Ouch! New Twist On Taxpayer Pain

Finch tax protest
This looks painful.

Daniel Pizarro, say those who know him, owns several properties in the city. And soon he’ll be paying thousands of dollars more in taxes if Mayor Bill Finch’s proposed budget is approved by the City Council. Pizarro has been protesting Finch’s spending plan in front of the City Hall Annex this week. He’s hoping he won’t be taking it up the you know what!



  1. What a bunch of crybabies!
    You know the kind of politics Finch represents. Why do you keep voting the same way? You had an opportunity for real change but you blew it!

    So stop complaining. Pay your taxes and say thank you for the wonderful city you’re investing in. Think of all those illegal aliens you are subsidizing.

    Don’t think about reducing taxes. Illegals deserve your money. Finch knows better than you crybabies.

  2. *** Zombies made their beds this past November during the Mayoral election, so now’s the time to lie in them, no? *** FOUR YEAR, GREEN, NO SPRINGS FINCH MATTRESS! ***


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