Police Chief Contract On City Council Committee Agenda

What happens at the committee level is pretty much automatic when it comes to the business of the City Council. On Tuesday, 6 pm in Wheeler Room B of City Hall, the Contracts Committee will take up the proposed five-year employment contract of Police Chief AJ Perez, among other matters.

Proposed Professional Services Agreement with National Development Council
regarding Economic and Community Development Financial Consulting Services.

Proposed Construction Agreement with Armani Restoration, Inc. regarding the
City Hall Facade Project.

Proposed Request by the Fire Chief Pursuant to and in accordance with C.G.S. §7-
430 and their Collective Bargain Agreement, Fire Fighters Local 834 that Manuel
Firpi having or soon to attain the age of sixty-five years or more to remain employed
by the City for another year.

Proposed Employment Contract with Chief of Police, Armando J. Perez.

Proposed Agreement with ENCON regarding Solar Roof Panels on the Cart Barn
located at Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course.

Proposed State Lobbying Services Agreement with Reynolds Strategy Group, LLC.



  1. Send it back. The top public safety official in Bridgeport should not be a coat holder for the mayor and the chairman of a corrupt political party committee..

  2. Did someone wake up Joe??
    I read where he had said in an op ed piece that the state shirt changes cities by not fully funding PILOT’s.
    No I’ve been off of the council about 8 years not but for the 17 years I was on the council this was true. Why did Joe finally figure this out? And why did he pen the op ed piece?
    Oh that’s right, there an election coming around the corner and he has to blame someone for high taxes.
    Me thinks it’s too little too late for this one.

  3. As for the contract for Bridgeport Police Chief,this is a done deal for A.J.Perez. The next mayor will have to clean up this mess. A.J.’s role as a co-conspirator during Ganim 1’s criminal wide path of legal malfeasance and A.J.’s most recent collaborations make him unfit to be a legal officer or to be anyone who is needed to enforce laws and be trusted to enforce laws. Sooner or later,A.J.Perez has to go to restore credibility to the Bridgeport Police Department.

  4. The residency requirement is not in the contract but it is in the Charter.

    Council should insist he sign an affidavit agreeing to comply with Charter and reside in Bridgeport by a specific date.

    My prediction:

    They won’t. He won’t.

    All in favor? Aye.


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