educated and lived. This would be great for students locally, as well as attracting visitors and perhaps commerce to the City. Just thinking out loud about how to benefit from “stories and heroes from the past” used to narrative a broader story today….perhaps….about change and the forces of today? Time will tell.

  2. Kudos to Mr. Jorge Cruz for bringing this proposal to the city council. I stand behind you one hundred percent. This icon of white supremacy must be removed! What I find disgusting and disturbing is the comments made by the city council President in the CT Post.

    “There has to be a conversation with the Italian-American community leaders to talk about what this would mean for them,” Nieves said. “We all have Italian Americans in our (districts) that are invested, economically, in years and in generations. Just like everything else we do, we always have to bring everyone to the table.”

    Why must the city council seek approval and permission to remove an icon of hate and the original bringer of “white supremacy” the man that began a domination of a people that has lasted over 500 years from the time he kidnapped the first natives?

    He has subjugated brown skinned people as A governor, and tortured countless people. His one great accomplishment was getting lost and “discovering” a new world. As a one quarter Italian this brings me great shame.

    I would like ask my fellow Caucasians to speak up and have this statue removed this from seaside park, a park enjoyed by the citizens of Bridgeport the great majority of which are not Italian. If the Italian economic entities and citizens voice a problem with this, they should be made to choose what is more important to them, the dollar of the black and brown community (and their many supporters) or an old statue of a man who has brought nothing but shame.

    I remember not to long ago, many Caucasians were marching side by side with People of Color and even taking a knee! The time for taking a knee has passed, that was the easy part. It is now time to TAKE A STAND. If the businesses and people’s don’t like it too bad. Columbus should not be glorified by having a statue or his name on the side of a building. The time for change is now.

    1. What do she mean? Meet with the community to see what it means to them? Are you kidding me! What a joke! You don’t ask to remove symbols of hate! Sounds like somebody is scared to be voted out.

    2. You said, “that we all are a reflection of our times – and we all grow over time,” so does that make it alright because that was the mindset of the time. So does society of today just overlook the racist action of PT Barnum that spread all of America?

  3. JML. when the community feels that the object in question no longer has the support within the community perhaps they can remove it is understandable, but when you look at where and why a community feels that object in question and is no longer supported. You will see their goal, and it’s not for justice or equality. George Washington has an infamous history, and to the anti-white supremacy movement that’s a target historical figure and it statues that need to come down too.

    Councilman Cruz wants to have Columbus removed. Why stop there? PT Burnam has an infamous pass too on race, and it has gotten some attention lately. Are the tides of history you’re referring to should his statues be removed and the Barnum festival be canceled when that tides of history have turned?

    American itself is being attacked by Marxist theology since its conception. I have seemingly little concern over a name on a school over the actual shape and education coming out of it. But a statue recognizing a historical figure feat that changed the world has it was known in a park that people can just walk right by or take the time to understand its history, well, is more about the fight then the human events of it.

    God and the Bible have an infamous past as well. I guess the Marxist ideology has to get more of the community’s support or power before they can start taking down Jesus and religious statues in American. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan when they destroyed the world’s largest standing Buddhas, and others religious monuments. But you have to start somewhere right? JS

  4. I think if we can remove statues then we should also remove Parades and Flags as well, that have the same meaning like the Cuban and Puerto Rican Flags that fly over Bridgeport , Puerto Rico is an Unincorporated U.S territory.
    What’s next the removal of Pizza parlors?

    1. I agree with the pizza joints, especially those that do not support removing this icon of white supremacy. Please explain the Resto of your comments relating to hispanic flags.

      1. Let’s pull the pencil out of that toolbox of yours. 🙂

        A. White Supremacy? All the players are from the actions and ancestors of black people. 🙂

        B. Black Moore invaded and conquered Sicily, Kill the man and I be nice and as to fuck the woman leaving a mix race behind that spread throughout the Italian Peninsula. 🙂

        C. The Moore Conquered Iberian Peninsula and occupied it for hundreds and hundreds of years practically up till the time of Columbus. 🙂

        D. As for your explanation on the Puerto Rican Flag. How do condemn the Columbus (the act of land on the land) and the atrocities, yet celebrate the results of the act of Columbus and the atrocities ( Puerto Rican Day)

        F. White Supremacy? If anything this is Black Supremacy. 🙂

  5. The last thing, what the Europeans did in the new world to the indigenous people of this land they did to each other for centuries on their own land. The Native Indians did it too with themself for centuries. And has been played out around the world in every race and culture. Just wait until the aliens get his people, Pray they are not like humans. How get angry and block you on Facebook. burn the tapes. BAM 🙂

  6. It is said, “When We Know Better, We Do Better!”

    If Christopher Columbus were alive today, he would be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Columbus’ reign of terror, as documented by noted historians, was so bloody, his legacy so unspeakably cruel, that Columbus makes a modern villain like Kim Jong-un look like a pale codfish.

    Columbus saw profit in enslaving and selling native peoples kidnapped from Caribbean shores. By 1500, he and his brothers had sent nearly 1,500 enslaved islanders to European markets to be sold. I’m sure the Italian American’s of Bridgeport can find a better example of pride.
    When We Know Better, We Do Better!

    1. Day, you are right, but he wasn’t and a black person born today is not subject to those treatments if they were born in 1500. You and you’re to bez can agree with that. The pride name is changed, no real loss to Italians celebration. A name on a school is MOO point in my eye. over the condition it’s in and type of education being served. The statue a push. It could say or go won’t change a thing. Like a say, the Italians sure can pick’em. Considering they were a Fascist country who fought with Hitler against us One should ask why are they even allowed to stay. That’s not America and removing it is probably not too.

      Like Ron said there needs to be a discussion, Do we remove PT Barnam from the Park he gave the city because of the time he lived in. George Washington owned slaves do we take down his statues and erease him from history alone with America. Eventually, this city regarding PT and the country needs to draw a line on food change of what animal we are willing to eat. Is Washington and PT Baruma a dog or cow. What is Columbus’s statue? For me, he’s a rabbit, it can go either way. But since no one is starving, and a little understanding, feel me.

      What seems to be missing from this discussion is people don’t know or understand America fought a monarchy rule to create a country of two competing and composing forces and ideologies. A Republic and a Democracy. Which are the two main political parties? But its foundation, the rock is holding it together is a Republic. The constitution rights granted to everyone and the Declaration of independence, that all men are created equal with inalienable rights. But rest to sure rabbit eaters Those vegan are just feasting on your emotions. They will be back protesting to stop you from eating beef and set their eyes on PT’s like he was a porterhouse steak Like Ron said he has a history too. Feel me. Port, JS

    2. P.S when you have the privilege to step out of your racial bubble and see white Antifa marching within black and minority neighborhoods, inciting chaos and burning down their neighborhoods, feeding on the emotions of people to destroy their own neighborhoods. Now, where are they, and who’s hold and living with the baggage of destruction? Tell me the propose of their black lives matter protest in white American.? They are not waiving an American flag, and they’re not marching with any black people either. Feel me. BAM I”M OUT Best of luck PT I hope you survive the evolutional food chain. 🙂

      1. I don’t know if you notice this but the white kid in the front leading that AntiAmerican group was in front inciting the situation to attack and as soon as the American Flag waiving group attacked he took off running. Just like after the destruction of those black and brown communities leaving them to live in the aftermath of those destruction neighborhoods, in the name of BLM. JS

      2. Not to mention the cities leaders pulling the police away and watching it happen. They even abandoned their own station to let them burn it down along with the neighborhood. Just saying, people.

    3. Excellent point, Don: Perhaps, the Columbus statues could be replaced with statues of Francis of Assisi, an example of humane compassion for all living creatures (the antithesis of a slave trader/genocidal actor), or Leonardo da Vinci, a great scientist that created inroads to many areas of human progress/human well-being… Ditto, Galileo… And their statues could be installed with low-key/non-antagonistic commentary about the reason for their presence…

  7. While Bridgeport has to wait 4 weeks since the police killing of George Floyd before Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to lead a peace march on Saturday with the blessing of city minister Herron Gaston, a city administrator. Hartford and New Haven have been having massive protest march for weeks, well New Haven has already made a change from one of the protesters demands.

    “Ed Board Bids Good-bye To Columbus, Too” NEW HAVEN INDEPENDENT

    The Board of Education voted overwhelmingly in support of removing Christopher Columbus’s name from a Fair Haven K-8 school—as well as from an October holiday on the district’s calendar—in the city’s latest reckoning with the 15th-century explorer’s violent legacy.

    They voted 6-1 in support of renaming Christopher Columbus Family Academy to a new name, yet to be determined. They said the Board of Ed’s Facilities Naming Committee will take the lead on coming up with a new name for the elementary and middle school.

    They also voted 6-1 to switch Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the public school district’s calendar.

  8. Bridgeport needs to have deep discussion about the Greatest Showman, P.T. Barnum, Barnum do some good things for the city but there is a another side of PT Barnum and all of this needs to be re-exam the good and the bad. Here are few things I found.

    Barnum bought African Americans and grossly exploited them.

    In his book Topsy: The Startling Story of the Crooked-Tailed Elephant, P. T. Barnum, and the American Wizard, Thomas Edison, author Michael Daly states that Barnum purchased Joice Heth, an African American woman with a disability, who was billed as the 161-year-old nurse of George Washington (yes, seriously): “She was a human being, but an African-American one and therefore subject in slave states to being bought and sold no differently than an elephant, only cheaper.”

    Barnum reportedly bought Heth for $1,000 and easily made $1,500 a week from exhibiting her. When she died, Barnum announced a public autopsy. Some 1,500 people paid 50 cents each to watch a surgeon dissect her (and she was determined to have been no more than 80 years old).

    To further illustrate his racism, Barnum was also a minstrel-show performer who, while in blackface, sang “plantation melodies.” And he managed black performers who were forced to degrade themselves for white audiences.

    Against this backdrop, Barnum both absorbed and helped to articulate many of the dominant racial attitudes of his era. As a young showman touring the South during the late 1830s, he had briefly owned slaves-a sin for which he later publicly apologized. More typically, he catered to the conventional prejudices and fascinations of his Northern audiences, producing a wide variety of “living curiosity” exhibitions that accentuated all varieties of difference between viewer and performer. These exhibitions did not focus exclusively on any one race, ethnicity, nationality, or physical attribute. Rather, the guiding principle was to create a spectrum of freakishness outside the boundaries of white middle-class normalcy.

  9. JML
    Are you on drugs????
    This statue has no place in Bridgeport today.
    But if you insist than let me recommend this.
    The statue is placed some park that no one even know about. Is that Rogers Park?
    It is turned around so that it doesn’t even face you. It is placed in a cage and it lists the crimes against humanity that they have committed; forever to remain in prisoned.

  10. Perhaps it is time to remove all remaining vestiges of the European population that made Bridgeport great.
    The ‘white flight’ began after WWII and appears to be complete.
    The Columbus Day Parade move to Shelton should be permanent.
    The Barnum Festival was started by leaders in local industry. The industry is gone and the Festival has fizzled. It had a good run.
    The days are numbered for the University of Bridgeport.
    Sacred Heart University was originally chartered in Bridgeport but changed its town of location to Fairfield.
    Even WICC moved out of Bridgeport.
    Move the statues of Columbus, Barnum and the Whitehead monument to other towns where they are welcome.
    Defund the Police.
    Close the remaining Catholic churches and give the property away.
    Don’t need no Caucasians here. (except to pay taxes)

    1. Tom White, being white, now that’s not a bad idea because whites have already done that with blacks and with native Americans history but the only difference is what black statues, oh that’s right there’s a new MLK statue in DC.

  11. Not defending Columbus or Confederate Generals, nor slave owners . I do believe, if these people who the statues represent were alive today, and charges were brought against them, they would be allowed their day in court. That being said, a process for removing these statues would be better then mob arbitrarily deciding we are going to tear down a statue without actually making the case against the person who the stature is erected for. I am in favor of taking down statues that offend people, I believe the swastika should never be seen again, or the confederate flag. I have a problem with mob showing up and ripping down statues,I believe it should be a community debate, that educates the people as to who these people really were and what they are guilty of. A due process if you will, same as if they were alive and arrested, these people would face a jury . In this case the a jury could actually be formed of people from community who could actually hear all the facts and render a verdict Can we look at all of these examples and judge these iconic figures or infamous figures on facts and investigate, gather all the evidence , present to a jury and deliver a verdict, then bring in the cranes. It could be a way of America coming together , realizing its past sins, and making a decision we are no going to be a racist country, but truly a melting pot where diversity is celebrated, discrimination is not tolerated

    1. John Campbell,

      This is by Jonathan Horn, a Lee biographer,
      Not only did Lee oppose Confederate monuments, “he favored erasing battlefields from the landscape altogether,” Horn wrote.
      He even supported getting rid of the Confederate flag after the Civil War ended. He didn’t want it flying above Washington College, of which he was president after the war.

      “Lee did not want such divisive symbols following him to the grave,” Horn wrote. “At his funeral in 1870, flags were notably absent from the procession. Former Confederate soldiers marching did not don their old military uniforms, and neither did the body they buried.

      , Lee’s daughter wrote, “His Confederate uniform would have been ‘treason’ perhaps!”
      “Lee believed countries that erased visible signs of civil war recovered from conflicts quicker,” . “He was worried that by keeping these symbols alive, it would keep the divisions alive.”

    2. The Confederates lost the war. To honor them for killing Americans and trying to defeat this country is like honoring Saddam Hussein, Hitler, or any other nation American when to war with. Columbus is different. What he is credited for changed the world as it was known but it represents a singular heritage for Americans, and his history as a butcher, the rapist doesn’t bold well. Again he’s low hanging fruit for the Joe Sokolovic of the world, anti-white supremely indoctrination. Joe let me know when you want take down George Washington monuments for owning slaves?

      P.S You can put that carpenter’s pencil back in your toolbox until the next time you need it. But this one will not be there if it’s a call to tear down Washington statutes and America. Joe do you find it somewhat confusing that these people who are waving the American flag fighting against other white people. who are calling the racist and Nazis? They do know that flag they are waving fought and died to defeat Nazis? You are on the School board, what are they teaching in school these days? Some times I think its more about American then whiteness, considering I was kicked out of class as NCC for a presentation against burning the American Flag. SMH and Just saying, people. 🙂

  12. Have to agree about the Barnum festival,at this point it’s more an “elitist” thing than a festival for the city.Moving the parade to Seaside really ended what made the parade special.And the other events don’t really reach all 4 corners of the city..

    1. Harvey Weintraub, I have to agree with you on this one, there is a whole side of Barnum that MUST be talked about besides “Greatest Showman.” It was Bridgeport’s own Phineas Taylor Barnum who travel across America then across the world telling the lie about African inferiority. Now, there is another side of PT Barnum besides this and those at the Barnum festival and the City MUST look into and give the whole and true story about Phineas Taylor Barnum. I’m not talking about tearing down a statue but there MUST a discussion about the true history of Barnum.

      P.T. Barnum Isn’t the Hero the “Greatest Showman” Wants You to Think
      As Benjamin Reiss, professor and chair of English at Emory University, and author of The Showman and The Slave, of Barnum, explains in an interview with, Barnum’s legacy has become a sort of cultural touchstone. “The story of his life that we choose to tell is in part the story that we choose to tell about American culture,” he says. “We can choose to erase things or dance around touchy subjects and present a kind of feel good story, or we can use it as an opportunity to look at very complex and troubling histories that our culture has been grappling with for centuries.”

      As James W. Cook, professor of history and American studies at the University of Michigan, argues in The Art of Deception: Playing with Fraud in the Age of Barnum, it was because of the “bipartisan mass audience” he built through such displays, which preyed on ideas of African inferiority and racial othering, that Barnum then decided to throw his hat into the political ring.

  13. Ron, can you give PT a pass as you did for Bob Walsh and in a racist rant? Not sure if I totally agree with you Harvey. I do see the loss of moving it from the street. But as it moves forward the potential for the festival is greater with events, shows, that the park can attract the will benefit the people who reside in it. Parking is differently an issue thought. But the point is the discussion has be made. His history is out. like all that is going on where does PT fit on the food chain. It seems the current conventional wisdom is when an outside force (Jeff Boys from the Goldcoast) convinces the majority that PT Barnum has to go.

    P.S Ron it’s not more of a conversation needed than indoctrination of view. like I say Columbus is a push because it represents a singularity, Italian. but you as they move up that food chain, my guess they are eyeing the dessert, America. Feel Me. Like marriage for better and worse. PT I hope you can survive the walking dead. JS people

  14. Our past is far from perfect – should I not buy a Volkswagen because it was started purposefully by Hitler to provide a car for the masses? Should you not buy a BMW because it originally made propellers for the Nazi’s? No – we should not honor confederate generals for their treason nor ever honor a Nazi. And then there are gray areas – our founding fathers were flawed but also created a representative democracy that has endured more than 200 years later. Barnum was flawed – exploiting humans and animals for a buck – and in a way we all as humans are flawed – Barnum envisioned Seaside Park but also gave himself unobstructed views of Long Island Sound – but the park 100 + years later benefits 140,000 Bridgeporters. Remington Arms employed many Bridgeporters making ammunition – should they be ashamed that they made their living manufacturing a product that assists in killing people?

    All of this is to say IMHO that some items are black and white and others are not – and the ones that are not should be discussed in a civil manner so all sides can be heard.

  15. The statue of Bridgeport’s own Phineas Taylor Barnum in Seaside Park was once stolen and that could happen again. PT Barnum made millions of dollars, Barnum who travel across America then across the world telling the lie about African inferiority telling the world that Black Lies DID NO Matter. Let me ask this question again, when blacks and whites become equal in America. Just look at things in Bridgeport that have the name of Phineas Taylor Barnum, in Bridgeport has every year hosted by the Barnum Festival committee the largest park in the north east, “The Great Street Parade” celebrating Barnum but Bridgeport doesn’t even celebrate America’s birthday, July 4th, that tells you how Bridgeport and its leaderships looks at Barnum. What has the Barnum Festival committee, the Barnum family and every elected Bridgeport official done and say to acknowledge the wrongs Barnum? What has the Barnum Festival committee done for blacks to offset harm that Barnum did to all blacks but especially right here in Bridgeport, there is much more about PT Barnum blacks. If I can find this information well, it shouldn’t a problem for others to find. I hope the protesters of Black Lives Matter take a good look at Phineas Taylor Barnum.

    1. Ron, define equal? When Ias a white person gets a pension-like you or gets to drive two Benz like Day? Many whites have less than you as well as black and Hispanics too. P.S The city built Trumbull gardens in the predominantly white neighborhood that trans from that entire neighborhood to Black and Brown homeownership just like the white had prior. Seems some things are getting equally.

      Exactly you have found information on PT and others including Blacks history outside of America that is equal to you and them. The question is how and what are you going to do with that informant in your black life. JS. 🙂

      I wish you would give PT’s past as you did for white Racist Bob Walsh rant. BAM! 🙂

  16. 1) the statue was never stolen – the plaques around the base of the statue were stolen for their metal value years ago. 2) I am not defending Mr. Barnum as he always had his self interests as his motivation, but he was a co- founder of Bridgeport Hospital – his heirs spent a large portion of their inheritance on charitable causes.

    From his daughter Caroline’s obituary – There is a gift of $5,000 to provide for a free bed in the Bridgeport Hospital for the exclusive use of colored residents of the city. Several local institutions are given $1.000 each, and $2,000 goes to the Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York City.

    1. I’m well aware that PT Barnum was a co- founder of Bridgeport Hospital and that’s great. You said
      “There is a gift of $5,000 to provide for a free bed in the Bridgeport Hospital for the exclusive use of colored residents of the city. Several local institutions are given $1.000 each, and $2,000 goes to the Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York City,” Now, isn’t that special.

      You don’t want to address talk about how Barnum preyed on ideas of African inferiority and racial othering and Barnum travel the world making money off his mindset that of preyed on ideas of African inferiority and racial othering, you just want to over look the harm Barnum racist show, I see that you feel the same that Barnum did with blacks.

      1. That is not what I am saying at all – I’m saying that we all are a reflection of our times – and we all grow over time. Many people that have contributed to the development of America had, in hindsight, flawed perceptions of what was right and acceptable just as today. And we always have ignorance. And all I was trying to show was that one Barnum heir understood that.

        What once was acceptable is no longer acceptable –

  17. Tom: The deconstruction of Bridgeport is an artifact (if policy-action can be conceived of in such terms) of the elitist-racist culture that predominated in our post-WWII society… The old-$, and especially the nouveau riche/nouveau prosperous that emerged from the American economic prosperity and economic world-dominance resulting from the economic activity/technological advances that were associated with our victorious role in WWII, did not want to mix with the working-poor of color and the working-poor of
    the various ethnicities that comprised the peri- and post-WWII workforces of the booming manufacturing centers/armaments-producing cities of post-WWII America… In order for the privileged to take the advantages of the cities with them to the lily-white/elitist suburbs — while also assuring suburban political dominance — they reengineered state government against the interests of the cities, in their favor, by stripping the cities of their roles as county seats/centers of regional government in control of regional political/development policy and the regional purse-strings… Hence, the cities have been dying by degrees since WWII by deliberate policy…

    Bridgeport is nearly dead, and will surely die if we don’t elect progressive control to power at the federal and state levels this November…

    But; to the point of “Are we arbitrarily dismantling our heritage in the cities, even as the socioeconomic foundation of the cities is unwound and rewoven?” as it were, is moot… The cities will die and collapse and crush their racist heritage under the weight of the elitism-racism that is causing their collapse, whether those that would preserve that heritage from the distance of the suburbs like it or not… And the cities will either be re-established as socially-redefined population centers of some level of distress or prosperity, or they will completely collapse, but they will never remain a reflection of the white society that abandoned them; nor should they… (In keeping with the money-worshipping elitism-racism of the present culture, they will probably remain as bastions of segregation maintained at some minimal level of subsistence by way of keeping the suburbs white, and privileged… But who knows; the VIRUS seems to have other ideas for American society…)

    Time will tell…

  18. Joseph Sokolovic, Phineas Taylor Barnum’s name must be remove from all public schools, streets, buildings and public spaces base on the history of racism that he spread all around America and the world. You also said, ““There has to be a conversation with the Italian-American community leaders to talk about what this would mean for them,” the same should be with the Barnum family. City Council member Jorge Cruz of the 131st district is where Phineas Taylor Barnum statue is located and needs to bringing a proposal to the city council.

    Joseph Sokolovic says:
    June 24, 2020 at 2:31 pm
    Kudos to Mr. Jorge Cruz for bringing this proposal to the city council. I stand behind you one hundred percent. This icon of white supremacy must be removed! What I find disgusting and disturbing is the comments made by the city council President in the CT Post.
    “There has to be a conversation with the Italian-American community leaders to talk about what this would mean for them,” Nieves said. “We all have Italian Americans in our (districts) that are invested, economically, in years and in generations. Just like everything else we do, we always have to bring everyone to the table.”


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