Pull Out Checkbook, It’s Joe’s Birthday

Ganim birthday

If it’s a candidate’s birthday, what better gift than a campaign contribution? To a candidate’s way of thinking, anyway. Saturday night, at the Trumbull home of city employee Danny Pizarro, “Joe Ganim’s Birthday Bash” requires a minimum $100 contribution to his 2018 exploratory campaign for governor.

The mayor, who turns 58, is moving around the state schmoozing Democratic Party insiders and hosting fundraisers as he positions for a statewide run in a Democratic field short on high-profile candidates. Will Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman jump in? One high-profile pol, former Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, is giving it some thought. The last we heard from SuBy she got clubbed in a 2012 primary for U.S. senate by Chris Murphy.

But that tells you the nature of the current state of the race. Who really wants the messy job of navigating Connecticut’s financial minefield?

The Republican field, so far, has more action including Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti, Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst and former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, a city resident, among the candidates.

Right now, for most of the candidates, it’s all about the money honey, trying to qualify for the state’s public financing program while cozying party insiders for support ahead of the May endorsement session. As the field stands today both parties are heading for 2018 August primaries.



  1. Another year older and deeper in “dumb.” Danny Pizarro, you’re lucky I’m not part of the flock, because if I ever bump into you mister, I’ll let you know what happens when sheep like you troll the 132nd district getting involved in a campaign that’s none of their business. I finally found out how you landed where you are in the Ganim administration, so keep your head down, enjoy your freedom and fake friends, and oh I forgot, enjoy spending my tax money. C’mon Stevie, tell me it’s democracy. You should heed the advice from your T.C. members, they’ve been around and know what living by a code is.

    1. Lisa, again- I didn’t work on anybody’s campaign- slow down , you are sounding like a lunatic. You knew Danny Pizarro while working your ass off for Joe Ganim- Are you becoming like Maria? Going Psycho on people. You sound like its my way or the Highway.

      1. Lisa “sounds like a lunatic”? Stevie Stevie Stevie… Shame on you. Ms. Parziale has been involed in Bridgeport politics for a long time. You can’t tell the players without a program. 

        1. Kid I love you! I think Steve’s right in coming at me, I started it. It’s not his or anybody’s fault that I’m so frustrated with the stupidity that surrounds us. I have to keep my temper tempered. No pun intended.

          1. Lisa you are 1 of the last 2 posts. Thank you for your comment and thank you for the “letter to the Editor you sent me in the mail from 40 years ago. Yes I have always been a strong supporter of our city. You were something and it is nice that 40 years later something is happening. Drip drip drip drip .

          2. Steven,

            You are a strong supporter of a shallow vision of the city, the kind of vision that Joni Mitchell warned us about: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot…”

            I’m happy you moved to the hinterlands.

      2. Come on Steven, scared when Liza backs you into a corner? You probably didn’t work for pay on anybody’s campaign but, you did plenty of volunteer cheer leading for Finch beyond this blog. I attended the Omanel Restaurant fundraiser and I was looking forward to seeing you Steven. It was a Jewish Holiday and you couldn’t come out. You received honorary mention as one of the hard working DTC member in Joe Ganim’s campaign. congratulations! Hey Steven, what was the advice from your T.C. members? Here’s some advice from me: Don’t let Liza see you sweat. Remember that the Highway has two ways and plenty of exits. Use ‘reverse’ if need to. Keep your eyes on the road and if you see Maria Pereira on the break down lane, be nice enough to offer some assistance.

        As a proactive Ganim supporter, you should add more salt to the injury of those injured by the mare mention of Joe Ganim. Here’s a nice way to add salt on this LG commentary: Hey Lennie Grimaldi, one Ganim fundraiser at a time please! Thursday, October 19, 2017 is the next Ganim fundraiser at Solmar Restaurant, 290 George Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut from 6 pm to 8pm.

        You think Liza sounds like a “Lunatic?” This is what I’d do if I felt as strongly as she does as far as Joe Ganim is concerned. I’d draw a check for $100, RSVP @ (203) 260-4697. Show up to the fundraiser and make peace. When it’s time to sing Happy Birthday, join Joe Ganim and as he blows the candles, proceed to push his face on to the cake. If this is too much, Liza Parziale can just hand-deliver Joe Ganim an Absentee Ballot Cake to City Hall.


        1. Joel Gonzalez, You are the final post. I had to respond. Excellent Post. Thank you for telling me I was mentioned. I love Omanels, love my holiday and family more. Sorry I wasn’t invited to Joe’s birthday bash. He is 2 years younger than me and I look 30 years older than him. lololol . See ya around. Be well.

        2. Joel, that was wonderful, maybe I will. Well I wont write a check to him, I’m sure they won’t kick me out, just out of curiosity. Then, darn it, I’m going to do it, take a picture, and ask Lennie to post it.

    2. Don’t waste the keystrokes, Lisa. Little Stevie Auerbach has a man crush on Joe “Let Them Eat Cake” Ganim. He’s been relocated to Shelton. The gods and monsters have ruled that he is better suited to the country life in beautiful Shelton.

  2. Since Anthony Paoletto lost his primary he can spend more time being the lap dog to Joe. Its nice when grizzled veterans like Paoletto (yes, I am being sarcastic) land on their feet!

  3. These poor people who want to keep their city jobs HAVE to go to ANOTHER fundraiser??/,this time on a Saturday evening??..This one is for Joe’s silly try for governor,so November’s fundraiser will be for Joe’s mayoral run.It never ends..

    1. Harvey,

      A hundred-dollar donation to a political campaign is a decent write off on a tax return. It is rather disgustingthat ol’ Joe would pimp campaign donations from city employees. What will they get for their largesses, a cheap Cuban cigar and a couple snifters of Hennessy?

      Joe Ganim’s campaign for governor has drawn nearly universal geers and snickers. The suburbanites living in the bedroom communities surrounding Hartford, New Haven and Stamford will vote for David Walker.

      1. Kid,
        I hope that you are not assisting folks with tax returns, informing them that “political contributions” may be deductible on your tax return. Incorrect.
        Charitable institutions may earn you such a right assuming you have enough other deductions to override non- itemized credits.

        Perhaps the Mayor has had much success securing funds from those who could not pass muster for their City work were they to be evaluated for the efforts and hours on the job?? There are folks who do their work, stay away from political campaigns, live in the City, pay taxes and vote yet do not shake their pockets empty when asked. Why is that, I wonder? Are they the real “public servants”? Just asking? Time will tell.

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