Police Investigate Shooting Death In North End

Charles Street crime scene

Police are investigating a shooting-related homicide that took place Sunday morning in the North End, according to public safety spokesman Kevin Coughlin.

At 8:20 a.m., firefighters and medical personnel responded to a call about a party found unresponsive near the corner of Charles Street and Main Street. They found a black male, Duhaney Watson, dead from a gunshot wound, according to Coughlin. Police officers and detectives were dispatched to the location and secured the crime scene.

Detectives are actively investigating, and anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Bridgeport Police Department at (203) 581-5201.



  1. We have had a particularly violent weekend, two people shot and one person shot and killed. People minimize this by saying it’s only the 12th murder of the year, which they would say is not that bad for a city our size. To them I say dig a little deeper. They need to understand we are closing in on 60 shootings in that timeframe as well, I won’t even mention the city has also had three gun buyback programs over that period as well, but in regards to the latest shooting a young man was killed on SUNDAY morning at a time when many of the city faithful are in transit to church, also that shooting took place near Main St. at an intersection near a popular diner and a stone’s throw from a busy Karate school frequented by children. I believe we need to come together and do what’s right for the people who live and work here. We need to staff our Police Department to an acceptable level, give it strong leadership and all the support it needs to institute a real sustained top to bottom community policing program. It’s one of the reasons I’m running for Mayor, to bring positive change to Bridgeport for us all. ‪#‎danielsforbridgeport‬ November 3rd 2015


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