$200 Bounty For Boat Blight–Westport Man Pinched For Dumping Vessel In City

Dude, did you confuse Pleasure Beach for Compo Beach?

Mayor Joe Ganim announced on Friday the first $200 citizen reward in his anti-blight initiative that led to the arrest of a Westport man, Angelo Zucaro, for illegally dumping his boat in the East End.

Photo evidence

Angelo Zucaro

Angelo Zucaro

Zucaro, 44, resides at 5 Evans Court, Westport. According to his LinkedIn page, Zucaro is a salesman. “A frequent speaker and trainer. Angelo specializes in making break through sales, team building, process development, international expansion, and forming strategic alliances.”

When reached by OIB Friday afternoon, he acknowledged the incident but had no direct comment. When asked what he was doing in the East End he replied, “I don’t want to talk about it. Thanks for the call.”

News release from city:

On March 9th, police received a request by the Anti-Blight team to pursue a complaint of illegal dumping reported at Union Avenue. Supported by photo evidence, investigating Police officers were able to find the offender in their Westport residence where he was arrested, issued misdemeanor summons for 22a-250 Illegal Dumping and 15-140c* Abandonment of a Vessel as well as restitution in the amount of $1,500.

Mayor Ganim stated, “With cameras, diligence of residents and City departments, we are sending a powerful message that dumping will not be tolerated. This is one of the most egregious acts of illegal dumping and the individual will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Individuals caught illegally dumping in the city will be arrested, charged restitution fees for garbage removal, and the vehicles used will be seized by the Bridgeport Police. State regulations permit law enforcement agencies to seize assets and property used to commit crimes, including illegal dumping. Those caught unlawfully disposing of garbage and other material are subject to a minimum $200 fine and can be charged with a misdemeanor.

The City of Bridgeport through its Anti-Blight Initiative offers a $200 reward for anyone who contributes evidence that leads to an arrest for illegal dumping. Report it by taking a picture of the vehicle, and people in the act of illegal dumping. Email evidence to pickinitup@bridgeportct.gov or to immediately call 203-330-4203.



  1. This is great news for those people that live in the East End and those from the East End. This has been going on for years, with many complaints from a myriad of people across decades and I’m glad to see this happen. Now let’s hope that the vehicles used will be seized by the Bridgeport Police even though it belongs to some rich (probably white) person from Wesport. Good job Bridgeport.

  2. Wait a minute. Is this a priority or not? Firstly the city says take a picture. Why doesn’t the city say call 911. If it’s an emergency and you can catch them in the act, aren’t you supposed to call the police???
    Instead the mayor says take a picture and email it to pichinitup or call some phone number is obviously not manned 24 7.
    In the example given the Bridgeport anti-blight office notifies the Bridgeport Police Dept and they then go to the person’s residence in Westport. Again, what if in the timeline of events the person leaves and the photo does not capture the license plate or bears a plate not registered to a truck.
    What if in trying to get a better picture of the plate the person has to expose themselves. What then? Come on mayor. What’s the problem you don’t trust AJ? AJ too busy???

  3. A summons? He should have been booked and had his truck seized for in rem proceedings. They need to use this guy as an example of what happens if you get caught dumping in Bridgeport. This type of thing has been going on too long but in order for this to work, you need more people assigned to the program. You need a proactive approach and no wait for some photo or the occasional tips.

    Hopefully this won’t be another flash in the pan program like the old Don’t Dump on Bridgeport campaign.

    1. They did use this as an example of what happens if you get caught. If your from Westport a slap on the wrist. If you’re from Bridgeport or Stratford they’ll throw the book at you.

  4. They need to figure out who it is and if he’s connected to someone. If not, they’ll throw the book 📖 at him.
    If he is, my bad. So sorry. Don’t do it again.

  5. Coach T
    I like that. You can justify the higher fine for out of towners based on the fact that Bridgeport residents pay already through taxes for some of the garbage removal while non residents pay nothing. I put in the justification because Mark A will probably say you can have a different rate for resident vs nonresident.


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