Shamas Returns As Ganim’s Chief Of Staff

Dan Shamas, who served as chief of staff for Joe Ganim from 1997-2000, will return to his former position for JG2. Ganim made this announcement Friday afternoon. Shamas will be paid $129,778.

Shamas was a Bridgeport educator for decades before accepting the chief of staff role in the 1990s. He became acting superintendent of schools at the request of Ganim in 2000 following the retirement of Jim Connelly.

Why Shamas’ return?

Shamas’ hire developed in recent discussions as the mayor assessed his staff. Ganim does not trust easily and in Shamas he has an administrator who will have the mayor’s back, but will also push back on poor public policy decisions. It does Ganim no good to have a submissive chief of staff. When Ganim made his comeback to the mayor’s office in 2015, he had no senior advisers from his first go around. Department heads were a strength of JG1.

Ganim installed long-time friend, Democratic district leader from Black Rock, Danny Roach as chief of staff. Roach was moved out of that role recently during an administrative shakeup, but remains on the payroll as director of Construction Services. As part of that shakeup Ganim named campaign operative Christine Bartlett-Josie as deputy chief of staff to manage the office. Will be interesting to see how Bartlett-Josie reacts to this news. Shamas is tough, but fair. He understands the political process, but demands performance.

Shamas, retired from public service the past decade, kept a watch on city issues. He was not a fan of Ganim’s predecessor Bill Finch and volunteered for Ganim’s comeback campaign.

“I am looking forward to the leadership Daniel will bring to our administration,” said Ganim in a statement. “Daniel played an instrumental role during my previous years as Mayor.  He is someone who has over 35 years of experience serving the Bridgeport community and cares passionately for its residents.”

“I am proud to be back working for my community,” said Shamas. “This role is familiar to me and I understand the responsibility required to support the Mayor and the City of Bridgeport.”

Shamas received a Master’s degree from the University of Bridgeport and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Connecticut State University.



  1. “Construction Manager?” What is a Construction Manager? Who was the “Construction Manager before Danny Roach? Is it a real job or just an embarrassing title to keep someone on the payroll? I have heard nice things about Mr. Shamas. He has nice credentials.

    Andy Fardy, his $100,000 salary is reasonable based on his credentials. You’d have to explain some of the others.

    1. Stevie, you are rather naive. Maybe it’s a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.
      It’s not about “City Hall.” It’s about his next campaign!
      Joe’s going to need 100 more Shamas’ to cover his ass while he’s running for Governor and for now, let the flucking taxpayers underwrite it!

  2. Let’s take a hard look at what Ganim is doing. He is bringing back one at a time all those who turned a blind eye to his crooked behavior. I don’t believe for one second those in Ganim’s inner circle did not know what he was doing. Are you telling me his driver AJ Perez did not know what was going on? BTW Perez will be the next permanent Police Chief.
    Let’s get rid of some of these political hacks like Roach. Why are we paying him to be Construction Manager, of what? He does not know a roofing nail from a finishing nail. John Gomes is another one. Just what in hell did he do to get Ganim elected that would warrant him and two daughters to get city jobs. Leave the kids in place and fire John. Rev. Stallworth is another wasted salary; after all, Ganim’s disregard for the black community is evident.

  3. Just a thought. We have an illegal criminal who was deported and then got back in the country. It appears he and his victim lived in the basement in an illegal apartment. The question all you liberals need to answer, was it worth this young woman’s life to let the illegal killer stay here? Sanctuary city, my ass.

  4. It is rumored Mayor Ganim directed Bradley to delay the vote on the interim Superintendent position because he was trying to maneuver Shamas into the position. Dennis did try it, but we did not allow it.

    Then Testa and Ganim were going to try to maneuver Shamas into Aresta Johnson’s vacated position as Director of Secondary Education, but apparently Johnson knew exactly whom she wanted and put in a former administrator on her second day as asst. Superintendent. I understand there were those who were annoyed.

        1. Shining light on these behind-the-scenes machinations is important. People should know if this and like activities are happening. If people know, some will do nothing but there is the possibility some people may start doing things.

  5. Well we now have Charlie Carroll being hired to run the Barnum festival. He fits in, he lives out of town, his brother’s union loved Bridgeport so much they built their headquarters in Monroe, a bastion of construction unionism.
    Why do we have to keep dealing with these assholes who run the city?

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