Moore To Host First Mayoral Fundraiser

State Senator Marilyn Moore on Feb 18 will host her first fundraising meet and greet as a candidate for mayor at the Metric Bar and Grill, 39 Cannon Street Downtown. The event will take place from 5 to 8 PM, with a $25 suggested donation.

“We all agree I am the person to reset and restore Bridgeport,” she said in a prepared statement. “If not now, when? And if not me, who else has successfully worked independently of the systems that oppress us?”

Moore, 70, announcement her candidacy on January 21. She was elected to the State Senate in 2014 defeating incumbent Democrat Anthony Musto in a primary on her way to a general election win. She has handily won reelection twice.

“This will be a people’s campaign for integrity and transparency in our city government,” she said. “That’s what I believe in, that’s what I’m going to run on, and that’s what I’m promising as mayor. I have a vision for our city that goes far beyond anything that’s ever been done before. I believe that government should work for all people–not just the few at the top–and that the voices of our city’s most vulnerable populations need to be heard. That’s why I will work to reset, reform, and restore the way Bridgeport does government.”

For more information and to RSVP to the upcoming fundraiser for Moore, visit the campaign’s Facebook page:



  1. “reset, reform, and restore the way Bridgeport does government.”

    “The way Bridgeport does government” can otherwise be described as governance. It is according to a Charter, Ordinances, processes, CTStatutes, operation of bond, TAN, and benefit plan professionals as well as opportunities and risks from many other parties. Success would look like naming your priorities, having the electorate agree on Election Day, and by being ACCOUNTABLE, OPEN, TRANSPARENT and HONEST on a regular basis. You have the concept right. People are waiting for the way you form your priorities as you listen to your patients in need of healing, the citizens of Bridgeport. Will they tell you Marilyn? Will they believe in your integrity, curiosity and energy, all observably absent from the current incumbent? Time will tell.


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