Perfecta Solution–Lamont’s Sports-Betting Position Guarantees Fans ‘A Level Game’

Governor Ned Lamont backs a proposed law An Act Authorizing Sports Wagering that calls for Connecticut’s two tribal nations, Connecticut Lottery Corporation and licensed parimutuel industry to operate sports betting platforms. If passed it would boost Bridgeport’s off-track-betting facility on Kossuth Street. Many people find they become more engaged and interested in the action when they have placed a bet through a casa de apuestas españa.

Lamont is trying to carve out a solution that creates jobs and generates new revenue without a legal fight. The tribal nations that run Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have pushed back arguing they have exclusive authority over anything betting related, a contention dismissed by sports wagering authority Daniel Wallach.

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The bill is before the Public Safety Committee co-chaired by State Senator Dennis Bradley.

Bridgeport resident Tom Kelly (Grin Ripper in comments section), a student of the gaming industry, shares his thoughts on the governor’s position.

A Perfecta Solution!

Governor Ned Lamont got it right on his gaming position regarding Raised Bill No. 5168, An Act Authorizing Sports Wagering in The State.

This properly vetted legislation takes into account complex legal issues and leaves them at the courthouse door.

Specifically, it will allow the two Tribal Nations to deliver Sports Betting on their respective tribal land, and gives each Tribal Nation retail brick and mortar locations off reservation, coupled with mobile wagering platforms.

It also authorizes a joint tribal limited liability company to operate a casino with sports wagering.

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation, operating since 1972, will be allowed to expand their gaming landscape in Connecticut.

The only state licensed, gaming operator taking bets currently, Sportech, with its North American headquarters located in New Haven, and four hundred state-wide jobs also has to be allowed to participate.

It should also be noted that this parimutuel operator has saved the state millions of dollars and contributed millions more to the state and local municipalities since it took over the former, state run, money loser.

There have been many claims and opinions about exclusivity. It’s a poor argument that former Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen rebuked. Last week an independent specialist lawyer giving testimony agreed, more forcefully, that no right exists re sports wagering.

House Bill 5168 will not abrogate any of the aforementioned parties rights but will only serve to strengthen all their businesses with a healthy competition, guaranteeing Connecticut’s sports fans a level game.

It is time for these players to all get on the field and give us an entertaining bet. I fully support the Governor’s stance on this and looking forward now to throwing a few bucks at my team.


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  1. Creativity is the only unfair advantage allowed by law.
    This law would divide Connecticut’s options between three existing forces. It wold dilute the earnings and always be out of the state’s control. By avoiding a legal fight the outlook is limited. The remedy is legal and could be expedited by executive order.
    Connecticut has fifty competitors and our offering will be late and weak!


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