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 Friday March 23, 2018

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North End Public Safety Meeting

October 19th, 2017 · 20 Comments · News and Events

North End meeting



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  • Ron Mackey

    What a campaign move before Nerron’s new primary election, another dog and pony show for her but the voters know it’s just to get her votes and not safety. Go Bob.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Is this in the district Bob Keeley is running for?

  • Bob Halstead

    The DTC did a similar blitz invading the Stratfield Historic District Associations meetings and even with Ganim showing up all of a sudden, prior to the election in the 132. It didn’t matter. Good prevailed in the election!

  • Bob Halstead

    Yes, its the District Bob Keeley, now Robert Keeley, is running for.

  • Bob Walsh

    GO BOB.
    Go to the meeting. Speak you piece of mind.
    Tell them they supported SHU then and they will support them in the future.
    Just looking for a little wiggle room to avoid the ire of the voters.

  • Bob Walsh

    Ask AJ Perez to arrest people who vote illegally by absentee.
    That ought to start a stampede out of that meeting.

  • Frank Gyure

    AND it’s still…ACTING Police Chief A.J. Perez.

    • Ron Mackey

      Frank, don’t worry, Ganim will take care of the police chief the same way that they did for Fire Chief Rooney, make Perez a provisional police chief and then let Perez retire as a provisional chief and draw his pension then make him the police chief. Which will cost the city big time but it’s only taxpayers money so who’s counting.

  • Frank Gyure

    And the zoning board is still considering expanding Liquor Stores so that Michael DeFilipo(sp) can open a spot on Brookfield Ave. And that is with the recommendation from a city planner!

    • Frank Gyure

      And Michael Defilipo(sp) wants to open another liquor store and he got the most votes in the 133rd Dem Primary. There was that situation where are a whole bunch of SHU underage students were caught in a Brooklawn Avenue bar,caught by the BPT Police..but there were two BPT police officers moonlighting as bouncers at the bar. On top of that,there was an alleged rape as a false Uber driver picked up a female from the same bar and allegedly raped her. Yet Defilipo got the most votes in the 133rd
      Dem Primary. What the hell is going on in the 133rd CC district?

  • Bob Halstead

    What do you mean its a bad idea to have more liquor stores in Bridgeport?

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      I’ve lived in many places over my life. Bridgeport is the hardest drinking town, by far. Here in Black Rock there are two liquor stores and a baker’s dizen licensed establishments where a thirsty patron can belly up to the bar. All in less than one mile. And the bodegas all sell beer. 

      Mario Testa’s bartender wants to open yet another booze mart? 

  • lisawhite

    Keeley, Herrron et all are running in the 133. Blackham school is in the 134 – Lyons and Vizzo Pannichia are the City Council members for the 134. I should know – I live a block from Blackham School.

    yes there are quality of life issues in the 134th. someone was killed in the Bretton Arms apartments. the basketball courts are being used at all hours. there was a huge professional type fireworks display at the North End Little League field in the Fourth of July. I sent an email to Michelle Lyons about the fireworks display. she has yet to respond to me 3 MONTHS LATER. I don’t know if she even bothered to read it.

    Sacred Heart University is taking over the North End. No one gives a flying rat’s patootie about that or about any of the other “quality of life issues that plague the North End. for the $7500 I pay in property taxes, I should get far more than the weekly garbage collection and biweekly recycling collection. it would be wonderful to have the police patrol the area around Blackham School more, rather than just show up when there’s a shooting

  • lisawhite

    there is no health code enforcement in the North End. one house on Savoy St had foot high grass on the front lawn for most of the summer.

    this public safety meeting our “wonderful” (not!) city council representatives are hosting to make it look like they’re actually doing somethin

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    BRCC ought to host a public safety meeting. Many residents living south of Fairfield Avenue have voiced complaints about a riving band of bicycle-riding punks blocking traffic, harrassing female joggers snd generally annoying the locals.

    There’s also an uptick in automobile break ins. The suburbsnites are unable to grok why their cars are broken into when valuables are left in plain view. It’s not a complex mathmatical problem, people…

  • Bob Walsh

    Tom McCarthy and Jeannette Herron’s phone number and email address are on the form at the bottom of the page also. They are identified as City Council members from the 133rd District.
    Winthrop School is the largest precinct in the 134th and a smaller one in Blackham.
    Blackham is the largest precinct in the 133rd while a smaller precinct votes at Madison.
    Maybe they are doing this to avoid any type of cost incurred mailing to the 133rd. Or else, maybe they don’t know where their district lies but I doubt that very much.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    This is a joke it really is. Every meeting its a talk about SHU students and after the meetings and after the promises nothing is done. I have 3 of these kids living next door, they are not bad but their landlord is a lazy, money grabbing bitch and doesnt take care of the property until you call the city.
    The crime stats will dazzle you to the point that you will think you are in another state. Perez is clueless. Why is he still the chief?Does he now that much about Ganim. People of the North End remember you keep electing these democratic assholes.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      Chief Perez is out of his depth in Bridgeport. He may akso be hobbled by the mayor’s ego. No one gets to outshine Darth Ganim.

  • Jeff Kohut

    Same meeting as spring and summer ’16 and spring and summer ’17… Bridgeport truly is a leader in “recycling!” But when does the same meeting — with the same (worsening) problems and lack of solutions/follow-up — start to yield diminishing political returns… Maybe a new school would solve the problem… Raze Blackham, replace it with a new, $200 million (state-city bonded) facility, and the neighborhood gets saved — from the gangs, and SHU, and Bridgeport’s deteriorating socioeconomic conditions and shrinking tax base… Isn’t that the way it worked around the rest of the city?

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