Ortiz Vies For Working Families Party Line in November

Short on signatures to qualify for the August 9 Democratic primary for state senate, Juliemar Ortiz is trying to close the deal for a ballot spot in the general election running on the Connecticut Working Families Party line.

Party-endorsed Herron Gaston and incumbent Dennis Bradley will face off in the primary.

From the Ortiz campaign:

Juliemar Ortiz, the progressive challenger for the 23rd State Senate District, announced that she will continue her campaign on the Working Families Party ballot line. Her team and volunteers are collecting signatures for the November 9 general election.

“The people of Bridgeport and Stratford need a real voice for change in this election–they deserve an opportunity to vote for progress, social equity, and economic justice,” said Ortiz.

“The 23rd District has proven before that insider politicians do not decide who gets to represent our community–only the people of Bridgeport and Stratford can do that. We are proud to be the first state legislative district in the nation to elect a Working Families Party candidate when Senator Ed Gomes ran in 2015.

“The voters beat Bridgeport’s corrupt Democratic machine then and we can do it again now. I’m committed to being a voice for change to make our state a place where all people can live free from poverty and discrimination. We are tired of waiting for basic human rights. We deserve livable wages, universal healthcare, affordable and safe housing for all, and a real climate justice plan. I won’t stop fighting until government meets the needs of the people.”



  1. Paging Lennie Grimaldi. Speedy smells a rat. Lennie, notice that up until now no one has mentioned or ask two important questions surrounding this mysterious, non- qualified circulator and what party was this circulator registered with. I’m guessing the person was registered with WFP.
    Remember when Senator Moore failed to qualify for ballot position under WFP for the 2019 Bridgeport mayoral election. Moore took some heavy fire. The same happened here and Maria Pereira is blamed more than anyone. Why is this? There had been indications that WFP was behind the recent Juliemar Ortiz petition circulation effort. Now that WFP screwed up again, they’re moving to plan 2. This the same play as the 2019 mayoral race. I had no plans of proving any political activity for irregularities but, there’s something smelling awfully here. Questions: The name and address of the circulator? What party was this person registered with (include party registration history). A few simple things to check which I shall not mention. Lennie, feel free to research this. After all, these are the types of questions and items you should check or ask. Keep in mind that in 2019 Sauda Baracka was the Chair of WFP Bridgeport and a Registered Republican. When I filed my complaint back then, she switched to the Democratic party. She is not the circulator in question here. Is Sauda still the Chair of WFP Bridgeport ?


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