Pereira Trashes Recognition Certificate From Senator Bradley

State Senator Dennis Bradley likely spent his last regular Board of Education meeting Monday night–he’s expected to officially resign later this week–presenting coffee, donuts and citations recognizing the service of his colleagues. Maria Pereira, for one, reserved her citation for the trash can in the Aquaculture School, as she explains in the video on her Facebook page.

State certificate joins Dunkin’ trash pile.

Senator Dennis Bradley arrived late tonight, again. He arrived with Dunkin Donuts coffee and treats.

He showed up without so much as a copy of the agenda.

He got up and made one of his big speeches and started to hand out framed certificates from him as a State Senator, but he saved me for last.

The speech became even more ridiculous and he announced he prays for me every night on his knees and more absurdities. He called me a “Bridgeport Gal.”

I did not interrupt him, however I made no move towards him to retrieve it. As he headed towards me I stated “Dennis, I am going to decline your certificate. You have to be one of the most insincere and inauthentic people I have ever met.”

He continued to walk over to me and placed it on the table next to me. I just slid it away from me.

Here is how I handled my certificate of recognition from Senator Dennis Bradley once the meeting was over …

Walker, Pereira, Bradley
From 2015, happier days, Maria Pereira and Dennis Bradley formed Democratic school board slate.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. In this week of Valentines, Bradley received love from several of his colleagues in Facebook posts.

Chris Taylor:

Dennis Bradley It has been a pleasure to serve on the Bridgeport Board of Education with you. You are gentleman and will serve the 23rd district well as our State Senator. God Bless and Thank You.

Hernan Illingworth:

Thank you Dennis! It was a pleasure and an honor to serve with you. I know you will represent your community with integrity.

Joe Sokolovic:

Thanks for the recognition. Although we disagree at times we kept it professional at the table. Good luck and bring us back the $$$.



  1. I would not allow Dennis Bradley to use me in his theatrical production.

    Dennis Bradley has demonstrated such disgraceful behavior. Anyone that utilizes the word “integrity” describe Dennis Bradley needs to purchase a dictionary.

    He betrayed Sauda Baraka, Howard Gardner, Ben Walker, myself and all those that helped him get elected to the school board.

    He sent me a series of text messages about my then 19 year old daughter that contained sexual undertones.

    He became a puppet for Joe Ganim, Mario Testa and the entire corrupt DTC.

    He is a “carpetbagger ” from Massachussets that hurt our 21,000 students, parents, staff and our community by orchestrating a three month boycott demanding my resignation. Everyone that mattered became his hostage for his politica plot. I was born and raised in Bridgeport, graduated from the BPS, have a daughter who graduated from the BPS and have spent 17 years volunteering in our schools and trying to better the lives of our students.

    He has the worst attendance rate of any board member since I became involved in 2009.

    He has never shepparded a single policy, program, or initiative that has helped students, parents or staff.

    The SEEC is investigating him for attempting to bribe a candidate for Mayor in Stratford.

    The SEEC upheld every aspect of my SEEC complaint and denied his $95,000 CEP Grant.

    I do believe he is going to be assessed significant fines and be referred for criminal prosecution which will likely trigger his disbarment. He will become Ganim #2

    No, I refused to partake in his “performance” and I placed his certificate exactly where it belonged.

    1. “I would not allow Dennis Bradley to use me in his theatrical production.”
      “No, I refused to partake in his “performance” and I placed his certificate exactly where it belonged.”

      I’m pretty sure your video is a theatrical production/performance. Low rent but still a theatrical production/performance. You love it. Just embrace it. Otherwise it’s just hypocrisy. Do you pay Lennie for all this publicity?

      1. Listen, Peter.

        You are certainly entitled to your opinion, however it won’t impact my decisions in any way.

        I do pay Lennie in a way. He has shared with me that when he writes articles about me he sees an increase in traffic on OIB.

        I believe the word he used to describe the traffic he was experiencing over this post was it was “humming.” 🙂

        1. There are books, newspaper articles, documentaries and even a podcast or two on this phenomenon: People Can’t Look Away From ………. Just saying. That’s all I’m saying. I’m sure all your traffic will encourage GANIM to pay for more Ambulance Chasing Ads.

          1. Peter, I think we should all let Maria Pereira sly on this one. Anyone who drinks 3 cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee topped with a bottle of Coke in a few minutes would have reacted the same way in such a situation.

  2. As far as Abraham Duque, AKA Shawn Reigns (professional wrestler, AKA Shawn Duque, before you refer to me as “trash” please take stock of yourself.

    You live with your parents, you are a father that was arrested on a DUI which means you could have severely injured or killed someone else, including someone’s child, and most people don’t even know who you are. Most people refer to you as “the guy with the “bun” or “ponytail.”

    Every time I see you I cannot help think of the men’s clothing store in HI -Ho Mall called Chess King. Black dress shirts with skinny turquoise ties was a bad choice in the eighties, therefore it is safe to say it is most definitely a bas choice in the 21st Century.

    1. It is my understanding that it is Abraham Duque’s (multiple aliases) birthday today! Let’s all hope he is now old enough to know you should never drink and drive, especially in this weather.

      I was sent another screen shot from his Facebook page. He is now asserting that I committed “arson” and I “assaulted a police officer.”

      In CT , if you accuse someone of felony convictions they do not have the accused is entitled to compensatory damages.

      I wonder what property Mr. Duque owns, other than his skinny turquoise tie, of course.

  3. If you watch the video at the bottom you will see 500 pound Albert Benejan walk in front of the video.

    He speaks at just about every school board meeting in broken English. He makes wild and baseless accusations frequently. I have never responded and have always let it go in one year and out the other.

    Last night he came to the podium asserting that I had posted “racist” comments against Hispanics on OIB.

    That I could not let stand. My own daughter is half Puerto Rican, therefore the comment was absurd.

    I challenge him , or anyone else for that matter, to repost any racist remark I have posted against Hispanics.

    1. LOL LOL 😂 HAHAHAHA You make my day !! Love ❤️ it. , 500 pounds !! But at least I don’t have crazy health issues and with my 500 pounds I do more and help more , that you don’t do , because you the only do is BLA BLA BLA , and a lot of Drama , o well everyone know how you are . And with my Spanglish I am very proud because I born in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 , and everyone understand and you exactly know I do a call for anything and they move !! For now one please call me Fluffy , because knowing you was with a PUERTORICAN , I know you have a good memories !!

      1. Albert Benejan, AKA “Fluffy” is planning to run for the school board.

        Based on his first post on OIB would most readers trust him to hire, evaluate and hold a superintendent accountable on their annual written evaluation?

        Would you trust him to fully comprehend the statues that govern public education and school boards, understand and follow the Freedom of Information Act, Board Policy and more?

        Would you trust him to be a fudiciary of over $300,000,000 in municipal, state and federal tax payer dollars?


    1. That means you have been or will find yourself trapped in piles of balls. Have you ever participated in any City Council event during the presentation of Recognition Certficate/s or Citations? Did you or anyone else pay for the cost out of your or their pocket?

      This is an example of damn if you do, damn if you don’t. What would Maria Pereira done and said had Senator Bradley not presented her with a Recognition Certificate? How many attempts at extending an Olive Branch at Maria Pereira does it take to not get a ‘shove that branch up your ass’ as a response?

      1. What I would have said to myself is ” thank goodness he did not try to involve me in his circus, and I hope the show is almost over because we have serious business to attend to.”

        Dennis already closed done the school board for three months demanding my resignation. Does anyone honestly feel that if he didn’t have a certificate for me I would have been offended? P-l-E-A-S-E.

      2. @Joel
        I have seen municipal events where such certificates are issued at the expense of the municipality.
        Since the State already picks up 70% of the cost of running BPS it was ballsy to use even one cent of state tax dollars for these certificates.
        The Bpt BOE is NOT a state agency and there was no reason for state recognition by this quitter who was habitually late or a no show on the BOE.

        1. BOE members serve for free and not a penny in compensation is paid to them from municipal, state or federal dollars. My definition of ballsy isn’t the same as yours I guess. It’s a good thing to once in a while take the time to show and or receive some appreciation for service to the community. The State of Connecticut has no business reconizing non-state agencies, groups or individuals for volunteering their service? Sounds like Marshall Law.

          1. @Joel Gonzalez
            Board and Commission members serve for free statewide…big deal. I’ve logged decades of such service in New Haven and Hamden before moving to this county.

            If the state wanted to recognize the BOE members at the end of its term, fine. This was one state senator showboating and wasting taxpayers’ dollars. These certs are not usually issued in the middle of a term unless to a specific member who is leaving the board or commission.

  4. I don’t know Bradley and only can judge his “performance” by what I have read- most of it not complimentary. He appears to do whatever it takes to be politically correct and I interpret that as doing things to an end that only really serves oneself. I have met Maria a few times but don’t know her. I do know that she is extremely passionate about the things that she is involved with. Some may not like the way she delivers her message and therefore may discount what she says. I interpret how she communicates as an angry attitude towards what she believes are people and positions that are not in the best interest of the general population.
    I interpret how she acted in this instance as an honest and upfront action. It’s been clear how she feeIs and carried it through to the end. In other words she, like myself, will not make believe that it’s all good now and let’s do the POLTICALLY correct thing and make like all is well now. I fully understand that compromise etc. and civility has its important place in politics but I’ll be damned if I would “make nice” with someone who appears to be only out for themselves. What was she supposed to do say oh gee thanks it’s been wonderful working side by side!! So in the end who was real and who was pretending.

    1. Exactly. I am the worst politician in Bridgeport because I am authentic and honest. I don’t greet you with a kiss and hug and ask you about your vacation if you are someone I dislike or disapprove of. I strongly disapprove of that behavior.

      I have more respect for those that don’t like me and are simply honest about it. This way neither of us has to waste our time or put on a pretense

      I couple of months ago I was at the ceremony where Sheena Graham was recognized as CT Teacher of the Year. Governor Malloy came in and I did my best to avoid him.

      At some point we all started taking our seats and Malloy walked past me to shake hands with a colleague. I thought I was safe. He then double backed and extended his hand to skake mine.

      The same Governor Malloy who worked with Mayor Finch and Greenwich billionaire, Steve Mandel to orchestrate the illegal takeover and kick me out of my first ever elected position.

      I quietly looked at him and simply said “no thank you.” He recoiled a nbn d said “no?” He then moved down the line shaking the hands of my colleagues.

      I didn’t do it to humiliate or embarrass him. I did it as quietly as I could. It wasn’t about him, it was about me. I had to keep true to my values, principles, morales, and integrity.

      I guess most people would have just acquiesced to his handshake, but I’m not most people.

      1. Really Maria, authentic and honest? 🙂 Maybe annoying and angry in venting thy rage. 🙂 That door Chris backed heel, hit whole right side of you body, that quite hurt, when he unexpectedly back heeled the door. Just remember the State pays most of the BOE 200 pulse million dollar budgets. One day the wasted certificates, that I like to call a plaque, you know Vab issues. can be more funding of the kids in our school system. You are not going to throw that away or waste it, depriving the kids of it resources? Play nice “adults in the room” And no bullying, the rock doesn’t like bullys. 🙂

    1. That is the truth, Dennis Bradley entered public life for the ego gratification, not the higher purpose of altruism. I’ve asked on OIB a number of times for one of his mentors, supporters or friends to tells everybody what achievements has Dennis Bradley accomplished during his time as a elected member on the Bridgeport Board Of Education besides being the leader of the BBOC boycott? I have yet to read anything that Dennis Bradley has done.

      1. Hello. I didn’t know you made this request. I’m here only to answer it. This is what Dennis did for me. He risked his political career for me.

        Source: August 7, 2018 Stratford Star

        “Real friends are there for you in good times and bad. They pick you up when you fall, and they lift your spirits when you need them. I have no better friend then Dennis Bradley. He is my most trusted advisor and my dearest compatriot. I write to you to ask that you support his candidacy for the 23rd State Senate District. If it were not for Dennis, I would no longer have a home because I would be financially bankrupted by a lawsuit of lies brought against me. Dennis was the friend who told me the town was required by law (and its own letter) to defend me. Dennis was the one that said if our town did not do what they were obliged to do (regardless of any directions given by former Mayor Harkins) he would help me take legal action. Instead of taking my money or protecting his own colleagues, he did the right thing and helped me. He didn’t protect me; he taught me the law and how to protect myself. Dennis gave me the courage to stand up to town hall—again—this time, without fellow petitioners, at great peril, and for myself alone. I will never forget this singular act of empowerment, nor will I ever be able to repay him for being my greatest teacher. “

        1. Tina Manus, thank you for sharing your story and that’s great that things worked out for become of Dennis Bradley. Again, what has Dennis Bradley done as a elected member of the BBOE besides being the leader of the boycott to stop the business of 20,000 students in the Bridgeport public schools? Dennis Bradley helped you but did nothing for 20,000 school children.

  5. I have zero respect for Dennis Bradley. He led the unconscionable “boycott” to try to censor a member of the elected BOE. That was the first time that I got involved with a BOE issue and I have been on a continuing “enlightenment” of the role of education within the dynamics of a specific and local community,especially the challenge of education within an urban atmosphere. The “Bradley Boycott” may have seemed bad enough but now we are seeing a destructive “power grab” by the SIX acolytes to the TestaGanim governance ib Bridgeport. New by-laws are being proposed which are absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. These new by-laws will effectively destroy the Nine member BOE and we will be left with a ONE person BOE,namely the chair of the BOE. Apparently,there will be a meeting at City Hall,45 Lyon Terrace in Room 305,Wednesday@7pm. Unfortunately,I probably will not attend. If this meeting goes on as scheduled,hopefully some of the OIB crowd will attend and voice their disagreement. I have copied and pasted a posting from CC person Kyle Langan about the changes. Kyle Langan,thank you for your opinions and I hope you don’t mind if I copy and share.
    Kyle Langan
    3 hrs ·
    Here are the proposed by-laws for the Bridgeport Board of Education. They will be taken up at a special meeting on Wednesday at 7 p.m. room 305 at 45 Lyon Terrace

    Of particular interest and concern for me are two areas that seem to stifle the democratic process:

    1)Page 6 allows the Board to censure any other member and take “other disciplinary action” allowing someone’s voice to be erased if it is not agreeable to a majority of members. One of the foundations of our republican democracy was to protect the minority voice.

    2) Page 19 gives the board chair the sole power to decide what is and is not added to the Board’s agenda. This allows 1 person to dictate the ENTIRE education policy in our city. It disenfranchises not only the voice of board members but the voice of the thousands of Bridgeport residents they represent.

    If these types of amendments were taken up in the city council I would be completely shut out. I vote based on the values of myself and my constituents and with amendments such as these I would be disallowed the opportunity to voice those values or put legislation forward that benefits our community.

    In short, much of these changes are acceptable but the two points above are glaring, shortsighted, and a hijacking of our city’s democracy. Please come out to tomorrow night’s meeting if you can to speak your mind – if you don’t it may be the last time you’re able.

    1. I have tried to copy and paste the 35 pages of these new “by-laws.” I’m not a technical person and could not but CCperson Kyle Langan did a succint review and concerns about these roposed new by-laws.One question is whether or not the chair of the BOE wrote these all by himself or did he receive assistance. These 35 pages used legal terms which are beyond the grasp of the common layperson or even beyond the grasp of anyone who is not a lawyer. Is it possible that The City of Bridgeport City Attorneys Office assisted in these 35 pages of new by-laws.

  6. Kyle Langan, Pete Spain et al: can and will you look deeper into the no bid light project? Common sense says that OPED’s answer is bullshit. Also, can you please keep an eye on the next zoning board meeting where OPED will present a “new” text amendment to specifically allow one of your fellow council persons to go around existing rules and laws to get what the law does not presently allow
    You know what I am speaking of. Kyle you took the potium at a zoning board meeting against this in the past. So have churches, other council people, other entities and the ENTIRE school board. Please do the right thing. As Einstein said: “the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”.

      1. Ron, Some CC members have come out publicly against Scrapgate,The new Boe bylaws,any further business with Vaz,G.Pic. However,they are in a minority. Some CC members showed some independence but they wont touch this at all.

        1. The BIG question is what can the City Council do. The last Charter Revision instituted a strong mayoral/weak City Council system. Ultimately,that needs to be changed.

          1. Aidee Nieves,The City Council President,makes some noises once in a while but Nieves ultimately votes the TestaGanim Line.

        2. You mean ALL the CC members are beholding to the DTC chair and HIS bartender? I wouldn’t be shocked but that wouldn’t add up. Unless of course ALL the “new” members that ran on a better Bridgeport and no corruption policy stand have all been BOUGHT off! What a coup!!

  7. *** Its obvious Bradley is not well liked on the BOE & wasted his time & someone’s money giving away use-less citation’s . Also Maria could of just not accepted the citation without having her vindictive drama recording of throwing it in the trash! For someone who’s quick to raise hell at meeting’s & likes name calling first, she sure can’t take it when the shoe is on the other foot. In my opinion the BOE will never amount to a can of beans while it has a loose cannon like her on it just, “talking loud & saying nothing”! ***

  8. I agree, Mojo. You are definitely “talking loud & saying nothing.”

    Watch the second video posted above. You will see I never once interrupted him while he was speaking. As he picked up the framed certificate to bring it over to where I was seated I repeatedly tried to get his attention to stop him.

    I stated ” Dennis, Dennis I am going to decline your certificate. You have to be one of the most insincere and inauthentic people I have ever met.”

    Please post about those situations you are knowledgeable about going forward.

    He insisted on continuing to approach me to give me the certificate anyway.

    1. Maria, Dennis Bradley was at his best trying to force you to play into his act, he wanted you to go off against him by getting into your personal space by walking up to you. It was all a game for him, he wouldn’t have done that to a man.

      1. Lenny, it’s been about 15 months since Trump’s appointment of Bull Durham as Connecticut’s top federal prosecutor. It’s been kind of quiet the past 14 months as far as municipal scandals or federal probes. The day of his appointment you wrote this commentary and I think you should repost it as I don’t think that the MATADORES have taken the Bull serious:

  9. Lenny
    You make it sound as if your some kind of expert in the field of FBI’s subpoenas. Of, wait a minute. I guess you could say you got your degree in the school of hard knocks.
    Only kidding

  10. I for one would like to compliment and thank Kyle Langan forcarrying on the independent leadership of some of the past 132nd council members. I for one will not forget and will be there to help when I can.

  11. One of the weaker parts of our governance cycle is the failure of many registered people to vote. I am guessing that a good part of the failure to vote, though registered, is the lack of knowledge about elections and the policies or practices followed by candidates, both incumbents and newbies.
    Essentially there are only two places to find sustaining public school money: the State and the City itself. The State takes a generation in court to come up without a restoring clue to correct and re-direct public ECS funds for the poorest communities and the Mayor fails to cite the specific operating improvements necessary among his top three City priorities annually to have him re-engineer poorly managed or “fringe benefit fat” areas in the City to free up some millions.
    The public meetings across multiple public school audiences were a brave concept to get parents and neighbors all over the City out to hear the BOE problems, and the City seeming indifference, coupled with State legislators failure to keep the heat on at the State Capital. After all we are not the only City with big gaps in funding. Is the funding system OPEN? Or did public inquiry just get shut down? Are the Mayor, locally elected State legislators, and City Council/BOE members ACCOUNTABLE for student results when each school year begins or ends? Are five year plans TRANSPARENT to the public? Are reports to the public prepared with HONEST facts and assumptions? Time will tell.

  12. She’s a total disgrace and embarrassment to the community. She doesn’t even know how to be civil. She is a spineless leader who is insecure and we see this insecurity on full display. I am not shocked at all. Why don’t we recall her from office?


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