Brown For State Rep., Gaston For State Senate Campaign Mailers Make Introductions To Dem Voters

Campaign pieces are hitting mailboxes across the city with two high-profile legislative primary races on August 9. City Councilman Marcus Brown is the endorsed Democrat against incumbent Jack Hennessy in Connecticut’s heavily North End 127th Assembly District.

City faith leader and Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Herron Gaston is endorsed against State Senator Dennis Bradley awaiting trial on federal charges for alleged violations of Connecticut’s public finance system. The 23rd District occupies about two thirds of Bridgeport and a piece of western Stratford.

Brown and Gaston take the high road in their intro pieces.

Stay tuned though for potential hit pieces from various camps and/or by surrogates fronting Political Action Committees.

All campaigns are welcome to provide OIB mail pieces for publication.



      1. Hey Lennie, it looks like Pereira deleted the Bradley endorsement YouTube video. If so, is she now backpeddeling or taking back her endorsement.
        Check my Facebook page and see the Rev. Gaston YouTube interview. He was held for about 10 months on a bond close to $1 million.

    1. First of all, Juliemar did not qualify to run in the primary as she failed to secure sufficient valid signature. Why would she be crafting fliers for? As expected, she is now set to run on the WFP line. By the way, WFP now stands for Working For Peanuts.


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