Police Investigate Weekend Violence, Arrest Made

Update here. From CT Post reporter Cedar Attanasio:

A blood-soaked curb marked the spot on Berkshire Avenue where a man was fatally shot Friday night.

Michael Watkins, 26, of Bridgeport, was found on the street by emergency responders who had been called to the scene of an apparent assault just before 10 p.m., according to police. They found he had been shot in the head, Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez said.

By noon Saturday, a crowd at the site where Watkins was shot had grown to 20 people. the blood stain was less conspicuous, surrounded by a growing memorial of roses and tall prayer candles.

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  1. I am sorry this young man violently died on Berkshire Ave.
    Big article but very little has been written about the illegal alien who killed his girlfriend and kidnapped his daughter. OIB had almost no coverage on this crime. We actually had a multitude of crimes especially from the owner of this one-family house that had an illegal basement apartment. How many of those exist in Bridgeport?

  2. Mojo, give me a break, stop and frisk policy violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s promise of equal protection, as black and Hispanic people are subject to stops and searches at a higher rate than whites. Stop-and-frisk activity confirm what many people in communities of color across the country have long known: The police are stopping hundreds of thousands of law-abiding people every year, and the vast majority are black and Latino.

    So you’re saying innocent people who have done absolutely nothing wrong should be subjected to a search because of what, they might be a criminal and everyone knows blacks and Latinos are the only people committing crimes. I’m not saying you are a fool, but I am saying you sound like a fool.

    1. The majority of violence, shootings, stabbings, etc. are done by minorities in Bpt. Most cops know who are the bad guys and where they hang and times. That’s why they have the gang unit, narcotics unit and street crime unit, not to mention patrol to gather info. and have a good idea whom to stop and whom not to! It’s gotten out of hand, and stop the violence marches ain’t doing shit. This world has gotten far too liberal for its own good! Those who have never been involved some way in any type of violence to them or family & friends are quick to have a liberal passive opinion on how crime should be handled by law enforcement and the courts.

  3. I don’t know who it is you refer to who has a liberal passive opinion on how crime should be handled or one who have never been involved in some type of violence to them or a family member.

    My sister was in a nightclub in Bridgeport when two young brothers started to shoot at each other and she was shot and killed as an innocent victim who did nothing more than to stop to have a drink with her girlfriend. Having experienced this first-hand I don’t want my sons, nephews or my cousins randomly stopped and searched because they meet some bullshit idea or criteria of what you or some conservative racist cop thinks a thug, gang banger or criminal looks like. Like I said earlier, I’m not calling you a fool, but you certainly sound like one.

  4. Well if cops are going to stop people because they’re black or brown or dress a certain way then you’re right but if there’s a group of kids or men hanging out on the street or sitting in a car at 3am in known crime areas, the stop & frisk law would be helpful. Anything can be misused by bad cops in law enforcement, etc. What’s your take on getting guns and criminals off the city streets?

  5. So you’re advocating curfews for men of a certain ethnicity, of a certain age and living in certain neighborhoods? To hell with people’s Constitutional Rights. It’s alright to shit on the 14th Amendment, but don’t ever step on that 2nd Amendment, right? You’re advocating stopping the symptoms of violence and to hell with the cause of violence in America, Guns. I’m not saying.

  6. My blog said nothing about curfews or stepping on people’s rights. It does say in the middle of winter a group of males and females hanging out in the cold and known crime areas at 3am who appear to be partying should be observed by the police and if felt needed, an ID check, and possible stop & frisk. Public streets, in front of businesses, people’s homes, etc. are not places or times to exercise their constitutional rights and shit on others’ rights to feel safe in their neighborhoods, homes, etc. American Rights were not made so different groups can shit on others’ rights, by exercising theirs at wrong times, wrong places, wrong ways. There are no easy answers or ways to really crack down on crime in Bpt. Law enforcement and the courts are damned if they do and damned if they don’t! It’s time to do and deal with the consequences later if life in urban cities is to get better and safer.

  7. Yes you did, when you said if a group of kids are sitting in a car at 3am on a street then stop and frisk would be a useful tool. So young black and Latino kids can’t sit in a car at 3am? Can a white kid in the Lake Forest neighborhood sit in their car at 3am? How about white college kids, can they sit in their cars at 3am near Sacred Heart?

    You say you said nothing about stepping on people’s rights, but you did when you advocated for stop and frisk which would violate their 14th Amendment rights. Contrary to your narrow vision, public streets, in front of businesses and homes are constitutional rights so are you saying certain constitutional rights can and should be abridged? You’re starting to sound like the Trump team so I would suggest you Google constitutional law and see what’s up with that.

  8. I also said if the cops felt it was needed, and regardless of skin color, yes anyone hanging out in an area at 3 in the morning and cops are called by the home owners, etc. could “again” if felt by the cops could get frisked! Oh by the way, most shootings I’m aware of in Bpt are not in the Lake Forest area or done by white boys! It’s not so much about race, it’s about violent crimes in general and weapons. What’s your take on stopping the violence and all the guns and weapons on the streets of Bpt other than using the race card as an excuse to find ways to stop, catch and jail violent criminals in Bpt?

  9. *** It seems your colorblind tunnel vision impairs your brain’s ability to access things outside the box, without putting them in a black & white setting with the usual points of society’s injustice! ***

  10. No, what impairs my brain’s ability to think outside the box is bullshit like what you are saying. Very few blacks living in certain neighborhoods are involved in criminal activity yet you want to stop and frisk because they meet some narrow definition of whom you think is a criminal. No one lives in these crime-filled neighborhoods because that’s all they ever wanted to.

    I see you are the same tool you were when you served on the Council and that’s just a damned shame, that after all those years you’ve done absolutely nothing to grow as a caring and intelligent individual.

  11. There has to be a balance with public safety and people’s rights. One issue is these people who carry guns feel comfortable because cops are not stopping anyone or anything these days.

    The police-involved shootings, the media attention on those shootings and the politicians have the cops afraid to do anything proactive. The bad guys know it and this is where things are now.

    Bridgeport has recently had shootings during the day. There is criminal activity all over the city but in some places that rate is higher. Not all blacks and Hispanics are involved in criminal activity but in some neighborhoods they are. It not a racial thing it’s a fact, you just have to go after the ones who are and leave everyone else alone. This is not easy to know who is or who isn’t and sometimes as a result of a police work, there is some collateral damage.

    There is nothing wrong sitting in a car in the middle of the night in front of your home. However in some places this might not be the safest thing to be doing. Take your friends home and go chillax there. This activity makes some people nervous especially if there have been problems on their street. Why blast music out of the car at all hours of the night, or throw your trash out the car window? Some people don’t want to hear that noise or want to clean up after you.

  12. *** There are many ideas on how to solve the problems of urban violent crimes and trying to ID those who are responsible beforehand. Some are unpopular because they may lead to other negative issues while trying to get criminals and weapons off the streets. However, the reality of the problems as they get worse will leave Americans who are colorblind with the understanding there is always the chance of collateral damage when trying to extract evil and its weapons away from the good of mankind! ***

  13. Mojo, you have to admit a lot of officers have a hands-off approach to police work. It not just Bridgeport it is all over the country. The media has not helped but neither have some Officers with their behavior too. There are good and bad with both citizens and Officers but the lines get blurred sometimes. The good should not suffer with the bad but that is going to happen.

    Good police work should not take a back seat and just look the other way. There are ways of attacking crime that are effective but yet might not be so popular. In the end people want to walk the streets without fear. Let their kids play outside and not be prisoners in their own homes.

  14. *** Many of the amendments and bill of rights written back in late 1700s history were done so with a different thought of mind towards what was known to be then and America’s possible future but in a much smaller Puritan venue! Lord knows, many of these amendments and rights written in the past need some tweaking for today’s crowded, evil liberal world! ***

  15. Some people will agree to tweaking but too many would not. The United States was a different place then. None of us and this included the founding fathers had the benefit of high insight.

    Clearly a change is needed but where would it start?

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