Ras Hopes For Write Stuff

Ras Omari crosses Main Street Downtown. Photo by Gary Pivot.

Don’t ever tell a young person he cannot do something. Young Downtown artist Ras Omari has launched a write-in candidacy for City Council in the 131st District that covers Downtown, South End and portion of the West End. He explains why he’s running in a commentary. Learn more about Ras here.

Since moving back to Bridgeport I’ve held a firm belief that there are hidden gems in this city waiting to be uncovered. I’ve watched the political narrative unfold from behind the lens of my camera and opted to keep myself away from the mess and drama of politics.

Last month I stopped in at the City Council Candidate Forum at the Bijou hoping to get some insight into some of our city’s issues and left uninspired by the dialogue and quality of candidates on the stage.

A few weeks later I caught myself asking deeper questions about why the city is and has been run the way it has for so long. After digging deeper into the current issues happening with the budget and development projects Downtown, I knew it was time to step up. Feeling a renewed sense of duty and responsibility to my community I decided to “be the change” and run as a write-in candidate.

I believe this city’s turnaround is hinged on a new generation of leaders who are thoughtful, productive and can come up with tangible solutions to this cities problems.

Politics in Bridgeport doesn’t have to mean the same ol same ol. The Write-in Ras campaign is about putting the power back in the hands of the people and side-stepping the machine.

I’m not here for the fighting or the pettiness. I’m here to inform, include and inspire a new generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and bright young professionals to take an active role in the future of the city.



  1. We need more people like Ras Omari. This is a great article and I respect the high journalistic standards achieved with articles like this. Unfortunately,there are few,or none,examples of this type of writing. Thank you,Lennie.

    1. I’m still waiting to hear the “new and different” ideas.
      It’s a long shot but, the effort is always admired in my part. Maybe Ras Omari and I can join forces and mix-up a little of the old with the new. I’m still living in the 130th. district not too far from the 131st., where I have a home. Stay thirsty my friend!

  2. Hey guys, I did it this time around, all in with new blood and intelligent ideas. I never hesitated when Marcus and Kyle met with me; decades of political intuition served me well. A slate of eight ineffective Town Committee members gave the best they had, and couldn’t stop us. I regret that other players in the district blinked, but that made the win sweeter. I hope other districts embrace the next generation of elected officials, there’re here, there willing, and there’re able. Go Marcus and Kyle!

  3. I did it? Lisa Parziale, there is no “I” in TEAM. That’s is the hard part to hammer in to the heads of the young. But, there is an “I” in Maria and in Pereira if that makes you feel better.

    1. Joel, I didn’t mean that in a manner of egotism. I was referring to the sitting TC who never gave these young men an opportunity to speak before them, I’m also referring to “other” residents in the 132nd who come for help and support in their elections when they run. It was “me” who stepped up, worked with their team, shared my experience and knowledge of the district, offered my home as their headquarters, and never once worried about losing. Joel you know I’m not an “I’ person, but this time it was unconscionable that two exceptional candidates were treated as if they were invisible. But, the voters of the 132nd district didn’t agree, the hard work of all of us paid off with a resounding win.

  4. There was a forum held on Saturday at the downtown library, the topic being the DTC. While I was impressed with the turnout, I’m disappointed that more attention wasn’t given to this important issue. There were many young men and women taking in everything that was said, and later approached us asking for more information as to how to become involved. BTW, Raz will not be alone for long, I have a feeling you will soon hear that he will be a member of a potentially winning slate in the 131st district. He was interested in
    attending, and as a result he was welcomed. His persistence and willingness should be commended.


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