Racially Charged Letters To Cops Launch Probe

From Keila Torres Ocasio, CT Post:

With African-American officers calling for action, State Police have launched an investigation into a racially charged letter placed in a police officer’s workplace mailbox last week.

On Wednesday the Bridgeport Guardians, a group representing minority police officers in the city, was joined by the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, or NABLEO, and members of the Westchester/Rockland counties Guardians in calling for the firing of whoever is responsible for distributing at least three racist letters to police officers’ mailboxes.

Full story here.



  1. Clearly a fuller and more nuanced treatment of this serious issue is required. Personally I shall likely never forget the video evidence linking Bridgeport to “over the top” behavior. But two of the accused chose one way to proceed and the third officer chose an alternative road available in our justice system. That provided the opportunity for different results.

    The revelation of an internal campaign attacking racial diversity issues is just another “black eye” for this City at a time when retirements of recent months have left the Police Department under strength. It is also most unhelpful at a time when the City is trying to recruit candidates.

    Does the Police Department continue to have a public relations specialist of its own? Bill Kaempffer? If so, then why is City-side PR director Brett B handling this? And how can he spin this “news” to indicate “every day the City is getting better”? Time will tell.

  2. “Any allegation of racial discrimination that seeks to divide our police department or our community will not be tolerated,” Broesder said. “If the investigation turns up any wrongdoing, swift, fair, just and immediate action will be taken against those guilty of wrongdoing. Racial discrimination will not be tolerated. Period.”
    Well I guess the city treats an allegation like this far more seriously than sexual harassment in the workplace. How pitiful.

  3. This news has made its way to CNN. In 2015, this behavior is beyond shameful. Who could possibly be that ignorant and mean-spirited? The only thing worse than a white person writing this letter would be a black man instigating. This is about as pathetic as it gets. Very disturbing and to be honest, very questionable. VERY!

    1. Steve, you are a moronic fool, there is nothing worse than a white person or any person writing this letter. Who is the black instigating in which you speak? Are you insinuating a member of the Guardians are instigating this because they called a press conference to address this issue?

      1. Donald Day- -ou are an ass with a fucking chip on his shoulder. My post was succinct, even an idiot could understand it. I was disgusted with the letter and stated there would be only one thing worse than a white person writing the letter and that would be a black man instigating. Beware Mr. Day, methinks thou dost protesteth too much. Maybe you know something??? Or your disgust for me is such that all you hear me saying instead of blah blah blah is black black black. Read my post you “Moronic Fool,” I will accept an apology for your comments!

  4. The Connecticut Post article states, “Right now, there’s an active investigation at the state level, so everything is in question: its authenticity, the motive and every part of the development and distribution of it,” said city spokesman Brett Broesder. “With that said, the city has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination of any kind, especially that of a racial nature.”

    He said the department, which is recruiting new officers, is the most diverse in the state.

    Oh this should really help the recruiting of blacks to join this Bridgeport Police Department. And as far as having the most diverse police department in the state, well that’s because of past lawsuits and past mayors, it has NOTHING to do with Mayor Bill Finch’s term in office, in fact the number of females, Hispanics and blacks has dropped with the police exams given while Finch has been mayor.

  5. I hope the state police look at every group within the PD. There have been leadership problems within the Guardians. Here is a previous post from Donald Day, “The Guardians as well as the NAACP have changed to organizations whose leadership is busy fighting among themselves while trying to curry favor with the white leadership of the Mayor’s office.”

    1. Andy, I did indeed say “The Guardians as well as the NAACP have changed to organizations whose leadership is busy fighting among themselves while trying to curry favor with the white leadership of the Mayor’s office.” My question to you is what does that have to do with this story?

  6. Steve, you are correct when you say, “both Tom and Andy were clear. Where the problem is with respect to you is your ascertain that members of the Guardian’s are instigating because they bought attention to this cowardice act irrespective of who the author happens to be.

    It appears you and others think a white person lacks the capacity to do anything as malicious as this to which I say you must be out of your damned minds. I’ve been black for 63 years and I have experienced this kind of vitriolic bullshit my whole life. Nothing is above a racist, bigoted bastard. Nothing!

    1. Donald Day, again, I will accept an apology. I have read and reread my initial post. There was nothing in my post that made reference to your group. I shared my disgust and said there would only be one thing more reprehensible than a white man or woman in 2015 writing that letter and that would be a black man instigating. Was my English grammatically incorrect? That’s possible as I write quicker than my brain registers. Nah, after reading my post I fear you are just a racist with a chip on his shoulder who acts as though he fought side by side with Reverend King. Your posts always attempt to alienate me. You are just fucking annoying. When it comes to black problems in Bridgeport, I realize it is not my fight and I am so fucking tired of the incessant diatribes that never end on a positive note. You need not feel you owe me an apology. I’ll get over it. My new take on issues such as these, it doesn’t affect me so why get involved.

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