Merrill Says No To Finch For Ballot Placement

Mayor Bill Finch’s only hope now for a ballot line for the November 3 general election is a state judge. Secretary of the State Denise Merrill announced Friday that irrespective of Finch’s claim to be the mayoral candidate of the Finch-manufactured Job Creation committee “they never submitted any document endorsing a candidate for that office” by the September 2 statutory deadline.

Statement from Merrill:

“I strongly support minor party access to the ballot and new participation in the electoral process. However, our election laws exist to ensure a fair and level playing field for all parties and candidates. The Job Creation party designation committee filed papers to run a petitioning candidate for Mayor of Bridgeport, but they never submitted any document endorsing a candidate for that office. State election law clearly states that in order to get a candidate on the ballot, a petitioning minor party must submit a letter of endorsement by the statutorily mandated deadline. In 2015, the minor party endorsement deadline was Tuesday September 2nd at 4:00 p.m. No statement of endorsement was submitted to our office by the Job Creation party designation committee by that deadline. Because of this, state law forbids my office from approving any petitioning candidate from that group. None of the ensuing circumstances that have taken place since that deadline passed have changed that determination made by my office. Ultimately, the Secretary of the State’s office is bound to follow the law as written and unfortunately we have no legal authority to grant any exceptions.”



  1. Following the law? What a concept!!!
    Does that apply to people elected to the Office of Mayor in Bridgeport? I have sorely hoped so, but in recent years have not been able to find a SHERIFF on too many occasions where the Charter, Ordinance, regulation, etc. say one thing and a “public servant” acts in another fashion.
    Is there room for legal interpretation, or an opinion? Ask the judge? Why not do that? How many actions are in court at this time beyond the normal slip and falls from sidewalk issues? Too many and this leadership group has not let the CC or the public onto the potential damages as well as the current expense of legal representation. Why not? Is it a sign of disregard when handling other people’s money? Time will tell.

    1. JML,
      No room for a favorable ruling. Finch’s legal team knows that. Bill Finch, being the spiteful and vindictive piss ant he is, will have his attorneys subpoena everyone involved in or associated with the so-called “jobs creation” party.

  2. Congratulations to Mayor Ganim. Now I can go on vacation and read your fighting, content to know the best guy for the job is guaranteed to be in place. No one else has a leg to stand on. Daniels, Coviello, Torres, specs on the horizon for Ganim to turn his shoe on in a squashing motion. I can even hear it.

  3. Voters are more concerned about taxes and solutions to every ay issues. They will vote for a convicted felon if he can help them.
    If Mary-Jane runs it will guarantee a Ganinm win as the Finch vote will be split between her and Rick.

    1. MJF is going to sit this one out. She was already overshadowed by “the boys” and their petty bickering via the news media shows no signs of abating.

      I have more faith in the voters than you. They will not elect a convicted felon.

        1. That’s what I’m saying. Mary-Jane Foster polled only 9% of the primary vote, Wicca. The voters chose a convicted felon and a documented pathological liar over her. If Ms. Foster jumped back into the race at this point she would look like an opportunist.

          The best move for her would be to support a Torres candidacy. He stands for the same issues of transparency, accountability, job creation, lower taxes, public safety. It would be the best for the people of the city of Bridgeport. Unfortunately her ego will not let her allow someone else to be the point person.

          1. You think the fact you are actively alienating part of the coalition you will need to stitch together will have no impact on how the support is divvied up?

          2. I’d have to agree, MJF jumping back in only hurts Torres, she will have about as much effect on Ganim’s Campaign as she did in the primary.

          3. Alienating? I’m only expressing observations and analyses. I don’t work for the Torres campaign. MJF re-entering the race would take votes away from Torres and put The Crook back into the Mayor’s seat.

            Ms. Foster has much to contribute. Her campaign was unsuccessful, though. 9% of the vote? C’mon.

  4. We interrupt this thread of “Mindless Mayoral Madness” with news you can use:

    Bridgeport’s First Starbucks Is Now Open In Steelpointe.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s true! It’s here! It’s open!

    Okay, I’m a Starbucks fan, if you couldn’t tell. And I’ve been keeping my eye on the buildout of the store in Steelpointe. It opened at noon today. It’s a spacious store with lots of indoor seating and a nice terrace along Stratford Avenue. (Its opening also marks the beginning of customer traffic at Steelpointe.)

    The WI-fi works great–this post is proof–and there are LOTS of electric outlets for all everyone’s devices. The store is officially known as Starbucks #22995 and its official address is 255 East Main Street. The staff is experienced; they’ve worked at other stores before coming here.

    Pictures on my Instagram page at:

      1. Who cares? I’ll tell ya: (1) The recognition of a market at Steelpointe and downtown by one of the world’s savviest retail marketers is something I think is worth caring about. (2) I also care about this brand, but you don’t have to join me in my particular brand loyalty. (3) It’s not just a BFD coffee shop. It’s the opening of retail business at Steelpointe, the first day of cash changing hands between a Steelpointe business and a Steelpointe customer. (4) Finally, Google searches for “Steelpointe” references at “” bring up 3,350 separate references. There are 348 references to “Starbucks” on OIB. So I’m guessing SOMEONE thinks Steelpointe and Starbucks have been worth discussing! But you know, you can ignore this whole diversion. I just wanted to have some fun with some good news. I didn’t politicize it, and I didn’t link it to any candidate.

        1. DD, hello, and welcome to Starbucks!!!
          A mew business in Bridgeport. Great news. A first Starbucks in Bridgeport, “the largest City in the State,” always competing with New Haven (with two Starbucks locations) and Hartford (with one retail location). And in Bridgeport’s backyard: Fairfield (two), Trumbull and Stratford with Starbucks also.

          One would have to agree it is about time. So with the retail dollar changing hands which is good, how long do we wait for tax revenues to assist the operating budget? Fair question? And how many jobs for City residents, new or old, but full time and living wage, perhaps? Time will tell.

    1. DougDavidoff, thank you for sharing. I will be checking it out tomorrow. FYI, there is a new grassroots movement in Bridgeport called save our city. They are supporting Bill Finch. I guess next week we will know what is really happening on Mayor Finch’s campaign but at least there is a huge movement supporting Finch outside the political campaign. That cannot be helpful news to Bridgeport Kid who has his head stuck up his ass and with a lack of oxygen actually believes Torres could beat Ganim.

      You Kid, can give up the convicted felon line. We have used it and you had no problem with it while you were Finch bashing. Torres offers nothing!

      Bill Finch is running for Mayor and if it is a write-in campaign, so be it. If the Save Our City pro-Finch campaign is any indication of what will happen in five weeks, then Bridgeport’s future is looking bright.

      I think Charlie Coviello missed his greatest moment!

      My gut told me the masses were going to get involved. Unlike the primary, I think the general election is going to be extremely exciting. Bridgeport is going to make history and that in and of itself is pretty exciting. I want one of those pro-Finch tee-shirts from Save Our City. If anyone knows, please advise!

      Doug, the traffic on Steelpointe is important and extremely exciting! Congratulations to Mayor Finch.

      While having lunch, Vietnamese in little Asia on Wood Avenue, Pho Hong Thom, I was told of the Luna Festival being held tomorrow which should be an exciting cultural event. I noticed a beautiful proclamation by Mayor Finch hanging in the restaurant that was packed for lunch!

  5. I agree with those who are saying something needs to be done with the Bridgeport education system. The kids need to be educated. TBK, it is not just fund the operational system, it is what, where, and how they educate Bridgeport students. This is just as important as those splash pads. What they do in the summer when they’re not in school has to be addressed. The board failed in accomplishing their job in educating the students. What they’re doing wrong I don’t know. All I know is it seems to be broad and Finch tried to take it over. I’m look at the grand scheme. I never heard of a Bridgeport school teacher not getting paid or the electricity getting turned off etc. I heard complaints of the need for smaller class sizes. I believe getting funding from the state and federal government for new schools is a type of support for the Bridgeport school system. I think Bridgeport under Ganim will have a very hard time finding support in the State and Washington considering they have endorsed Finch.
    Just look at how the bloggers feel about me for supporting Finch. I’m not bashing Ganim like most are bashing Finch on this blog. I believe in the option of reelecting a person who robbed the city residents and went to jail for it and never even admitted his guilt to the city until he decided to run for mayor again. Voting for him over the current mayor who is leading Bridgeport, nationally in the revolution of Green Energy, even the White House acknowledges his efforts in fighting climate change. Election of a convicted felon over someone who’s led Bridgeport in fighting climate change say something about Bridgeport and it’s not GOOD. I believe it’s a push in the operation of the city, just a few job re-arrangements. I don’t know much but if Mario banned John Fabrizi from patronizing his place for supporting Finch, what do you think the State and the Federal Government would do to Bridgeport in funding projects under Ganim? If Mario really wanted a Mayor in his pocket he would have tapped Jay Piccirillo.

    1. Finch is not the first mayor to short the schools. He is the first to underfund them so many years in a row. The mayor’s office for the last 15 years has had a majority vote on the BOE. The Finch takeover scheme was, in my opinion, the fastest way to privatize the public schools. Ask New Orleans how that privatization thing is going (not well). People fail to realize with all the objections that were put up by the minority of the BOE, the majority always voted to the mayor’s wishes. All that to say, THE MAYOR failed to educate Bridgeport’s students.

    2. If the BOE did whatever Finch wished, then why did he feel the need to take it over? I agree with you, the school system has failed the students and parents.
      No, Finch is not the first Bridgeport mayor to cut school spending, but he was the first Bridgeport mayor to have to deal with fallout of the financial depression of 2008 caused by criminals who lied, cheated, and fleeced the American people causing great hardship to them, like budget cuts.
      I’m not sure I agree with you on the broad stroke of the privatization of an institution, after all we are not communist.

  6. *** Finch is running out of excuses and luck so far; what will he and his cronies think of next to get on the Nov. ballot? Was this any way to run a campaign let alone a city! Just who has been running Bpt. City Hall the past seven-plus years I wonder? I guess it will be Ganim vs Foster vs Torres for Mayor, no? ***

  7. Wicca, I don’t understand the resurrection of Ganim as some kind of savior. Other than a few trees planted on Park Ave, I don’t remember things being so good the last time he was mayor. What I remember are all those jersey barriers on the East and West Side and the Latin Kings. It was also during his terms that Remington, Carpenter Steel and Bridgeport Machines all closed and left town. GE’s manufacturing up and left leaving a vast empty warehouse along with Harvey Hubble. There was that skyscraper built by SHU in the residential area on Park Ave, a Stop & Shop on farm property on Madison Ave. when there was already one within walking distance, vacant Steel Point because of his corruption and a burnt-out bridge at Pleasure Beach.

  8. Most people are related to or know a convicted felon, the constant bashing of Ganim using the words “convicted felon” are disturbing.
    People deserve a second chance to prove themselves and to right their wrongs, I know many people who have done it and I’m not just saying this because I support Ganim.
    I asked Foster four years ago why she was running for mayor and she told my girlfriend and I she was running because she dislikes Finch, I said that’s not a good reason and I voted for Finch because of her answer.

  9. BR, everyone deserves and does get second chances in this country. However, that doesn’t always apply to all criminal offenses. Especially when it comes to running a city government. Alcohol, drug addiction maybe, using steroids in sports yeah I’d say so, robbery when you’re down and out, again maybe. But every circumstance is different and come with their own consequences.
    One other thing is many people tend to group Ganim’s transgressions into one mistake. That is not true, there were several lies to cover up existing lies with different offenses. It wasn’t until the corruption and lies no longer could be covered up is when he came clean. And are we really sure we know everything? Second chances are on a case-by-case basis and not common or painted with a wide brush.

  10. DougD,
    “The staff is experienced; they’ve worked at other stores before coming here.”
    So since this is the first and only Starbucks in Bridgeport that means no Bridgeport residents were hired.

      1. Wicca has it right, at least based on my snapshot observation. Yesterday late afternoon, all three baristas were Bridgeporters who’ve worked at other Starbucks. One was a woman who lives just a few blocks away and is personally excited to be working so close to home. So at minimum, we’ve brought these three jobs to Bridgeport from neighbor towns. That’s “poaching,” which by far isn’t the highest form of economic development, but it works for the poacher. The guy who came in as I was leaving to start the evening shift was also a Bridgeporter, so the total was up to four. What does this mean for how Steelpointe will ultimately turn out? Nothing. It’s just an anecdote. What does it say about whether there are any new hires working in the store? Nothing. It just says there weren’t any at one point in time.

    1. I still don’t get the leap. Just because staff members worked at other Starbucks stores does not mean none of them come from Bridgeport nor does it mean they are not new hires.

      If a Bridgeport resident worked at a Starbucks three years ago, and now works at the new one at Steelpointe, that person is both a Bridgeport resident and a new hire.

      There are many hairs being split regarding this election cycle. This, however, is not a sound argument.

  11. Remember there were supposed to be thousands of jobs for Bridgeport residents. I know two people hired for Bass Pro Shops; one lives in Oxford and the other in Seymour.

  12. On topic.

    If Finch is not on the ballot, and Mary-Jane Foster has not decided yet, it means the choices for mayor are either Joe Ganim or Rick Torres.

    I know them both. Joe Ganim was an effective administrator. He has proven management and leadership skills. He is focused and driven.

    Rick Torres is a hard-working entrepreneur, highly ethical and highly regarded as community-minded and a caring husband and father.

    Bill Finch, regardless of his strengths or weaknesses, is no longer in the picture.

    Just as Joe Ganim denied guilt, lied in his trial and filed appeals claiming his innocence, Bill Finch is having difficulty accepting the harsh reality of his narrow defeat in the primary and incompetence of his handlers. Eight years is a long run for mayor, longer than those more capable than him (Paoletta, Bucci). He should be thankful for the $1,000,000 in salary he received over that time period. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and the power of incumbency could not help him in a contest with a candidate better known as a felon than for his skills.

  13. Lennie: How about another OIB mayoral poll (with the assumption the Finch campaign can still get on the ballot and Mary-Jane is back in the race). Such a poll might shed some light on where voters’ sentiments are heading and might help voters focus more on the November election than on the background comedy/misfortune in this race.

    Just a thought.

  14. Mr. Kohut,
    A mayoral poll done by OIB wouldn’t show the true voters. People in the Hollow and the East Side of Bpt aren’t OIB readers. A poll on OIB would have MJF or Torres winning by a large margin of approximately 10 votes to Ganims approximately 2 with 1 or 2 still undecided and write-in candidate Finch getting half due to Stevie can’t be counted as being all there as his elevator doesn’t reach his top floor.

      1. A surprise since the Ganim “convicted felon” haters on here seem to outnumber the Ganim supporters.
        That term must bother you Lennie, right?
        as a “convicted felon” yourself and as someone who has done a great job afterwords I would assume you believe in a second chance for Joe and he will do a great job too.

  15. Joe Ganim did seven years for his crimes, and I respect that and don’t hold his felonies against him if he has reformed himself. But his reformation is all talk, the five years he’s been out shows his motivations and true character. He’s done absolutely nothing for Bridgeport!
    If he had tamed the demons of ego, arrogance, false pride and narcissism through a “coming to Jesus” moment in prison, show me, don’t tell me. Five years out of prison, that’s a lifetime to do some great and selfless acts; especially if you’re a competent, charismatic, talented leader. Joe is a pure opportunist with a Bridgeport mailing address; where ya been for the past five years, Joe? You could have been serving a beautiful penance by selflessly helping those you screwed. Don’t give me some pro-bono clerk bullshit if you’re Joe Ganim rock star.
    Rick Torres is the absolute only choice. With Rick, you get a very decent man who is thoroughly immersed in an impressively close family, and a whole community he’s helped create in 20+ years at his store, and you’re very lucky to get them. They embrace and believe in Rick 100%, not as an anti-Joe vote, but as a competent and decent leader who is humble and aware enough to know he’ll need every one of his close-knit family and community to do great things, and it’s not all about Rick.

  16. REBEL,
    Shame on you. For you to even suggest this shows you know nothing about Lennie or at least feel justified to lie.
    Lennie did not get out and get back in the game. He did not and does not act with a sense of entitlement. He did not think he could do everything else he used to do, maintain the same lifestyle and get as close as possible to the line without going over.
    Joe Ganim is playing with fire and is going to get burned.

    1. Spoken like a true Foster supporter who is butthurt and over the hill, shame on me for bringing the truth, both Lennie and Ganim are convicted felons along with MANY Bridgeport voters who ALL deserve a second chance at life and earning a living.

  17. Exactly my point, but you all are to ignorant to see my meaning.
    Lennie did his time and came out and has done good work, but every time you idiots say “convicted felon,” you are also talking about Lennie and thousands of others in Bridgeport who all deserve a second chance, LIKE GANIM.

    1. I would argue Lennie found an excellent niche career utilizing his journalism and political experience and did not attempt to re-enter the political arena by working at The Same Job. He worked diligently to create this site, and found a way to make a living that complements his experience. Which is a 180-degree far cry from Joe.

  18. If Lennie were offered a high-profile, high-paying campaign manager’s job when he left the joint he would have turned it down, Jennifer? I’m thinking not.
    You are a smart woman, please stop trying to spin the facts, everyone deserves a second chance to earn a living and in Joe’s case earn back the trust of the people he badly hurt.


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