Pereira “Fights The Power”–Processed For Breach Of Peace: “Ridiculous … Purely Political”

Screen shot of Pereira in front of police headquarters.

Displaying a “Fight The Power!” t-shirt, Board of Education member Maria Pereira on Monday was charged with a misdemeanor second degree breach of peace, fingerprinted and placed in a jail cell during a two-hour processing then released on a promise to appear in court for an alleged confrontation with a member of the school system’s administrative staff.

Sources say the administrative staff member is Assistant Superintendent of Schools Christina Otuwa. Police and Pereira have not released any specifics about the incident on May 22, but Pereira declared in a Facebook video about the accuser … “the person had to be physically restrained because of their outrageous behavior.”

Screen shot of Pereira’s Fight The Power! shirt.

Pereira, who walked into police headquarters Monday morning after police issued a weekend statement about a warrant for her arrest, is no fan of Police Chief AJ Perez, Mayor Joe Ganim and Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa and reasserted her disdain for the political establishment in Facebook comments.

After her processing Pereira wrote these comments on her Facebook page:

I turned myself into the BPD at 10:30 AM this morning wearing my “Fight the Power” t-shirt. I was placed in a cell with feces streaked on the wall. When I notified the female officer she asked a supervisor if I could be moved to a different cell. I never even spoke to a Bail Commissioner to request a Promise to Appear. I was simply granted a PTA. An officer asked why I was there. The female stated a Warrant for a Breach of Peace with no bond.” The officer who initially asked the question stated in response “no bond, sounds like someone is trying to send you a message.”

As I exited the booking area, I looked right into the camera and simply used my finger to underline “Fight the Power,” smiled and walked out the door giggling.

Have a great day in Corrupt Bridgeport! 

In a Facebook video she described the arrest as “ridiculous” and “purely political,” adding:

“I have a message for you corrupt A.J. Perez and the corrupt police department members that follow A.J. Perez: I am not scared of you not one bit. Let me be clear about that,” she said. “I am not scared of Mayor Ganim. I am not scared of Mario Testa. I am not scared of a single politician in the city.”



  1. No doubt what Maria said about the officers comments while she was in booking is absolutely correct. That’s what I said in the previous blog. Absolute bullshit!
    Someone please inform me that the statutes were actually changed since I retired because breach of peace was a ticket issued with a mandatory court appearance. If a breach is committed in the presence of police then it’s their discretion to either issue the summons OR arrest at scene to remove the disruptive person and quiet the scene. Then usually release on a PTA at the booking station. I’m not in favor of going after police but in this case she should sue them (as agents of city hall) , and seek remuneration for this episode. A lawsuit may bring out what some would not offer out of fear of their superiors. Like I said yesterday, I would seriously interview those who were ordered/told to do this B.S. warrant etc.
    An attorney should take this case pro bono and then get their fee of what Maria is awarded in the lawsuit. Maybe the honorable Judge Lopez could quietly suggest……
    More to come…..
    More to come…..

    1. Lol. Bring it on!! Mario and Joe would actually not have anything against me personally……well maybe!! Lol ha ha.
      But councilman Michael Defilippo, that might be another story!! Ha!
      And anyone who knows me….. including him, absolute knows that I could give 2 shits!! Ask anyone on the Stamford P.D or anyone on the BPD who knows me as well. Chief Perez was at some type of seminar with a group of Stamford guys about 10 years ago and HE told me that he was told by them that “he doesn’t take shit from anyone”. Remember that A.J.?!!!! What’s right is right. -and I retired in 97!!
      I was instrumental in ridding Stamford of mayors Serrano and Esposito.
      Maria: keep up the fight. I know that no one needs to tell you that. They just clearly played into your hands. Use it to your advantage. I know you might want to do battle by yourself but please take some advice and seek out counsel.
      Dirty corrupt bastards. They’re not even smart.
      Bartender: I don’t need another right now ……………….and……….
      No tip for you….. more to come.

      1. Lennie could you tell us which police officer was the affiant on that warrant and also who the judge who signed it was. If either one or both are “stand up” people then there’s a lot more that we don’t know. I would be surprised but I guess it could be possible. It would show something at least.

  2. And now the NAACP will go after the city for A J’s lack of leadership and accountability regarding the racist texts by one if his captains. This will cost the city another ton of money. There is no end to the problems caused by inept leaders placed into positions by Mario, Joe, and company.
    Scot Esdaile, president of the Ct NAACP said “seems like it’s open season on Black people and no accountability” regarding the issue and I say it’s open season on everyone in Bridgeport by the administration WITHOUT accountability!!!!
    Seriously time for change.
    Lennie, you should get the word out to city employees like police, fire, etc. I know that the majority of them don’t keep up with what’s going on and really don’t know the players in and around government. If the average employee paid attention it could make a difference. Not to mention the amount of additional readers you you have including advertisers.

  3. One has to wonder why Scott X needs to speak on behalf of Black people in Bridgeport. While I’m not saying his observations aren’t correct, just wondering why that do nothing, never speak out on anything of consequence president of the Bridgeport chapter of the NAACP has never addressed this issue because he should no better than Scott about the struggles of Black’s in Bridgeport.

    Several Black firefighters in New Haven were being discriminated against at the hands of the NHFD and Mayor Destefano and the Director Northeast Region of the International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters asked for a meeting with Scott as president of the New Haven chapter. Scott at the urging of Mayor Destefano refused to meet with us resulting in over 200 Black firefighters from across the region marching on City Hall. I say this to say, Scott didn’t give a damn about what was being done to Black’s in New Haven so why should he give a damn about what’s going on with Black’s in Bridgeport?

  4. This latest event gave me inspiration to establish a comedy production. It has gotten to the point where The Force has become a daily show for hilarious behavior.
    The “Chief” aka Captain Block, loves his power and the status quo.
    A few days ago he’s standing next to Rev McCluster and a clown Councilwoman on the front page saying marijuana is a “gateway drug”!
    I lost my respect for Brian Fitzgerald on this btw. Not that any one of them could care what people like me think.
    Anyway, the citizens of Bridgeport and their children and families can sleep soundly and feel safe knowing all these political power brokers have everything under control. I feel so safe!

  5. There is a section of the warrant that requires the arresting party swear that he personally observed the incident, or was informed by another police officer from his department or another police department that the incident occurred. Here we go again, another law suit against the City. Another investigation. This troubles me not only because, if true, we are living in a dangerous police state where innocent people will always be looking over their shoulder or face the possibility they can be informed there’s an arrest warrant issued against them, with no knowledge of information as to why. Unless there’s something that we don’t know about that justifys what happened, I hope the Chief, along with the Police Commission, take swift action against this officer.

    1. That’s why I suggested a lawsuit.
      Back in the 80’s they changed the law that put any penalties strictly on the police officer affiant. In other words the signing judge can’t be blamed for signing a warrant application from a police officer who may not have been 100 percent truthful in the affidavit.
      It’ll be interesting.
      More to come……..

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