Radcliffe Rules Against O&G Again

Superior Court Judge Dale Radcliffe has denied O&G’s motion for reconsideration after the judge ordered the construction services firm to remove a concrete crushing operation and storage facility on Seaview Avenue that had been ruled illegal by the city’s Zoning Enforcement Officer Neil Bonney. O&G appealed to the court and Radliffe ruled for the city three weeks ago.

Michael Jankovsky, an attorney representing O&G, filed the motion for reconsideration last Friday. Radlciffe didn’t waste any time, denying the motion on the same day, according to his order on the state judicial branch website:

The order is clear, as is the decision. O & G Industries was provided a full and fair opportunity to be heard, both before the Zoning Board of Appeals and this court. No new law is cited in support of the motion to reargue. O & G is free to file for a certificate of zoning compliance, CAM approval, or a special permit. Remedying conditions on site is consistent both with the Order to Comply, and this court’s order. O & G is well aware of its obligations.

See O&G motion to reargue here.

See judge’s denial here.

So the question remains, what other legal remedy, if any, will O&G pursue?



  1. Superior Court Judge Dale Radcliffe, once again, thank you very much. It’s good to know there is one person in position who can’t be bought and is not dto make decisions that protect the residents of Bridgeport.

  2. Generally speaking, I would say any who speaks to “DROP DEAD TO O&G” would receive my support. However, this stinks even greater than the Herman-Isaacs fat-rendering plant on the West Side. Another casualty of the lack of involvement of the people of the City of Bridgeport.

  3. Something really stinks here. I’m not talking about Radcliffe. Ganim, Testa and Co (including the BPT City Attorney’s Office–a bunch of wh@#es anyway), are now playing games with O&G. RAY RIZIO. SPILL THE BEANS, RIGHT NOW!!! I don’t think the journalistic tentacles of Lennie Grimaldi and OIB can even comprehend the stuff that is happening. RAY RIZIO, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. GET IT OUT HERE.

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