Pereira To Issue Report Card On City Council Attendance And More

Pereira tabs attendance.

Monday’s virtual City Council meeting could turn into the Monday Night Fights when Maria Pereira, stripped of committee assignments by Council President Aidee Nieves for actions unbecoming of a member, is scheduled to address the body re “Valle & Brown conduct as Co-chairs, City Council Attendance from Dec. 2019 – Nov. 2020 and Secret City Council Adhoc Committee.”

The council agenda reference is for councilors Maria Valle and Marcus Brown. Pereira is something of a stickler regarding public official attendance be it her time on the Board of Education and now her first full year on the legislative body. She will likely issue a report card targeting council absences culled from minutes of committee and full council meetings.

How many council members will be bothered to plug in at 6:30 p.m. of the virtual meeting for public speaking and how much will Pereira cram into the few allotted minutes? The regular meeting starts at 7 p.m.

Council members, of course, will argue quality over quantity returning fire at Pereira’s scorched earth chaos and disruption of the body politic.

If you want to hear the action call the following conference line and then enter the conference code: Dial-In Number: (929) 436-2866 Meeting ID: 381 083 245.

Fire up the popcorn and bubbly.

Full council agenda here.



  1. The City of Bridgeport requires quality service and full quantity as well. What happens when you settle for less? Look at the Federal Congressional Representatives who happen to be members of the Republican party. Only 10% of the total membership of over 240 members admit that Joe Biden won his current status as President Elect. And the other 90% would tell us what. And what quality of service have they entered with the other legislators elected for the benefit of all this past year? Very little, as they have let leadership get away with slight accountability from their oversight.
    What role have CC members pursued, and what success in terms of action has happened in soliciting more members of boards and commissions from their constituents? How did we get to over 70 vacancies at this time with another 72 board and commission members serving expired terms for multiple years? When you go to City website, why do two Boards remain listed when they “apparently died” more than one dozen years ago? Fair Rent and Fair Housing?
    What does ACCOUNTABILITY mean to CC members anyway? When a Mayor leaves town in times of COVID, how do next in command respond if COVID challenged personally? Who has a responsibility here? So citizens can witness accountability? Time will tell.

  2. I’d rather hear Pereira’s report card than wait for Nieves’ public safety committee. Here’s why:
    Maria’s report card is ready to go. Nieves’ committee is still gathering.
    Nieves’ request is selfish — protesters chose her house as a protest spot. That’s not public safety, that’s private preservation.
    Maria’s report card shows decisiveness and is based on performance while Nieves’ proposal indicates indecisiveness and a need for outside advice..
    Maria’s report card is singular, Nieves’ idea requires “group think”.
    Furthermore, unlike Nieves, I maintain a Bridgeport-themed website as part of my local media empire.

  3. I nominate Maria P. for the OIB’s Golden Oyster Award for 2020, not only was she oust from every Flucking committee on the City Council , Latae sententiae from OIB .
    Those who themselves are open to criticism or vulnerable to attack should not attack others. This proverb dates from the time of Chaucer, who used a version of it in Troilus and Criseyde (ca. 1374). George Herbert wrote: “Whose house is of glass, From cast of stones must not throw stones at another

  4. So Aidee, how does it feel to be treated like a nobody? Joe skips town, doesn’t have the decency to tell you and then ignores your pathetic bleat. Basically tells you to go to hell if you don’t like it because he is the mayor and you are a nobody!
    Know now what Mike D, Maria P and Michelle L felt like when you ambushed them? What goes around comes around. Except with the mayor it’s more personal. And a reporter calls you for comment and you didn’t even know he was out of town!
    Nice going Joe. I know you wouldn’t even THINK of doing something like that to Lisa or Fabrizi or Tommy Mac.

  5. I trust you gentlemen haven’t forgotten that should something happen to Mayor Ganim then City Council President Aidee would be your mayor. Wrap your heads around that!

    1. Don, that’s Bpt’s reality when Joe gets indicted..It will be a good day for Bpt when Joe gets nailed again, but the thought of who is next in line, Aidee, makes me ill..

  6. No way Don. Mark A, just like Bill Barr, would step in and tell the council that there was a little know quirk in the Charter and that would be impermissible.
    The council, like good little puppets go, would agree and they would give up any claim to the office that they may have. Next.

    1. Bob, BINGO, that’s 100% right that’s why the Council President does and say what she does is because the City Attorney, Hamilton Burger, gives her the ok because Nieves has NO leadership ability of her own.

  7. Councilwoman Michele Lyons and Amy Marie, along with a few other councilmembers, men and women, has been working
    tirelessly trying to challenge the decision of the Council President for violating the Council Rules. She and a few others are frustrated with the way the Council meetings have been rushed through by the Mayor. In one instance a matter was to be put on the agenda “for immediate consideration;” rather than take a vote to allow that request, the Mayor asked for a vote on the matter, when questioned why the request for immediate consideration was not put to the Council before the matter was addressed and voted on, the answer was “oh well, it’s done.” This is only one example of the sloppiness and disregard for the legislated body entrusted with the welfare of the people of Bridgeport. I listened in, this is not second-hand information or embelished in any way. One has to wonder if all council members are vigilant and attentative as they sit in the comfort of their homes while these important meetings take place. On at least two occasions, the City Clerk, in an attempt to take a roll call vote, had to go back three times before getting a response by some members. Just an update friends!!!!! I listen, and I don’t have to take notes.

    1. Lisa: then the only way to get it out is press conferences, press conferences, and press conferences. Eventually actions like that WIll bring in the big media to shine the light.
      Believe me it would work. They need to have the you know what to do it.

  8. Lisa,just the way Joe wants things done,rush things through so no one has time to ask questions,& having the members at home in a less formal setting where they aren’t as attentive is a perfect storm for Joe..


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